Mafiatale: Sans x Reader

Mafiatale fanfiction with sans x reader.


1. I

You were laying on the top of a building in Hotland, your black hair flowing in the wind. A white stripe was visible, and wolf ears peeked out from the top of your head. You had finger-less gloves on, made from black leather. Black hiking boots peeked out from the dark  coat you had on. The coat went down to your waist, so a fluffy tail could easily swish around in the air. Inside the coat were several pockets, holding many different objects. You had on a grey turtleneck sweater and some ripped jeans. You also had a belt with two pistols in pouches on either side and several other pouches. A small black spray-can was in one of them.

You were looking through the scope on your sniper rifle. It was an advanced, high-tech, long range sniper, one you had made from spare parts. It's range, accuracy and weight was better than any sniper rifle that had ever fallen into the Underground. You weren't a part of a gang in the Underground, instead you were a loner who had never had the luxury of public opinions. You didn't lean towards the law enforcement or any of the crime syndicates. Instead you were hired for different jobs by gangs and once or twice, Undyne herself. You were a mercenary, and your latest job had come straight from Ina, Needleteeth's right hand woman. It was a hushed job, for she wanted you to kill her boss. If you were caught, Ina would be screwed for sure. Needleteeth wasn't one to forgive traitors. You smiled as Needleteeth walked out of a club through the side entrance.

"Tsk tsk, Needleteeth. We both know strip clubs aren't going to help you. You're already dead," you muttered to yourself, putting your forefinger on the trigger.

You were about to squeeze when you heard a noise. Someone was coming up the stairs. Grumbling, you took the cylinder holding the ammunition out, and put it into a pocket inside your black coat. Pushing a button on the side of the gun, the gun folded itself into a thin box. You grabbed a black fedora with a silver ribbon and put it onto your head, jumping from the tall building. As you fell, you took another box out of another pocket, pressing it against the sole of your right boot. It expanded into a skateboard that was stuck to your feet. Grabbing a bar on the fire escape that was on the side of the building next to you, you hung for a moment before dropping to the ground. You skated out into the busy street, gone in a flash. You passed by Ina, quickly putting a piece of paper in her pocket before anyone could notice. As you flew through the streets on your board, you jumped onto railings and other objects, doing tricks. You flew through Waterfall and arrived in front of Grillby's in just fifteen minutes. Making two small jumps, the board changed back into a small box. You walked into the small restaurant, putting the box back into its pocket. Sitting down at the bar, you knocked thrice loudly on the wooden counter. Grillby immediately appeared through the kitchen door, smiling when he saw you.

"I haven't seen you in weeks," he said, ducking under the counter to find something.

"I've been busy," you replied, taking the alcohol bottle from his hand.

It was a drink only served at Grillby's, and it was a drink only a god could have made. You took a chug, sighing at its taste.

"I'm no alcoholic, but this is one drink I never want to put down,"

The fiery monster raised his eyebrows. "You're a gigantic alchoholic, (y/n),"

You stuck out your tongue before realizing something. "Wait, what time is it? I know I got here later than usual, so I need to make sure,"

He looked at his watch. "You have about three minutes until they'll come,"

By "they," your old friend meant two members of W.D. Gaster's gang. They went to Grillby's once a week for the same drink you had in your hand. You sighed, quickly drinking the rest of the bottle before getting up.

"I'll see ya, Grillbz," you said, turning to the door.

However, your euphoric face turned pale as the door opened and two skeletons walked in. One was short and the other was tall, and both were wearing suits. You muttered an obscenity, putting your hands on the pistol holsters at your waist. The short one noticed you first, his grin widening.

"Well well well, look what we got here, Pappy," he said. "Good thing no one's here, otherwise things could get ugly,"

You glanced at Grillby. "Why don't we take this somewhere else. I'd hate for these nice floors to get all dirty from your blood,"

"Pretty big talk. Alright, little lady, there's a forest just up ahead," Papyrus said, heading outside.

Sans let you go first to make sure you didn't try anything. You were soon among hundreds of trees. You saw both skeletons reach for their guns, but you were faster. In a split second you had a pistol pointed at each monster.

"Too slow," you chuckled. "Now, you can walk away right here and now, or I can blow both of your skulls off,"

"Whoa, we're not here to kill you," Papyrus said.

"Bullshit. I know Gaster's been looking for revenge ever since a few months ago, when I was hired to steal a bunch of your weapons," you snarled.

"True, he is mad. But we've also been looking for you for another reason," Sans said.

"And what would that be?" you asked suspiciously.

You heard the crunch of a boot stepping on snow behind you.

"Shit," you muttered.

"That's right," a voice in the darkness said. "We have you surrounded, so could you please put your guns down?"

W.D. Gaster stepped out, his face hidden. Several others, likely grunts that weren't actually part of his gang, stepped into the light. All had guns pointed directly at you. You sighed, dropping your pistols.

"Could you take off the rest?" he asked politely.

As you took off your coat and belt, Sans walked over to you, searching you for any other weapons. All of the concealed weapons you had were all in places that made Sans blush blue as he stripped the daggers of your body. They cuffed you, bringing you back to their base. They had put you in what looked to be the interrogation room, and soon Gaster himself walked in.

"Hello, (y/n)," he said, sitting down across from you.

"Hello, asshole," you said. "So, why am I here?"

"Because. We want you to work for us,"

"What a great way to get me to want to work for you. I'll have to try kidnapping the next time I want to do that," you said sarcastically. "Oh, and you also interrupted my drink. I was going to get wasted, and then you came along,"

"We're sorry about the whole ordeal. But I don't think you understand. I wasn't giving you an option," he said.

"You can kill me if you want, I don't really give enough fucks,"

"I think you will," he smiled.

"I'm sorry, did you not hear me? I said I don't give a fuck. A fucking super-computer calculating for a thousand years could not even come close to the number of fucks I don't give," you said.

"Well, if you really don't give a fuck, we can just kill the hostage we have and be done with it," Gaster smirked at your surprised face.

"Who's the hostage?" you asked.

"Her name is Belle Rose, a young plant monster. Our Intel says you happen to care for a certain young monster who lost her parents,"

Your face went pale at the name he spoke. It was true, you had been taking care of that girl. But you couldn't believe they would kill a seven year old girl. You were still tied to the chair, but you lunged at Gaster, breaking the ropes that had been holding you.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" you yelled at the smiling skeleton.

Gaster left the room, leaving you. You weren't sad, you weren't scared, you were furious. They had to shoot a sedative in gas form into the room to keep you from breaking the door down. Once you had woken up, fresh bonds kept you still and uncomfortable. Gaster sat across from you.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked innocently.

"You sick bastard," you said back.

"That may be true. But I have a question for you, will we have to kill Belle Rose because you won't cooperate?" he leaned in.

You spoke fiercely, your teeth clenched. "You know, if you hadn't kidnapped me and Rose, I would have take your job,"

"Yes, but this isn't just one job. We want you to join us. We need your skills,"

"Right," you said. "Fine. I'll do it. But I'll tell you this, first chance I get I'm killing all of you and taking back Rose,"

"Which is exactly why we have a trained member who is going to be near you at all times. I don't care if you're showering, shitting, or sleeping, Sans will be there to make sure you don't do something we don't like,"

You spit in his face. He chuckled, wiping off your saliva. "Well then, we'll have to show you your new living quarters,"

"I want to see her,"


"I want to see her,"

If Gaster had eyebrows, they would be raised. "You must have misunderstood. Belle Rose will live, but you're never seeing her again,"

And at that, he left the room.

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