Army Tanks - Lashton

''This is no girl scout camp, Private.''

''Sir, No, sir.''


Luke is the scrawny new guy in the army, where no one think he belongs.

Ashton is the sir in Luke's tent, and not going easy on any of the boys.


This story is partly inspired by 'The Load' by ali (dancinginthestreet) and partly by PE in my school. This story is also on Wattpad.


30. ''It just hurts. A lot.''

''Are you sure I shouldn't call a babysitter? Are you sure you don't need help?'' I asked, as I tied my tie, looking at Charlie through the mirror, who was holding Elliot.

''I'm sure. After all, I have five smaller siblings.'' He said, before walking over and kissing my cheek.

I smiled at him softly, before looking down at my one and a half year old son.

''You did your tie wrong again.'' Charlie then said, sitting Elliot on the bed before he turned me around, and began redoing my tie.

''I'll probably never learn it. I could do it once, but now I just... Can't...'' I said, stopping myself from swearing in front of Elliot.

''Arlie.'' Elliot suddenly said, making Charlie's and my head snap towards him.

''Did he just say my name?'' Charlie said, looking surprised and happy all at once.

''Yes... He did...'' I said, looking at Elliot, completely shocked.

The only people, beside me, that he has ever tried to say the name of, were Michael and Calum.

Not even my parents. He would just point at them. Not even call my mom 'granny' or anything.

Charlie leaned down in front of Elliot, so they were now looking at each other.

A smile spread across Elliot's face, as he grabbed onto Charlie's nose, making me quickly grab my camera, and get a photo of the two, even though I know Charlie hates taking pictures.

I looked at the clock, seeing that I had to be at work in half an hour.

''You know what.... I don't care about the tie right now. I'm not gonna wear it.'' I said, before sliding it off my neck, and laying it on the bed again.

Charlie stood up, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me closer, and kissing me deeply.

I smiled softly into the kiss, when I heard Elliot make a disgusted sound.

Charlie chuckled lightly, before pecking my lips lightly, and giving me my bag.

I smiled at him shortly, before leaning down and kissing Elliot on the top of the head, making him giggle.

''I'll see you at 12...'' I said to Charlie, before I was out the door, and in my car, on my way to my first day as the CEO at Hemmings Constructions.




''Uhm... Mr. Hemmings? We have a slight problem.'' The assistant Laura said, as she stood half way into my office.

''Please call me Luke. Mr. Hemmings is my father.'' I said, before standing up from my chair, and looking at her.

''What is the problem...?''  I asked after a few minutes of silence.

''Oh yeah. We have a client, who's blueprints suddenly went missing. We send them to him about a month ago, but he never received them, so now he wants to talk to you personally..'' She said, looking around the room, as if she was nervous of looking into my eyes.

''Laura. My eyes are here, and not all around the room. Look into my eyes when you talk to me okay? Now show me the wishes from the client, and I'll see what I can do. And give them an appointment to talk to me tomorrow at 11.'' I said, before sitting back down in the chair.

God this is a really boring job. 

But at least it's good money, which means a better future for Elliot.

Suddenly my computer made a noise, signalling a new E-mail.

I opened it, and saw it was the file from the client.

'Ashton Irwin'

My heart stopped for a second, as I looked at the name.

When I finally thought he would be out of my life, he comes crawling back into it.

I took a deep breath, before hiding my face in my hands.

Can't he just leave my life once and for all.

I looked at the clock, seeing it was around 12, meaning I was off work for now.

My eyes then darted to the date, and I realised it was June 2nd; James birthday.

I quickly got my phone, before calling Charlie.

He picked up after two rings, the TV running in the background.

''Hey love. How is your day going?'' He asked, and I heard Elliot let out a laugh in the background.

''It's okay... Uhm Listen... I'm gonna be a little late... I have to buy flowers, and go to the graveyard today...'' I said, biting my lip, as tears formed in my eyes.

''Why...? Oh wait. It's James' birthday. Listen. Why don't I come with you? I think you could really use the support. It's only one and a half year since he died...'' Charlie said, and I felt a smile spread across my face.

''I would like that... Thank you... For being so understanding.'' I said, a tear sliding down my cheek.

''Of course. He was your first love after all... You don't forget them just like that.'' He said, and I felt so damn lucky to have Charlie in my life at the moment.

''Thank you... Really... And I'll be home in half an hour, maybe a little more...'' I said, before we said our goodbyes, and hanging up.




I looked at the grave, feeling a few tears stream down my face.

I felt Charlie wrap an arm around me, as I held Elliot a little closer.

''I loved him... I really did...'' I whispered, since I knew I wouldn't be able to speak any louder at the moment, because of the lump in my throat.

''Yeah he was a dick sometimes, but aren't we all...? It was mostly the cancer that made him say those things, that he sometimes said... But I still loved him more and more every day... And I just... While he was living, I was okay with lying about who Elliot's real dad was, but now that James is gone... It just hurts... A lot...'' I continued to whisper, feeling everything I built to protect my heart, slightly fail on me.

But I was stronger than that.

I looked at the ring, that I still had on my finger.

''Some people find it silly that I haven't taken it off yet... But they don't understand. They still have their husbands and wives... I lost my husband... And it hurts so much... I know that I need to let go of him some day... But I... I'm just not ready yet...'' I whispered, more tears rolling down my cheeks.

I felt everything I had built over the last year, slowly crumble down, leaving me to fight alone, with a broken heart.

''I'm willing to stay... Until you're ready... And then hopefully... Build a life with Elliot and you...'' Charlie said, making some of the things I built, suddenly fall back into place.

I smiled, before leaning more into his touch.

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