“What’s up sweetheart ...” he whispers in my ears , “ Where did all your confidence go ?” His arms wrap around my waist . “Get off me Haze or I swear down I’ll -“
“You’ll what ? I’m stronger than you Jas don’t forget that.” His hands on my back drawing patterns . That’s it ... Ripping out of my skin my black fur hangs on me as I growl with my sharp teeth. “So you want to play like that.” He smiles as he shifts .

Jasmine has always been different . Always thought different to people always done stuff that no one would do . She's never obeyed her alpha or her bosses, always breaking the rules . But when Haze comes back what will happen to her and will he be the one to control her or will she break him out of his confidence.... What will she release about how different she is.... Will she find out what she's been destined to do or will that be kept a secret...


1. Chapter 1

"Jasmine...Oh Jasmine. Jasmine!"

"Huh?" I'm pulled out of my thoughts when I hear Melanie screaming in my ears. "Are you ok ? You just blanked out for five minutes." Melanie says.

"Yeah I'm just really tierd." I yawn grabbing my book and trying to listen to the teacher.

"Probably from Melanie blabbing about how boring English is." Hayley sitting on my other side said , chuckling . Melanie rolled her eyes and said," First it's so true, English is boring as fuck. Like why do we have to learn about Romeo and Juliet every single year. Their family fights could have been resolved so easily and no one had to die but noooo they had to make stuff difficult . This shit is not going to get me anywhere !" I hate English to but I'd rather listen to the teacher than her right now . My head felt like a million pieces were digging into it and all I could hear was the thumping of it . I low growl escaped my mouth before I could stop it . "Oh my gosh , Jasmine , what are you doing people are around us!" Hayley whispers . We look around to see if anyone heard and everyone is to deep in their conversations to notice . "Phew that was close..." Melanie let out a deep breath . "You need to be more careful , no one know who you are but us in this school." Hayley said tapping her pencil on the table. Tap tap tap tap tap. I smacked the pencil out of her hand causing it to land on the other side of the class with a loud clack. Everyone turned around to face us as Melanie twirled her hair casually and Hayley pretended to write notes down . I just looked down flushing a bright pink . "Jasmine, please don't throw stuff." My teacher Mr Rubitom said. He sat back down and everyone continued talking . Hayley and Melanie eyed each other. "What ?" I said .

"Jasmine.... What's that in your hair?" Hayley slowly said.

"What do you mean ?" I touched my hair, it was in a low bun with curls coming out .Hayley pulled something out of my hair . A leaf . "This." Melanie said.

"Please say you weren't in the forest all night Jasmie..." Hayley says looking worried.

" Well... It's not my fault my dad was acting like a jerk forcing me to go to this pack ceremony .I just needed some alone time . I needed to feel free. Just to see my black fur dance in the wind and my paws dig deep into the soil as I run faster than I could as a human. The speed the senses. The smell of grass and how you can hear from miles. Everything is just a blur. The melody of howling . It's just amazing ..."

"*sigh* Your so lucky... Every time you describe it I get even more jealous ..." Melanie said as she put her elbow on the table and rested her chin on her hand . "So true," Hayley said , " but no wonder your so cranky and tierd! You need to take more care of yourself." She said matter of fact . I just shrugged . Ring ring . "Ugh finally no more Romeo and Juliet I mean the teacher doesn't even pay attention!" Melanie blasted . Me and Hayley just looked at each other and rolled our eyes. "Well if it isn't the loser squad."A high pitched voice came from behind me. I didn't have to turn to know who that was... Danielle Franciso . Translation school slut and 'Queen' . Turning around I saw she was wearing black high heels which made her look taller than she actually was . Her bleached hair which was actually brown but she decided she wanted blonde was in a tight ponytail. You probably think I'm going to say it's horrible on her but it was actually really pretty. She had a beautiful figure and sparkling blue eyes. But that's it . Her skin was covered in foundation that didn't match her skin colour as well and her eyelashes were covered with so much mascara they looked like they would fall of . Oh and her personality? Well you'll find about that as we go.Her clothes screamed whore, a mini skirt and a unnaturally tight top . “Blah blah!” Hayley was pretending to be sick . Me and Melanie tried muffling our laughs with coughs . "Please your face is burning my eyes!" Hayley screamed .

"Shut up you whores." She spat .

" Ewww. Your germs are burning into my skin !" Melanie squealed. We couldn't hold it in and we all burst out laughing getting up from our seats. "Sweatheart, don't call us a whore when you've slept with probably slept with every boy in this school. And to be honest I don't know why. Your just so insecure about your popularity and that's ok . But don't you dare call my friends whores or I swear I will-" I stopped before I did something bad. Taking deeg breaths I tried calming myself . Melanie and Hayley saw that I was mad so they both started tugging on my arm leading me out . "Please your threats don't mean anything to me," she laughed her witchy laugh. If only she knew that i could explode and rip her throat out with my sharp teeth muzzling into her neck... " I just came to say congratulations!" she burst out . Me , Hayley and Melanie stared in confusion . " Congratulate us for what..." I said cautiously .

" For becoming a dog!" I stared at her with shock ,no she cant know , knowing her big mouth she will tell everyone and get us caught ... " I- I don't know what your talking about." I stammered trying to act dumb.

" Yeah are you hearing stuff? Maybe you need a hearing aid." Hayley said trying to help. But I knew it was over. Danielle rolled her eyes and said, " We all heard it , your ringtone matches you perfectly ."

"My ringtone?" I questioned confused . Melanie elbowed me in the rib telling me to go with it . Ohhh she thought my growl was my ring tone! " Yes! Of course my ringtone ." I laughed . I don't know why but i carried on laughing knowing that we weren't exposed and i could relax . Me and my girls started walking away going to lunch when Danielle shouted , " Hey! I'm not done talking with you!"

" Bitch you already wasted our time ! Now bye bye!" Melanie shouted leading me to the bathroom .

" Wait where are we going ? I thought we were ging to get lunch ." I said trying to stop Melanie and Hayley .

" Yeah your not going like that." Hayley said eyeing me . I sighed and gave in , to tired to fight or argue. Looking into the mirror I saw that my black soulless eyes were bigger than usual, probably from my night out . Hayley opened my brunette hair while Melanie styled it making sure ever piece was in place . My wavy hair ran to my waist . " You need to change ..." Melanie said eyeing my clothes.I looked down at my clothes , a hoodie and black jeans that were faded from how much I wore them . " I'm not changing. I look fine."

She sighed and pointed at my jumper , there was stains all over the side that looked like blood... " Do you want to expose yourself ? " she said . She was right . " Fine what do you have..." Hayley squealed and ran through her bag pulling out blue jeans , white trainers , and a off shoulder white shirt . " I even have a bracelet which will match the outfit!" I stared at her with aw . " Hayley I'm proud and weirded out at the same time ." I said pretending to cry . She rolled her eyes and gave me the clothes . Putting them on I released how weird it was that Hayley and Melanie were so trying to be kind to me .Walking out the door I said to them , " So whats up ? "

" What do you mean ?" Hayley said .

" Your obviously hiding something , you know you cant hide anything from me." Hayley eyed Melanie with a begging look . " Guys just tell me . Whatever it is I can handle ."

" Mhmm... Ugh fine but just because i cant hold it in anymore!" Melanie said .

" Go on..."

" He's back." She said it so quick I barely got it .

"Who’s back?" Oh I already knew who it was but I was praying that she would say someone else's name. " Haze." His name twirled around my head causing me to be dizzy . I clutched my stomach feeling a sharp pains all over me . Haze Monratia . He is the only other werewolf in this school and well the school playboy . The pack he is in -which is the pack I’m in as well- doesn’t know about this and at that time I didn’t really think he was a playboy ... Because I was one of his victims and like every girl I thought he really loved me , all his comments and the love ... Just another girl . We dated for about three weeks , usually he would last three days with other girls but because I’m a werewolf he could be as violent as he wants unlike with the other human girls . And stupid me I thought it was because he loved me . Melanie and Hayley warned me and told me told me to stay away , but how could you when he knew every trick to get you in . After he broke up with me it hit me that he just used me , he then left for two years mysteriously and also left our pack . And now he’s back to haunt me . “But it’s just a rumour ,it’s probably just another gossip lie .” Melanie said pulling me out of my thoughts . “Yeah...” I said slowly . How I hope it’s just a lie . We arrived at the cafeteria entering to the noise of lots of chats and clattering . The first time I was in a place this noisy it felt like my ears were being hammered a dozen times but now I’ve learnt how to block the noise and adjust the sound to only the people I want to hear . “Come on let’s go to our table .” Hayley said over the noise . Our table was the farthest back away from all the noise . In the centre was Danielle’s table of course wanting to be centre of attention . “Hey Jasmine...” Hayley began when we sat down , playing with her food . “Yes?” “Well me and Melanie aren’t doing anything after school are you aren’t so...” “You want to watch me as a wolf don’t you?” I say raising my eyebrows . “Pleaseeee.” Hayley says fluttering her eyelashes. I sigh and say , “ Fine ... But we will be going in the forest . My dad and my pack won’t be there today and we don’t want them to find out you know what I am.” Yes... I’m not allowed to tell anyone but Melanie and Hayley are my best friends and how could I tell them when I cancel on girls night or when I get mad why I do it . “ Yesss!!! Oh my gosh can me and Hayley ride on your back while you go super fast .” Melanie says excitement in her eyes . I roll my eyes and say , “ No! Last time you puked on my fur and I had to go in a lake to wash it .” We all laugh talking cautiously. “Oh my gosh .” Hayley says looking behind me . “What?” I say still laughing . I release the whole cafeteria has gone quiet . Gulping , I turn around to see everyone staring at one person . Haze Monratia... There he was standing confidently at the door of the cafeteria. I stared at him from bottom to the top . He was wearing black trainers and ripped black jeans and I as my eyes went up I saw that he had a plain white v-neck flannel that had short sleeves showing one of his arms that he had tattoos running to his hands . When my eyes feel on his face my heart missed a beat . He had his signature half smirk ,amused by the silence that he caused ,showing his pearl white teeth , if only people knew that his teeth were razors ripping flesh when he was a wild then they wouldn’t compliment them so much . He had his dirty blonde hair messed up and had black glasses covering his caramel eyes . The eyes that was the thing that won over women and the thing that cowered away wolves . Even Danielle was shushed to silence mouth open . She didn’t even try anything , was she scared ? I guess she didn’t believe it he was coming either... He walked down passing each table as everyone’s eyes followed him . Walking my way no one dared to make a sound scared he would react . As he walked past my table going to the one next to mine I caught a sent of pine tress and blood . Hunting... It was lucky I could only smell it otherwise people would have thought something dreadful . Breaking the silence Haze said , “Move it .” The table next to mine was filled with freshman so no one knew who he was and what ‘power’ he had . They all stared at each other . “Didn’t I just say move ?” He said impatient. I knew what was going to happen next and no one was going to try stop him . But I was. He thinks he’s so strong and powerful...And how he’s left so many girls ashamed of themselves... A low growl began deep in my throat and anger bubbled inside of me . Melanie saw me and smiled , “Bitch go show him who’s boss.” Hayley looked at me and mouthed ‘kick his ass’ . I grinned and rushed to the table . Putting myself in front of Haze I caught his fist ready to punch the freshman . Everyone gasped whispering ‘what is she doing’ . I didn’t let go of his fist while I said , “ Back of Haze .” I let go while he took of his sunglasses putting them on his shirt . His eyes smouldered into mine trying to scare me . Releasing there was no effect he grinned while his head kneeled to my ear just so I could hear , “ Jas , oh Jas. You know I’m much stronger than you and if there weren’t any people around I would have beat you easily at anything.” His lips touching my ears slightly . Fine... He wants to play scary ... I went on my tip toes reaching to his ear , “ You underestimate me .” I whispered . Everyone was still staring at us and I decided to make him feel more welcome . “ Haze for goodness sake no I will not sleep with you ! Stop being desperate !” I shouted . Snickers went through the cafeteria as I walked away from him with Hayley and Melanie walking with me smiling . I heard Haze shout , “ What are you all looking at !” Everyone went silent except for me and Mel and Hay walking out of the cafeteria. “That was hilarious Jas ! I’m so proud of you .” Melanie fake cried as I laughed . “Yeah but didn’t you see Danielle . Him and her are going to rule Milstone high school which is going to be hell ...” Hayley says shaking her head . “Not if I’m around.” I smile . I’m not about to let Haze get away with being so scared of and ‘all mighty’ he will be the laughing stock when I’m done with him . I turn around looking through the cafeteria doors , there sitting with Danielle I see Haze , his head turns catching my eyes . He smirks and just before I could turn around he sends a sharp wink at me . This is going to be hard... Why did I stand up to Haze , well I’m not going to be his whore and let him think he’s so in charge of me . Not after what he did to me ....Same with my pack , I don’t let people push me around not even my alpha, I work alone as a wolf even though we’re a ‘family’. Although Haze here thinks he’s so honoured and important to challenge me .People call me weird or disgraceful or crazy but I just call my self different. Just different...But will Haze stop this?

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