Poem Pieces

These poem pieces tell a story, my story. A hidden darkness only written words will ever know.


37. Songs for Nightingales

The night drags on
I'll play a song
One that lasts long

Timeless moments do I hold
Those thoughts that bend and fold
Stories which I've never told

Headphones hum the sound
Fills my head all around
I feel my feet lift up off the ground

Silence in the room
Darkness shadows my doom
For outside this world lies my gloom

Fractions fit together
Words light as a feather
My mind a raging weather

Music keeps me alive
A sound I hear inside
A secret place I confide

Caught in my own trap
What will fill that gap?
Memories which scatter on a map

Lost within myself
A book placed on the wrong shelf
Empty words leak from my mouth

Spinning round in a maze
Life a blurred out haze
A single tear streaked gaze


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