Poem Pieces

These poem pieces tell a story, my story. A hidden darkness only written words will ever know.


34. Serene Fury

I am no exception
Just another deception
The catalyst for inception

A mask you all do wear
One I also seem to share
Its fabric, fine, delicate and fair

Fears that fade and fracture
Facade the only contracture
Our minds a broken manufacture

We are all one in the same
Playing the familiar torment game
Our stubborn furies we cannot tame

Don't you think it's been long enough?
Haven't we all had it tough?
Aren't we being a little rough?

Move the tension to the side
Let the anger go, let it slide
We really do not want to wed this bride

Years far and few between
Oh, the betrayal and lies we've seen
We really are, all serene


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