Poem Pieces

These poem pieces tell a story, my story. A hidden darkness only written words will ever know.


40. Photo Life

Life in one
Journey yet unsung
The memories I've won

Past moments on paper
Those things that turn to vapour
The people I couldn't saver

Hell, to the pain I've known
It's gone and flown
It has been dethroned

Age turning over, left turned green
Somehow all this suffering is very serene
Oh, the events I've seen

The things that have etched into me
I remember I cried out a plea
It's all this in one photo I see

Life flickers
Hell, to the liars
I will extinguish those fires

I'm not better for my judging mind
I may as well be bloody blind
The things I've lost, the things entwined

Moving steadily on
Yes, a cliché, so what it's gone
I am not anymore, your helpless pawn


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