Poem Pieces

These poem pieces tell a story, my story. A hidden darkness only written words will ever know.


39. Penny for Your Thoughts

My mind is in the air
It is the social connection I fear
Why do I worry so much, why do I care?

The silence of my unspoken words
My illnesses spilt into thirds
They lift their wings, they're falling birds

I'm a boxed up, baggage dragging mess
The torment I give myself does never rest
What's my story, take a guess

Walls, I build so high
They tower off into the sky
I'll never see a titan's eye

I know few will get the reference
As me alone, is the evidence
You lack my anime and manga influence

Is this funny, sarcastic or sad?
Perhaps this is another poem gone bad
If only a good one, of that I'd be glad

This line marks the third to last
Is it an obligation, this written task
My final thoughts, I shall mask


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