War of Gods

In medieval times of knights, dragons and magic, there is an order of knights named Sowe. They are knights of the kingdom of Stallion. Whether the reason for being a knight of Sowe is for wrath upon their enemies, order throughout the kingdom, strength for themselves, or equality in all people, all four of them work together for their goals as knights. However, they will be split apart and only four people can bring them back to save the kingdom. Together they will fight the War of Gods.


2. II: The Gold Eagle

Order Sowe was a group of powerful people, but they had disciples that handled the smaller missions. Their disciples were in the capital when it was attacked, so Sowe knew it was unlikely they were alive. And this was true. At least, for most of them. There were still four alive and looking for their masters.

Reed, Grey, Zephyr, and Blaze were all disciples of Sowe, and they were looking for Sowe. They knew Captain Caesar had been killed, and they knew why. He had found out important and secret information, and was killed for it. The four knew they had to find Nemesis, Beethoven and Lawrence in order to find out what their captain had learned. The information could be about something that was a danger to the kingdom. If Captain Caesar wasn't strong enough to survive, the four definitely weren't. So they searched.

The four had survived the attack because none of them were home. The three friends had left their work to take a fun vacation, and they returned to find the Sowe was disbanded, Captain Caesar was dead, and their king, along with their families, were dead. So the four took it upon themselves to right their wrong. The four disciples all were elemental mages, wizards that focused on a particular element.

Reed was a mage of nature. His magic gave him the ability to make plants grow bigger or smaller, older or younger. However, he couldn't make the plants appear out of nowhere. He needed soil and either a seed or a plant that was already growing. Because of this, he had pockets inside of his jumpsuit that held pouches of seeds of different plants. They were all useful in different situations, such as antidotes or vines that could restrain someone. Reed was from Japan and brought his culture with him. His jumpsuit was like a kimono, but with pants instead of a skirt. It was green and he wore a brown sash around his waist. Brown sandals stuck out from the legs. His hair was also brown, and because it was long, Reed wore it in a traditional Japanese braid. Reed was one to meditate and reflect, and he preferred things quiet. He also had a strange obsession to find the perfect tea. No matter what tea he tasted, all of it was gross. Everyone was still waiting for him to realize that Reed just didn't like tea in the first place.

Grey was a mage of ice and water. He could manipulate water or freeze it into ice. He could make ice out of nothing, creating any shape he could think of. He could create a bullet of his element to shoot at an enemy or a giant block of it to stop them from advancing. Grey wore random t-shirts and ripped, navy blue jeans. He had the same sneakers on that he always did. His hair was messy and black, tangled from the time he spent not brushing nor washing his hair. Everything was dirtier with Grey around. Unsurprisingly, Beethoven never liked him.

Zephyr was a mage of wind. He used his magic to create a swirling gust of wind beneath him, causing the wind mage to levitate. He liked to do this often enough that he was floating more than he was walking, sitting or standing. He could also create wind strong enough to blow someone away, or create and manipulate wind into becoming a tornado. Zephyr had white, wind-blown hair with a tiny ponytail. His shirts were collared and his pants were nice and clean. Zephyr was very loud, causing even the most hard of hearing man to yell "Jesus Christ, shut up!" This trait caused him to be left out on any mission that involved sneaking around without being caught.

Blaze was a mage of fire. He could create flames that would hurt only others. Blaze wore shorts that looked to be from Baghdad, and sleeveless shirts perfect for exercising. He also had a favorite black leather jacket. His hair was short, wavy and blonde, and the mage usually wore black sandals. He was very short tempered, quick to fire up and quick to cool down. He also had a smile that could make any sad person smile. He had a personality that everyone loved.

The four were all mages, people that used different kinds of magic to fight. Mages were in the field often, but they had magic that could stop them from getting hurt. Because of this, most mages didn't use armor. But event though the four were all stronger than the average knight, they still had a lot of power to gain. This was the reason they were going after Nemesis, Beethoven and Lawrence. However, they weren't the only ones looking for the former knights.

There was a woman following them, a woman that had the information Caesar had been murdered for learning. She wore a long, white gown, and curly golden locks fell from her head. She smiled when she saw the four walking ahead of her. In a moment, she was directly behind the group. She put her hand on Reed's shoulder, causing the four to turn around.

"Who are you?"

The woman handed the four a necklace. It was a yin yang. Upon further observation, the pendant was actually two jars, one for darkness and one for light. There was a large amount of black dust in the yang container, whereas only a small amount of white dust in the yin container.

"When light is shadowed by darkness, wizards wearing bruises will come for their galloping prize. Only when seven greatest enemies have been defeated can the balance between star and moon be restored. The greatest fallen hero is at peace, for his message has been spoken,"

Then the woman dissolved into light, shooting into the sky. Only Reed knew what to say.

"That was a tutelary deity,"

"What?" Asked Zephyr.

"A guardian. I'm confused by the message, but I do know this. We need to find Lawrence and pass it on,"

Everyone agreed. The four had to walk faster than Lawrence did in order to catch up to them, and in two days they found him setting up camp in a group of trees. They walked up to the former knight to find him drinking from a flask.

"Hello," he waved with his unoccupied hand.

Just then he realized who he was speaking to. He spit out his drink, coughing on the ground.

"How- are you- alive?" He asked between coughs.

"We weren't our posts when the attack happened," Zephyr said with his natural, loud voice.

"Lawrence, sower of Equality. You've left your role as a knight. But now it's time to return. We have something to tell you," said Reed.

"We've been looking for you for months. The reason Caesar died was because he learned information that was top secret. But that's not the important thing. On our way here, a tutelary deity came up to us, gave us this necklace and started spouting something," added Reed.

The four relayed what she had said, showing Lawrence the necklace. After they were finished, Lawrence spoke.

"I've heard this before. It was carved on the wall in an ancient Stallion Holy Temple. It's called the Ares Prophecy. The person that named it was going for a shorter way to say "War of Gods Prophecy." No one has ever been able to decipher it. But given the circumstance, I think I got it. There's a solar eclipse that's going to block all of the sun in a year's time. That's the first part, light covered in darkness. Wizards wearing bruises is harder, but the neighboring kingdom of Noreen wears the colors of blue and purple, the colors of a bruise. There's been a hatred between our kingdom and their's, so the galloping prize makes sense. Our flag has a galloping horse, seeing as our kingdom's name is Stallion. Seven greatest enemies is weird, but if you count the three ex members of Sowe and you four, that's seven. But why would we need to be defeated if we're stopping them? That's what confuses me. My only guess is that we each need to defeat an enemy of some sort, making seven in total. The balance between star and moon is easy though. The poem is talking about the balance between light and dark, or yin and yang. My guess is that the pendant represents how close we are to restoring the balance between the two. But I have no idea how to do that,"

"And the last part?" Asked Blaze impatiently.

Lawrence raise his eyebrows. "Well, I thought that was obvious. This poem and the deciphering of it was the information Caesar was looking for. He found it, he deciphered it, and he died for it. His soul must not have been at peace until we got the message. But the last part wasn't in the poem. I'm guessing the deity was just reassuring that Caesar is happy, wherever he is. So, in summary, the knights of Noreen are going to attempt to take Stallion in a years time, and we can't stop them until all seven of us have defeated an enemy. Which means that we need the gang back together,"

"Alright," Lawrence stood up. "I'll join you. But there are two things. First of all, please don't call me Lawrence. It's just Law. And two, unless you four got a lot stronger since last time I saw you, you don't stand a chance. You've been taking on small missions for a long time, but this is something that would have been a challenge for all for of Sowe back in the day. They must have a weapon, and a strong one, to be able to destroy the capital so easily. We had protective spells, knights, disciples of Sowe, all there. But everyone was dead, everything destroyed in mere hours. You have to train harder than ever before. You won't have a lot of time though,"

"Why not? It took us forever just to find you," Blaze scowled.

"Because not only am I stronger and more experienced than you, but I also know where both of them are,"

"What?" They asked, incredulous.

"It shouldn't be so surprising. We haven't seen each other since we left, but we need to know where the others are in case of danger. I don't doubt they kept track too,"

"Well, where are we headed?"

"The nearest ocean. We're going to sea,"

And in a few days the group of five were on a small boat. Zephyr noticed Law was driving them into a part of the ocean no one dared go.

"What are you doing?" Zephyr asked.


"You're taking us right into pirate territory. And not any pirate's territory, but the infamous Captain Wrath, who's ship is only the... My god,"

"The Nemesis ship," said Reed quietly.

"Nemesis, sower of Wrath is the infamous pirate Captain Wrath? But that's the most brutal and powerful captain of all the seas! Why would she do that to innocents? It breaks the code that she is a part of!" Blaze yelled.

"Not anymore. Sowe was disbanded, causing the code to no longer apply," said Law.

"Whether or not, it's wrong!"

Blaze was growing angrier, unsettling the others. This was because of the connection of magic and emotion. A mage's feelings can trigger a destructive blast of magic when the emotion is bad, such as extreme sadness or immense rage. This only happens when the mage isn't in control of their powers, this being a reason why it's so vital for a mage to master their magic. But Blaze hadn't mastered control over his powers, and fire was the most destructive out of all the elements. Because of the power fire held, Blaze had to take extra caution in order not to lose control. But now he wasn't considering the danger, blinded by the feeling of betrayal Nemesis' actions had created inside Blaze.

Law sighed, looking at the lantern hanging from the wall beside the door that led to the captain's quarters. The flame inside was growing larger. Plucking a navy blue arrow from the quiver that had been around his shoulder, he put it into place on the golden bow he had been holding. He shot Blaze in the forehead, the arrow evaporating upon contact. He fell to the ground, unconscious and with no visible wounds.

"What's wrong with you?" yelled Grey.

Zephyr rolled his eyes. "He's fine. He's not bleed or dying, he's just asleep,"

"That was my sleeping arrow. The tip has ground poppies on it, a sleeping magic, along with a magic that causes it to evaporate upon contact. The longer you're near the poppies the longer you sleep. That's why the arrow evaporates, so that Blaze will wake up. He'll be up in about a half hour. Plus, he's still awake in his mind, so he can have some time to cool off," Law explained.

And he did. Blaze was angry at Law for springing that on him, but he understood. In a few hours, the sky was pitch black with few stars to guide or light the way. Because of this, no one except for Law expected the pirates. They came excitedly but quietly, rowing in small boats from their unseen ship, waiting for the signal from their captain. Law waited, sitting facing the side Captain Wrath was climbing up on, smiling when she took a peek over the side. Nemesis, former sower of Wrath and now Captain Wrath, nearly fell off the ship when she saw her old friend. Stepping onto the ship, she spoke angrily.

"What are you doing here?"

Captain Wrath wore a pirate captain's hat with a white feather attached. The feather had droplets of what looked to be blood staining it. She wore a brown leather trench coat with a gold hem, a red shirt and some brown pants with a leather belt. The belt had a gold buckle, and a smaller version of the belt went around her neck as a choker. An oval shaped bulge was visible on a pocket on the side of her coat, and Law guessed it was her weapon. But the most unsettling thing was the pissed and murderous look on her face. Wrath was not happy to see him.

"I need you to come back," he said calmly.

"Not if the kingdom was in danger,"

"It is, Nemesis. The knights of Noreen, the knights that killed our king, are planning to destroy all of Stallion. Caesar died learning a prophecy that says we need to come together to stop them,"

"I don't give a shit, Law. I have a ship. I can just sail awayAnd don't call me that. It's Captain to you,"

"Are you really going to abandon your duty?" Law asked angrily.

"Not my job anymore. Go get someone else to do it. I may have been a knight, but now I'm the pirate Captain Wrath, most wanted in the whole ocean. I like my life, and you aren't taking it away from me,"

"We need your powers, your experience! We need you!"

Wrath turned away, starting to walk back to the side of the ship. "I'll tell my men not to harm you. We'll leave, but if you ever come into my territory again, I'll kill you and and everyone on this ship myself without hesitation. Courtesy of Captain Wrath, the woman that killed your colleague. There's no Nemesis here,"

Law had only one thing he could do. "What would Caesar say?"

Wrath froze. "What did you just say?"

"If Captain Caesar was here, what would he say to you turning your back on Stallion, the kingdom of your birth?"

She turned around with a single tear on her cheek. After a moment, sadness turned to anger.

"Captain wouldn't say anything, because he's dead. And he's never coming back,"

"But if he was here,"

Wrath didn't say anything. Law gave her a few moments before speaking.

"Captain J. Caesar, knight of Stallion, leader of Sowe, and sower of strength would ask you this. What code did you learn and swear to give your life to?"

"The knights' code," she said quietly.

She looked almost afraid of offending her dead captain.

"What is the knights' code?" Law asked gently.

The pirate captain cleared her throat and told her former colleague the knights code. The code was the song of the knights of Stallion:

We cheer for victory

We fight for justice

We die for our beliefs

We joined for our kingdom

We knights of Stallion ride our horses strong and proud

For Equality for all our people

For Wrath upon our enemies

For Order throughout the kingdom

For Freedom for every citizen

For the Love we give

For Healing for those broken

For our Fallen knights and innocents

After Wrath finished, she was silent for a moment for speaking. "I'll join you. It's what the captain would have wanted,"

Law stood up, giving her crying comrade a hug. "I know what Captain meant to you,"

The pirate went back to her crew, telling them that she would be retiring as captain, and she gave them her last orders, to find a new captain worthy of her wrath. As Law and Nemesis stood on the ship, watching her ship sail away forever. The sun was rising, causing it to look like the ship was sailing into a sky of orange, yellow and pink. On the front of the ship Law could make out a golden bird carved out of wood. Its wings were stretched out, ready to fly away into the sky, ready to be free and at peace.

"What did you name her?" asked Law.

"Well, I never really let go of Sowe or Captain. I had to hold on to a part of him. So, I named the ship after Caesar's symbol. I named the ship The Gold Eagle,"

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