War of Gods

In medieval times of knights, dragons and magic, there is an order of knights named Sowe. They are knights of the kingdom of Stallion. Whether the reason for being a knight of Sowe is for wrath upon their enemies, order throughout the kingdom, strength for themselves, or equality in all people, all four of them work together for their goals as knights. However, they will be split apart and only four people can bring them back to save the kingdom. Together they will fight the War of Gods.


1. I: Sowe Disbanded

Nemesis woke up to find a dark room. It was still night. Shrugging, she got up to get ready. A silver chain hung around her neck, holding a black crystal. In the middle of the crystal was a much smaller red crystal the color of blood. On the ring finger of her left hand was a black ring with the black and red crystal exactly like the pendant. She sat up, got out of bed and looked around her room. A red, sleeveless shirt and a cloak made of dragon skin were on a mannequin in the corner of her room. The cloak was black and the hem stopped at the hips. The clasp around the neck of the cloak was a shooting star. A silver ball of light was followed by little diamond stars, creating the falling star. Leaning against the mannequin were iron greaves. There was a nightstand next to her bed with a candle and some matches sitting on top. There was also a black ring with the black and red crystal exactly like the pendant. Across the room was a wooden desk covered in papyrus, ink bottles and quills.

Nemesis put on the ring. Walking over to the mannequin, she started to put on the armor. She put on the red shirt, flattening out the wrinkles. It had a low cut back, and a red tattoo of someone holding a dagger in the air, presumably to deal a final blow. Then she grabbed some black tights from her closet and put them on. Pulling on the cuisses and the sollerets, she slid iron vambraces onto her arms and put on the last piece of armor, small iron pauldrons onto her shoulders. Nemesis, grabbing the cloak, put it on. Walking towards the door, she stopped abruptly and turned around.

"Almost forgot," she muttered.

She grabbed an oval shaped object from inside a drawer in her nightstand. It was her weapon, a magical mineral that could shape into many weapons. Nemesis liked to use swords, so that was what the mineral changed into when she fought in battles as a knight. Holding the mineral, she left her room, closing her door as she left for a meeting.

Unlike Nemesis, who usually got up at around noon, Beethoven woke up at precisely seven every morning. Getting out of bed, she put on her rectangular glasses and made her bed, flattening all the wrinkles, tucking in all the corners, plumping all the pillows. She started to get ready, pulling a white dress over her head. The thread that was used for the fabric was unicorn hair, an extremely durable material. Not only that, but if the fabric ripped, it would fix itself. The dress sleeves went to her elbows and the skirt was tight around her legs. It also had a slit that went up to her knee. Beethoven then put on a single black glove on her right hand. The back of her left hand had a tattoo, so she didn't want to cover it up. The tattoo was of a black and white yin yang.

Her hair was straight and black, and Beethoven put all of her locks of hair into separate, thin braids. After she was done braiding she put her hair into a tight bun on the upper back of her head. After she had fixed her hair she put on some black ankle boots. Before leaving, Beethoven grabbed a small, black book off her bookshelf and a staff that was leaning against the wall. The had a white symbol in the middle, the same tree on her hand. Inside of the book were all of the spells Beethoven had ever learned. The staff was silver with a white and black orb sitting on top. The two colors swirled with each other in the orb, frozen in place. It was Dark magic and Light magic together, giving Beethoven access to both types through the staff. After grabbing a black cloak with a shooting star as the neck clasp, she left her room to go to a meeting that was hours later.

Caesar wore a black, dragon skin vest over a grey chain mail shirt. He had on iron greaves and gauntlets. However, the armor was really his weapon. The gauntlets and greaves were imbued with magic, causing them to deal a very large amount of damage to the victim of them. The greaves also made Caesar faster when he ran, making it harder to land a hit on him. On his upper bicep was a tattoo of a golden eagle perched on a thick bladed sword. Caesar tended to use his armor, power and title as a knight to his advantage. Caesar was sitting in his room at the moment, drifting out into space. Snapping back into reality, he looked out the window to see the time. Muttering an obscenity, he grabbed a black cloak and raced to a meeting, late again.

Lawrence hurried along the hallway, late for a meeting. He didn't like being late, but Lawrence had taken on several patrol shifts, causing him to be late often. It was mainly because most of the other knights never did their jobs. Instead of stopping criminals they sat all day and nights in bars, getting piss drunk. Lawrence wasn't a fan of crime, so he had taken on the patrols the other knights weren't doing to serve the justice his colleagues were supposed to serve. He wore a full jumpsuit made of dragon skin. The armor was as thin as any other fabric but thousands of times stronger. It was black and covered nearly all of his body. Long sleeved and going all the way to his ankles, this was perfect armor. Over it was a black cloak that went to his hips. His shoes were black hiking boots and his hair was short, white, and parted at the side. On his wrist was a tattoo of a scale. He held a gold bow and a quiver of arrows in his hands. Turning a corner, Lawrence saw the door that led to the meeting room.

Grabbing the gold handle and turning it, he stepped through the doorway to find four other knights and a tapestry that had a shooting star like on his and the others' cloaks. One of the knights stood up. Except he was not a knight, but the king of Stallion. He spoke in a deep voice.

"Caesar, sower of Strength. Beethoven, sower of Order. Nemesis, sower of Wrath. Lawrence, sower of Equality. We need you. We need the help of Sowe,"

Caesar spoke. "As leader of Sowe, I'd like to know what you need Stallion's strongest for,"

"There is a village near the edge of Dartholdi that has been committing crimes against the kingdom. They have been refusing to be any part of the kingdom, and now I've gotten word from my knight they are plotting to assassinate me,"

Lawrence gasped. "But that's treason!"

"That doesn't stop everyone, Law. Some people don't care about rules and regulations," said Nemesis. 

"Unfortunately, that is reality. But we need you to go in and capture the criminals. Even though the sentence for this level of treason is execution, I want every one of them alive,"

Caesar spoke. "Alright, but I think we're all wondering the same thing,"

"Why do you need us for this?" Sowe asked in unison.

"Because they have hired powerful mages that would kill many of our men, whereas it is highly doubtful that a single one of you would lose a life," he said tiredly.

"So basically, sending us in is more efficient and less wasteful. That is a smart move," spoke Beethoven.

"Besides, we've been bored lately, right Bee?" Asked Lawrence, eyebrows waggling.

"Don't call me that," she said automatically.

"Well, it looks like we'll be accepting the mission. We'll head out tomorrow," At that, the four of them headed off to train, eat and rest for the battle.

The next day, everyone got up early and headed off on their horses together. They arrived at the village and got off of their horses.

"By order of the king of Stallion, you all are under arrest for plotting to assassinate the kingdom!" Called out Caesar, holding the official forms in his hands.

But no one surrendered, no one ran away, and no one fought back. In fact, there wasn't anyone outside at all. And upon looking inside of the houses, there was no one there either.

"Do you think they left for the king?" Asked Lawrence.

"If that's true, they will be fine. Men will probably be lost but the king will survive. Either way, we won't get there before the battle is over. We might as well look around for evidence. Right now, all we have is one testifying knight," said Beethoven, looking around.

"Good idea. Let's split up and look around," Nemesis started off to look outside the village.

The other three looked inside of houses, searching through drawers, cabinets, wardrobes. Lawrence was looking through a person's journal when he saw something surprising.

Today Julius found out the knights of Stallion are plotting to kill the king. We want to go to the king and tell him, but who would he believe? Obviously his trusted knights. The village has decided to find evidence.

Lawrence was confused. Why would they leave a fake diary full of lies to throw the knights off if they already knew? He continued onto the next page.

We still don't have any evidence. The knights are good. They've been covering their tracks well...

He started to skim through the pages, not wanting to waste any time on useless information. He stopped when he came across something.

We've got something! We now have a sheet of paper that says exactly when they are planning to kill the king! Now we can show this to him, and he will know it's the captain of the knight's handwriting. It was a great cost to get this, and my old friend has passed because of those traitorous knights. But even if the knights might have found out that we know, nothing can stop us from

The writing ended. It was true! The knights must have found out and taken the villagers so that they wouldn't be able to tell the king. But then... the assassination attempt must have been a fake. It was entirely to get Sowe out of the way! They needed to get back as fast as possible! Otherwise-

Lawrence heard Nemesis scream. He ran out of the building with the diary in his hand, Caesar and Beethoven running too. They found her standing in front of a ditch, trembling with rage. Nemesis had one magic power: Wrath. This power activated when she felt immense rage, and it wiped out everything around her for miles. The three of them could feel her emotion emanating with the immense amount of magical power surging out of her.

"Nemesis, calm down. What's wrong-?" Caesar stopped when he saw what Nemesis had been looking at.

The ditch in front of them was filled with bodies. All of them the villagers of the ghost town behind them.

"Oh my god," Lawrence said, dropping to his knees.

Even though Beethoven was shocked, she didn't want to be blown to bits by Nemesis' magic rage. So she gave her a hug, calming her down with a spell. Nemesis' breath calmed, and her heartbeat slowed. Everyone stood there for a moment.

"What happened?" Nemesis asked.

"I know what happened. Read this, I found it in one of the houses,"

Everyone quickly sifted through the pages. When they were done, they all started to run.

"We need to get back as fast as possible! Who's going to protect the king against the knights if there are no knights to protect him!" Caesar said, jumping onto his horse.

But by the time they arrived at the capital of Stallion, everything was gone. The people were dead or fleeing, the knights were gone somewhere, and the king of Stallion's body was strung up on a post. Nemesis couldn't control herself, and everything came out at once, blowing every body to bits. Thankfully, Beethoven used a spell to create shield around them and the king's body, saving them all. When the explosion was over, Nemesis was unconscious on the ground, for the amount of power had taken a lot out of her. 

"Why did you shield the king?" Lawrence asked.

"I thought that he should be buried. I don't have enough power to shield everyone's bodies from that amount of power. I'm sorry,"

"It's okay," Caesar said.

Once Nemesis had woken up, the four of them buried the king of Stallion in the grass in front of the demolished castle. Once they had said their goodbyes, Caesar knew what to do.

"We have to get revenge,"

Nemesis turned to him, shocked. "Are you insane? We may be powerful, but there is no way we can take on that many knights,"

"No, this coup was not by all the knights. It was likely a few knights and strong outside help. Most of the Stallion knights are dead. I saw their bodies before they were destroyed by Nemesis. However, there is probably no more danger to Stallion or any other kingdom. It's highly doubtful that the criminals are still in league with their trump card. We should focus on informing the military of Stallion of the event and move on," said Beethoven.

"Are you serious? You're gonna let someone else kill those evil men? We have to get revenge for what they did!" said Caesar angrily.

"Caesar, there's no need. I agree with you that they need to be brought to justice, but it's not our job,"

"Lawrence is correct. Finding the criminals are the Constables' job. Even if it was not, we do not get to decide their sentence for them. That is the court's decision, Captain,"

"I don't care about who's job it is!" Caesar yelled, surprising everyone. "Fine, if you don't want to do this, then I'll do it by myself. In fact, there's no need to do anything together. Stallion can find and train new knights. By order of your captain, Sowe is disbanded,"

And with that, Caesar left the members of Sowe. Little did he know, he wouldn't be coming back. A temple in the neighboring kingdom, Noreen would be his final resting place. Nemesis, Lawrence and Beethoven were staying in a city in Stallion when they received the news. Because of their Captain's death, Sowe was disbanded, true to his final orders. The three split ways, saying goodbye to each other. Nemesis took a ship northwest, Beethoven went south on a horse, and Lawrence took a path east. All three headed in different directions, but none knew their destinations.

The Flying Mary, the name of the ship Nemesis was on was taken over by pirates halfway to their destination. Nemesis was able to stop them easily. However, instead of capturing, killing or any sort of punishment, she introduced a deal. She wouldn't turn them in or bring them any harm, but she had two conditions. The captain of the ship would be thrown overboard, and Nemesis would be put as the new captain. The pirates laughed, no woman could sail or be a good pirate.

"Just look at her clothes!" They said. Nemesis smirked.

"Actually, I know how to sail a ship just fine. And if you're worried about my dress, good. I hate dresses anyways. But if you still have doubts, I have an idea. Sharks love blood, so why don't I cut off a single toe from each of your feet and then throw you overboard,"

"You'd faint from the sight of blood!" A man in the back laughed.

"Really?" Nemesis grabbed a random pirate.

Her oval shaped weapon formed into a dagger with a curved blade. She raised it to the man's face, making a cut along his cheek. The pirate screamed.

"Hm, I don't seem to be fainting. Is there anything else?" She threw the man back towards the group of pirates.

"Alright, you don't have a problem hurting criminals. But what about the innocent?" The pirate nodded towards a family, the other passengers of the Flying Mary.

"I'd probably have a problem with it if you were talking to the old me. But I don't really give a crap anymore. I never liked the people I protected in the first place,"

Nemesis walked towards the family, grabbing the father. She was about to kill him when she had an idea. Her dagger transformed into a large sword.

"Alright, folks! I want you to make your way to the nearest wall of the ship, if you want to live,"

The family screamed and ran to the edges. The pirates looked confused.

"What are you doing?" One asked.

"You'll see," Nemesis tied the three to a pole tight. "Well, the crew members of this ship are all dead or with you. What do you say we get on your ship and light this one up in flames?"

At this, the pirates were convinced. And so, Nemesis had done two things. She had become the famous captain of a pirate ship, and she had killed her first of many innocents.

Several weeks after Beethoven set off, she came across a city on the shore of the ocean Nemesis would soon rule. Deciding to stay, she headed to a tavern to get a drink. A few minutes after sitting down, a man came up to Beethoven, attempting to slap her behind. Before he could, she grabbed his hand.

"I'd rather you not," she said, not turning to face him.

"We've got a live one!" The drunk man said.

He returned to his seat at the bar in the tavern to get another drink. Just then, Beethoven saw a poster that said "Help Wanted, Female Bartender." Sighing, she went to apply. She'd need a job, after all. When the former knight told the owner of the tavern that she wanted to work there, the man looked at her body, then her face. He paid "special" attention to her breasts. After a few minutes, he spoke.

"Alright, you've got the job,"

"Don't you want to interview me?" Beethoven asked.

"The only thing drunk men want is a hot woman. The only requirement is that you look good. Also that you know how to make drinks, but the male bartender can do that. You just keep looking hot,"

"How sexist," she muttered.

"Now, men are going to want to do a lot of stuff to you. You aren't to get dirty until your shift is over. I'll be shut down immediately if you don't follow that rule. But if you say no, they'll get angry. So instead say that I won't allow you until your shift is over. Of course, they'll be after you when your shift is over, but I can't help you with that. One more rule. You have to act, talk, and look sexy all of the time. I have clothes for you that show just the right amount,"


"Now, what's your name?" He asked.


"Not hot at all," the owner sighed. "I want you to tell all of my customers that your name is Bee. Can you do that?"

It had to be that name, she thought. "Yes,"

"Then you're hired,"

Beethoven had always been a logical, reasonable woman. She spoke and acted very mechanically, and never made stupid decisions. But no one knew her. She could rewrite herself however she wanted. So Beethoven made stupid decisions and started bringing more color to her life. She started wearing girly clothing, falling for men, having one night stands. Nemesis and Lawrence would never recognize the Beethoven that had been born.

Lawrence never reached his destination. He traveled and saw the world. During his travels, Lawrence also grew very fond of two things. Alcohol and women. His tradition for every town he came upon was to go to a bar. First he would get as drunk as possible, and then he would wait for the woman working there to finish her shift. Then he would get it on with the girl, only to leave the town afterwards. The amount of women he had slept with and then left was immense. He had a lot of sex but no relationships. Lawrence was alone. This was the main reason he drank and screwed so much. It was to forget his friends and the hole they had left.

The three former members of Sowe were far apart. They had created new lives for themselves, and had put their past adventures behind them. However, there was a person that was looking to bring them together for one more adventure.

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