Two wishes and one evil

Greedy people find there wish needs more as devil, can escape a Jennie they find in thier life waht want they get in a. flash before them, the real world in life is meant for them , to come reality instated they find deadly fantasy full curses and evil
Trully evil


5. Two wishes for each be weary ?

the first wish came to marks head, every wish possibly had an opurtunity but not always promising every time a true wish upon star grab the hopes of many, somehow it always seemed far, yet all wishes have some sort meaning and not just a person of true promises, evry wish is one unique as, a plent aside the gold, mark howevr found the wish was the vallues he found in freindship oddly this, wasn't a wish that was on his mind yet perhaps already inside one soul.

The country that sheded the lights of mark shared scommonjosh interest in a just one time wish a menie could find light, howevr along the country roads spell danger out and loud it crept among the silent roads and in sun yet, distant it opened the true wish ahead, yet poeple find that wishes don't come often perhaps in reality nevr.

The Jeanie of this lamp however could seek one of the sorriest mistakes evr that one could make and that's a sorrow to be taken back, we feel pain but we nevr want that to be said, mark didn't mean to be alone in the world perhaps, the wish before gave his freinds a feeling of lonely lies.

The lies that folow give mark untrusted freinds a mystery that he grabed not to desire, this wish stood right one the last freind that started to grab that Jeanie and among wish for evrything one could pure evil and denial, yet humanly possibly the worst wish after two and that one was the worst and most for one person, true evil nothing, yet what could that do? Perhaps nothing yet the evil more then that was evrything beyond that another one wish, the one true horror was something and at was yet to be discovered.

Mark lost evryone in his true past and the Jeanie Got ridden that once he was human, yet warned fred that even jeanies have a wish they wanted and money was not a problem yet the reaction was a face of reaction the tru horror was a poem that gabe light to a new way out it had, been a journey and evil stilll took beyond the past of the midnight dreary a country farmland had more evil to reside that the story mark git, was a true evil that the earthquakes and shattered a town untill the Jeanie got the one wish, and yet it was so evil it needed to be found?...

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