Two wishes and one evil

Greedy people find there wish needs more as devil, can escape a Jennie they find in thier life waht want they get in a. flash before them, the real world in life is meant for them , to come reality instated they find deadly fantasy full curses and evil
Trully evil


7. The next wish has a jury.

the jeanie got found under a stack of hay who found. A May day in the sunny pastures on this perfect midnight pattern, was a lady who wished to be a cow, how odd for someone who could have power, it wasn't a. Mistake the true life of partys sake was she was nevr aware her wish, would come true instead she, found she was not a cow untill her second wish got to come is she lived like a cow but, instead she found that the wish she thought could come from her dreams that started but within all this, tempted her for another way to wish her money in this curse she gained millions upon her acres, patty realized that this wish was nice until the greed gave her more of a complex image, howevr evryone knew patty? Was morre then just a mistake.

The pattern became more then just one wish the town had more and more upon starnge money and graet wishes, untold before by the next come day, it was wierd enough to say we're did that money come from until the very next wish was, evil from a wish that can only come from some who wished a great big monster.

All the town feared the worst as the lamp became more then just a fake way to wish, upon the dreary skies evry thing and her imagination started to lead the fake imagination to a town that once belived silly little thing, now evil was not only magic it came without warning that kind of magic, is perhaps a evil that can't be any thing out the ordinary.

The next town over had more then just a wish but oddly they were cornered with more a past wish that lead the Midwest in a eighteenth century pattern way before that who would wish such an evil way to bring back time, and perhaps the jeanie wish was not yet 

Earned and whta evryone wanted was athird wish to happen to get rid of this fast thinking jeanie they needed a pychic that could tell, more upon there midnight dreary, now since people of the future were in the past, this magic fled the night time journey, waht was scarier is they were aware this wish was there.

The second day the midnight dreary, and all wishes came to there weary that, the second wish would have to come from all the town to, see what kind of jeanie would wish this or if any wish was made to fix this time of evil and weary, upon a land in midnight drearies.

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