Two wishes and one evil

Greedy people find there wish needs more as devil, can escape a Jennie they find in thier life waht want they get in a. flash before them, the real world in life is meant for them , to come reality instated they find deadly fantasy full curses and evil
Trully evil


6. the big wish in a journey.

the lonely fields of dark night shadows reminded mark that on his journey it was not to worry but enjoy that old night weary life was as ifa journey it reminded that mark had this Jeanie that, had just a wish for everone in mind yet who could ask for this more then a wish seeker the Jeanie knew mark was just more then a wish seeker.

The evil was more then he could be the one he wanted was full of pleasure soon mark got what he wanted. Soon after he got a good,  friend and soon the next wish was getting bigger as this jeanie was growing, inside as evil was nearing desires, the past this wish could do was memories beyond the soul evil perhaps was getting new and more lenthgs and mark was now the soul in the Jeanie as one, evil had come to be as two more poeple were awaiting, there most important wish that is still to come.

The shadows that grabed the old Midwest had more haunting to find that one wish that the Jeanie was seeking among a person with a wicked sense of evil it was a true lightened evil.

To be continued...

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