Two wishes and one evil

Greedy people find there wish needs more as devil, can escape a Jennie they find in thier life waht want they get in a. flash before them, the real world in life is meant for them , to come reality instated they find deadly fantasy full curses and evil
Trully evil


3. Best freind get new wish.

it came oneday group freinds found that Jeanie aside road it was just under a plow found boy, who quickly knew lamp possed graet powers he saw, the death aside then Jeanie of course he knew the wish he trully wanted, and have more freinds then evr.

Mark got his wish but he didn't know these people werent really his friends trully they were just ordinary people, wanted find what mark needed to be to get more freinds outside the Jennie he wanted, somehow mark stared to find that needed more then freinds and his wishes became to be a real fantasy aside his graet desire to own and become, more wanted and apreciated felt entitled, of course wasn't what he wanted.

The Jeanie started to follow mark desire inside this lamp he knew mark had nevr really wanted that, Imsg was his wish bea am eto be only one alive, all sudden the greed among being the only person world that he can get whatevr he wants was finally coming true...

To be continued....

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