Two wishes and one evil

Greedy people find there wish needs more as devil, can escape a Jennie they find in thier life waht want they get in a. flash before them, the real world in life is meant for them , to come reality instated they find deadly fantasy full curses and evil
Trully evil


4. Be careful wish for, nothing free

The obvious keeping the happiness of others however, dimmed dark down fields of waverly Kentucky, mark finally found his group of freinds, sure seem suspicious yet, his hands got on that Jennie lamp, finnaly proved gifts can come true, however, starting a new life with bunch unknow strangers, became very opinionated.

The day's seemed like the Jeanie wish aside from the tents and new home that welcomed the three, freinds, waverly, one girl one boy and mark, suddenly they became the bestest freinds, howevr deep down, they all had always some kind of opinions, not all human have can see the jeanies eyes, aset this lamp oddly, bizzare came from one mysterious evil, death the cripttnin. 


He owned the lamp yet, he once didn't give poeple or any mortal wish untill he was proven wrong, he waiting for that one wish one, that somebody just wish and that's nothing, but who would Foolisly wish for nothing, for jeanies in there selfs wish too.


Death, was not always promising to his fellow human, he was always in a evil yet, surreal presence he affected the minds souls of evry human, animals had differnt spirt, yet three wishes were set upon the waverly fields and one person, each got one unknowingly two were good and one was evil.

The only one thing was this evil, was evry one turn and fate, it was just the begining for a greedy waverly population, was anything coming, there certainly was that was human nature. Only the bravest strongest might survive true evil but can anyone wits,  tand the evil wish of death and uncertainty, 

It begins, too be continued 


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