The Rhyme of the Crows

~~"One for sorrow,
two for mirth,
three for funeral,
four for birth,
five for silver,
six for gold,
and seven for a secret never to be told."~~
Then the screams started.


9. Chapter 9

 It looked like the Relocation Aptitude test, but a little off. There were fields this time, and no power lines. The fields were full of crops, and there was an orchard behind me. I held up my hand as to reach out to the field, but something blocked my hand. I touched it again. There was a glass panel in front of me. I looked to the other sides, seeing my reflection. I'm standing in a glass box.

 Suddenly there was a feeling in my stomach, only to be recognized my a deep hunger. I fell to the bottom of the glass box, holding my stomach. I tried to reach out to the food again, but the glass stopped me. I felt as though I hadn't eaten in weeks, months, even years, perhaps. There was an intense famine shooting through my body, and I wanted to die, right here, right now.

 I pounded on the glass panels, trying to get out. I haven't eaten in years, I should be dead. I looked down to see my body, but not my body, as it was really thin and malnourished. My clothes were hanging off my body. I pounded on the glass again. It won't break. I tried to get up, but I was so malnourished I couldn't move the lower half of my body. I hit the glass, again, and again, and again. My hand was getting red from hitting it. There was lead in my veins again, but this time from the famine and not the serum.

 The food over there looks too good, and even though this isn't real, it is to me. I am starving, and this food is real. I am real, but not exactly. I try to get up, but I fail. I try to cry, just to get water, but I am too dehydrated to cry. I scream, it echoing off the glass, shooting right back to me, hitting me with more pain than before. It hurts to feel pain, but it almost hurts more to hear yourself in that pain.

 The pain was immense everywhere, but mostly my stomach. I'd rather be in the inmate room, with the silent glares from Joey and the giggles from Quinn. I'd rather do anything than this. I'd rather be back in Caretaker City, even. My stomach ached, feeling like it was collapsing upon itself.

 I curled up on the glass floor. The corners of my vision were edged with black. The top of the glass box looked white, and there were stars all around it. My breathing was slowing. I could feel my heartbeat slowing down, and for a half second I wanted life, to live, to breath. But then it was gone, and I just wanted death. I looked into the light, and everything went black.

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