The Rhyme of the Crows

~~"One for sorrow,
two for mirth,
three for funeral,
four for birth,
five for silver,
six for gold,
and seven for a secret never to be told."~~
Then the screams started.


4. Chapter 4

 There was a thin haze covering the land around me. I've never been let out of our city, but this is what I've always imagined it to be like outside of it. I stood up off the table, the straps not holding me down anymore. The grass was an olive color, and it came up to my ankles. I could see water far away, and a few hills in the distance. Is this supposed to be the test? It couldn't be; this is too good for a test. This feels like freedom, not the restraint of a city or purpose. This is free.

 I turned around to see that the doctor's table was gone. I should be worrying about where it went, but I don't. In this place, it seems that anything can be possible. Disappearing tables and land stretching farther than the District or the cities seem.....normal. I turned again and there were old electrical poles and wires stretching across the sky. They went from one edge of the horizon to the other, farther than I could see in both ways.

 When would the test start? This feels odd; I don't know what should be happening. Well, the test will start when the test will start. I started walking towards one of the poles. When I reached it I took in its features. About twenty feet tall, give or take, made out of wood. Circular. I walked around it a couple times, then looked closely. There was a plate on one of the sides. I looked at the etching on it, which read: PROPERTY OF THE CITY OF CONFINEMENT AND CUSTODY

 There aren't any cities in the District that had that name. I frowned. There are only six cities, and none of them have that name, or none that I know of. I looked up. The sun was an orange color, and the sky was an off blue that I'd never seen. The trees off in the distance were the same color as the odd grass. This testing stimulation was really weird. I turned towards the next pole and started to walk. It took me a few minutes, and it was almost identical to to the first pole, but the etching was different: THE RHYME OF THE CROWS

 It was an odd phrase. I don't recall. It was never in any of the childhood stories of the caretakers, or in a textbook at our education center. Though for some reason, it feels as if I've heard it before. Just like when someone mentions the Forgotten. I turned to the next pole and walked to it. It was the same, but still the etching was off: ONE FOR SORROW. The next pole read: TWO FOR MIRTH. The next: THREE FOR FUNERAL, and the next: FOUR FOR BIRTH. It kept going. FIVE FOR SILVERAND SIX FOR GOLDAND SEVEN FOR A SECRET NEVER TO BE TOLD.

 I looked up to the sky as the sound of crows filled the air. A flock of them flew and landed on the power lines, one by one. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Everything went black again as I was wrenched from the stimulation, and all I could feel was the jostling of my body and hear chanting.

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