The Rhyme of the Crows

~~"One for sorrow,
two for mirth,
three for funeral,
four for birth,
five for silver,
six for gold,
and seven for a secret never to be told."~~
Then the screams started.


2. Chapter 2

 My alarm woke me up with a start. I was still in my clothes from yesterday, so I changed into my social class dress code: white dress shirt, black dress pants, black dress shoes, a black blazer, and a yellow pin on the lapel. The Caretaker Class. I was born in the Caretaker City, therefore, the Caretaker Class. I hope to leave it today.

 I combed my red hair, tying it into a braided ponytail, then twisting it into a bun. Standard female hairstyle. When my group was younger, we always wanted to have an act of defiance. The Caretaker Class was always considered the lowest of classes, providing only caretakers, so we were told to defy all odds. We decided that as an act of defiance we would wear the Color of the Forgotten in at least one way every day. I tied my hair with a red hair tie, and took a red pen from my cup holder. I rolled up my sleeve for the last time in my silenced class and wrote on my arm in the way we decided: REMEMBER THE FORGOTTEN

 They never found out that we scrawled the forbidden phrase on our arms or wore the forbidden color in our hair. The Forgotten were forgotten for a reason, they said. They had left us with no choice, they said. The Forgotten had a certain mindset that didn't fit into our society, so they were erased from the system, they would say. The Forgotten had a different score on the Relocation Aptitude. They couldn't be controlled by the society. 

​ At school people would gossip about the Forgotten from time to time. When it had just stopped circling around another rumor popped up. What happened to them in the Relocation Aptitude? Nobody really knew; nobody knew what was in the Relocation Aptitude, only those who took it, but they were forbidden from talking about it furthermore. Where did they go? Nobody knew; if there was a Forgotten they were erased from society, they memories of them from others taken, and they were relocated. These questions were never answered, and nobody had ever known a Forgotten, or so we thought, and if we did, we didn't remember it.

 I walked down the stairs, then went over to the food chamber, taking my breakfast portion. Scrambled eggs and some sort of meat. I ate it quickly, looking at our dispatch program. My Relocation Aptitude was at twelve o'clock this afternoon. I had City Ordinance 0.8/C again this morning, but that will go by quickly.

 My caretakers were gone, just like any other morning. They usually leave before I get up for their requirements. But this morning would probably be the last time I'd ever see them, as after I get my new city I would take my things (packed for me by the Department of Relocation) and move to the new city right away. There was a note on the dispatch program from them that said, "Stardust, we were happy to be your caretakers. We hope you get to go to a new city. ~Your caretakers"

 I rolled my eyes. Yes I want to go to a new city, obviously. They just throw that in there like it's a sentimental thing. I wanted to take the note with me, but the dispatch program is digital. I grab my education book carrier and my coat, walking out the front door. I walk past the other houses, then abandoned sector, towards the working sector. This is the last time I would ever walk this route. The last time I would see these sectors. It was sad in a way, but I'm happy that I can move past this time. I don't want to be a caretaker. I want to be myself. I walked towards the education building for the last time, through the halls, and I sat in my City Ordinance 0.8/C for about three hours. 

 I already know all this information. I want to leave, do the Relocation Aptitude and get it over with. I looked at the clock. Right as the hands hit the twelve the loudspeakers crackled. A name was called, and the person stood up, went to the door, and was taken out by a guardian. That happened several times, then the loudspeaker crackled again and said, "Stardust 01."

 I stood up and walked over to the door, where the guardian was standing. She took my arm and lead me through the main hallway, then down a hallway I'd never been before. She walked me down to a door marked *07*. She opened the door, pushed me in, then locked it behind me. Strange, it locked from outside the door. I looked around. There were two other doors in here, but both blended into the wall quite nicely. The first had a yellow triangle on it, and the second had a red square on it. All the walls were a silvery gray, and in the middle of the room was a doctor's table, it even had the doctor parchment paper. Beside the table was a smaller table, which had vials and syringes. 

 I looked around for a bit, taking in all of it. I didn't know what to do, what kind of room this was, where I should go. But in that moment the door with the yellow triangle opened, revealing the outline of a person.

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