The Rhyme of the Crows

~~"One for sorrow,
two for mirth,
three for funeral,
four for birth,
five for silver,
six for gold,
and seven for a secret never to be told."~~
Then the screams started.


1. Chapter 1

 I walked through the abandoned sector of our city. This area was so ravaged by the wars of the Before Times that it's now uninhabitable. Or so they say. Mostly the homeless and the purposeless live here these days. I walk away from the working sector, through the abandoned sector, towards our residential sector. If I don't hurry up, my caretaker will restrict my free hours and make them even shorter. 

 I enter my lodging unit, seeing that my caretakers were already at our table. They looked up to me and A said, "Stardust, you are almost late."

 I rolled my eyes and said, "Caretakers, I still wasn't late for this time of year's curfew. Besides, didn't you see on the schedule that I had City Ordinance Study 0.8/C tonight?"

 B walked over to our dispatch program and looked at the schedule. They turned to me and said, "Stardust, why didn't you alert us that you had a City Ordinance Study? We would not have been in a worrying state."

 I put my education book carrier and my coat on the hanging rack, then walked to the food chamber, picking up my allowed after education portion. Sliced grapes today. My caretakers never put in that I disliked grapes, but they impel me to eat the required portions. 

 "I forgot that I had City Ordinance today, so when I checked my schedule reminder this morning, I noticed that I had the class. Please don't worry that much about these infractions, caretakers," I responded.

 B sat back down at our table and sighed. "We will be in a worrying state about these infractions, Stardust. Your Relocation Aptitude is tomorrow, and if you commit another infraction, you might not be able to have the aptitude for a better city. We need you to get into one of the greaters of the our district to make our own city proud."

 I crossed my arms and said, "I do want to get into a better city, but these infractions are just minor! I don't want to become a mindless caretaker!" My caretakers had looks of shock. "I want to have a better life, in a better city, have my own children," my caretakers had looks of shock again, "and get my own life!" I ran up the stairs to my room, locking the door. 

 A knocked on the door and said, "Stardust, open this door."

 I responded, "No. Tomorrow's the Relocation Aptitude, so I am allowed peace the day before. Leave me alone."

 I could hear their steps down the stairs, and I laid down on my bed. They don't understand that I don't want to be a caretaker, or that I want to leave them. This life is simple, but is repetitive. I hope to get into one of the other five cities. All I have to do is do well in the Relocation Aptitude. I laid there until I fell asleep, and awoke with a start.

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