We Are Iris

This is a story about a rebellion called "Iris". They strive towards equality. They live in a cybercity world, controlled by the government and they will try to take them down. Although that might be easier said than done. Follow Link and his friends on his mission to take down the corrputed government.
Enjoy! ^^


3. What keeps us together

“I’m not telling you anything!” Orion shouted, as a Watcher punched him in the face.

“Listen, if you tell us, you’re free to go. So please, stop resisting.” a strange man said.

“I’d never betray my people!” Orion said and gets once again punched in the face.

“You will break… eventually.” the strange man said.

“Who are you anyways?” Orion asks, as the man stops a Watcher from hitting Orion.

“I’m the Major of the Watchers, Lucien.” he said proud.

The Watchers work in military ranks. All normal corps are privates. Then counting from bottom to top you have, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General and General. There are a lot of lieutenants and captains, but only one Major. Also all the higher ranks were only one person.

He had messy black hair and glasses. He wore black pants and a long white lab coat. The emblem of Major was on the right side of his coat. He was very full of himself.

“That’s still a low rank if you ask me.” Orion said.

He knew a lot about the military. He served the military in his homeland. Lucien looks furious.

“What… did you say?” he said and smashes his fist in his face.

“Aaai, ai ai ai…” Lucien blows on his fist.

“That tickled.” Orion said mocking him.

“Watchers, you can have your way with him.” he said, as the Watchers nodded and approached Orion.

Meanwhile, Damien was driving Link, Stephanie, Evelynn and Loco towards Watchers HQ, in Sentry. The night was still young. Alexandra stayed at the hideout, on guard. Although she was just working in the workplace. They arrived at Sentry and drove towards the HQ. It was a big box-shaped building. You couldn’t miss it. Damien parked the car in a safe and hard to find spot.

“Remember this place, I’ll be staying here.” he said.

The team nodded and they got out. Stephanie grappled her way up a higher building, a bit away from the HQ. She observed the area carefully.

“Looks clear guys.” she said through her earpiece.

Loco and Link walked towards the HQ, while Evelynn tries to find another way in. She found a small ventilation system. As small as she is, she squirms herself through the hole and went inside. Loco and Link approached the guards.

“We are here.” Link said and showed the letter.

The guard looked at it and nodded.

“Okay, move along.” he said, as the other one opened the door.

Link glanced his eyes towards the code panel and saw the guard putting in the code. He tries to memorize it, as they walk inside. The door closes behind them. They were in a big hall and it was surprisingly clean. There were two other guards before an elevator at the end of the hall. Two more Watchers came from a door to their right and guided them towards the elevator. The two watchers, Link and Loco went up the elevator. Meanwhile, Evelynn had already advanced further into the building.

“How are you guys doing?” Stephanie said.

“I’m clear.” Damien responded.

It took a while for someone else responded.

“All good, Link and Loco as well, but they probably can’t respond right now.” Evelynn whispered.

“Roger that.” Stephanie responded.

Link and Loco arrived on a floor. The Watchers had covered the number of the floor.

“Tss, that’s annoying.” Link thought to himself.

Loco was very relaxed. Link noticed that, looking up. Loco was pretty tall, compared to Link.

“We’re here.” One of the Watchers said and lead them out of the elevator.

They entered a small hall.

“Just enter the door at the end of the hall.” The other Watcher said.

Link and Loco moved towards the door and opened it. As they entered, the saw about 5 Watchers beating up Orion and Lucien was watching it.

“Chief!” Loco shouted.

“Aah! Welcome!” he said with a grin.

Evelynn found her way through the vents, listening where the elevator stopped, and was directly above the room where Loco and Link were brought to. She had vision through a roster and listened to the conversation.

“Hello there.” Loco said.

“Lost your tongue, boy?” Lucien said, looking at Link.

Link held up his shoulders and smiled. Lucien dashed towards Link and held him up by his hoodie.

“Are you mocking me? Do you know who I am?!” he said.

“No, I don’t.” Link responded.

The sound of a gun being loaded could be heard.

“Let go of him.” Loco said, pointing a gun at Lucien.

The five Watchers immediately pulled out their rifles and pointed them at Loco. Lucien let go of Link

“Are you threatening me?” he said turning towards Loco.

“No, I just wanted you to let go of him.” Loco replied and put away his gun.

“Take his gun!” Lucien ordered and a Watcher came to pick Loco’s gun.

Loco did not refuse. The Watcher also noticed his second gun on the other side and took it. The Watcher checked the boy as well, though Link had no weapons.

“Why did you want us to come here?” Link asked.

“I’m the one asking the questions here!” Lucien responded.

He sighed and then grinned.

“You guys are gonna tell me everything about your little rebellion.” he said.

Orion looked up and saw Link and Loco.

“W-Why… did you… come…” he said weak.

Link gave a look at Orion. He was weak and really beaten up.

“Guys? Are you all right in there?” Stephanie asked.

“We should engage now, I believe you have a clear shot. They are all standing by the window.” Evelynn said.

“Yeah, that’s the problem, I can’t find you guys. On what floor are you?” she asked.

“No clue.” Evelynn replied.

Link was thinking what he could do. He saw some sort of glass sculpture on a desk. He subtlety pushed over the sculpture and it fell on the ground.

“What are you doing?” Lucien shouted furious.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry!” he said, acting like he cared.

“I got that from my mother!” he said.

Link picked up some shards and put one in his pocket. He cleaned the rest of it.

“You’re so gonna pay for this, boy!” Lucien approached Link.

“Steph, get ready.” Evelynn said.

“Wait, what?” she said, but instantly scoped at the building.

As Lucien advanced towards Link, he quickly pulled out the shard and he reflected light from outside. Stephanie noticed the light and had clear vision of Lucien and the five Watchers. Lucien lifted his arm to punch Link. Stephanie shot and hit Lucien hand. Blood splattered out of it and he backed off screaming in pain. Evelynn used this opportunity and kicked down the roster, jumping down. As she fell down she knocked one Watcher out. The Watcher next to her started shooting as reflex, but she slide down, grabbed his legs and pulled him over. He hit his head and was unconscious. The other three were distracted and Loco knocked out another Watcher. Link pushed Lucien on the ground and disarmed a Watcher smoothly, he then gave him a strong punch on his jaw and he fell unconscious on the ground. The last Watcher was about to shoot Link, but Stephanie shot an electric bullet and hit him. He fell on the ground, unable to move. Loco and Link grabbed Orion and ran out, towards the elevator. They went down and were about to run towards the exit, as the alarm goes off.

“Shit.” Loco said.

“Come on! No time to waste!” Link said

They both ran even faster to the exit. About ten guards came running after them. Once at the exit, Loco threw a smoke-bomb. They opened the door, but forgot the other guards outside. They stood eye to eye with them.

“All right, hands u-“ he is not able to finish his sentence, as Evelynn jumped down and knocked the heads of the guards against each other, mid-air. Link and Loco look at each other and started running again.

“Thanks for that, Evelynn!” Link shouted.

She smiled, but the guards where closing in on her. She quickly ran forward, towards the boys. Damien was waiting in the car and Stephanie had already arrived. Link and Loco put Orion in the car and took a seat for themselves as well. Evelynn was still behind. Damien looked in his rear mirror.

“Come on…” he said quietly to himself.

Evelynn was running as hard as she could, but because all the spotlights were on, there was nowhere to hide for her. She could only run, which isn’t something for her. The guards were clearly faster, as their distance enclosed.

“Run!” Stephanie shouted with her head out of the car.

Her eyes widen as she saw Evelynn running for her life. Her eyes were full of fear, she was completely exposed. She tried to run faster than she could and stumbled. She looked behind her and tried to get up. She struggled, as she screamed for help in fear.

“Please! Help me!” She screamed.

“Evelynn, no!” Stephanie shouted and got out of the car.

Evelynn was still screaming as the guards arrived at her position. She tried crawling away, but one of the guards grabbed her leg and pulled her back. They laughed at her.

“Look at her.” One of them said and laughed.

Stephanie was about to rush towards Evelynn, but stopped suddenly. A flash zapped between the guard and Evelynn. The guard was knocked out on the ground. All the other guards were startled and looked around. Evelynn was shivering on the ground with her eyes closed. Another flash zapped by and yet another guard was down for the count. A third time now, the flash zapped by and stood still with his back to Evelynn, looking at the guards. Stephanie squeezed her eyes to look at the figure.

“Who is that…?” she said to herself.

He held his hands forward and sparks came out of his hands. The guards backed away in fear. The figure turned his head towards the car. Stephanie could only see its face in the backlights of the car. The figure had a helmet on, it was electronic. The mask on the helmet projected a smiling face, but it was all glitchy. In the blink of an eye, the figure stood next to Stephanie and carefully dropped Evelynn. Just as fast as he arrived, he left again. Stephanie stood still for a second, but then quickly grabbed Evelynn and got in the car.

“Drive.” Stephanie said.

Damien pushed on the gas and they drove away. It looked like the guards wanted to start their cars, but they all seemed to be sabotaged somehow. Stephanie looked at Evelynn. She was still shivering and in shock. Suddenly she started crying.

“Sshh, it’s okay Eve… It’s all over now.” Stephanie said, comforting her.

She clinged onto Stephanie and cried on her chest. Damien looked at her from his rear-mirror and took a new toothpick. They drove home fast and arrived at the hideout. Alexandra was waiting for them. She looked up as the team entered.

“And how did it… go?” she stopped mid-sentence as she saw Orion beat up and Evelynn shivering.

“We accomplished our mission, Alex. Don’t worry.” Link said, as he put down Orion in a chair.

Alexandra went to aid Orion. Stephanie took Evelynn to their room. Everyone took a seat, they were exhausted.

“Y-You shouldn’t have come…” Orion said, still weak.

“We will never leave you behind, Chief.” Link replied.

Orion sighed and tried to get up. He fell back in his chair.

“It’s not a good idea to start moving again, Chief.” Alexandra said.

Link looked at Orion, Orion looked back.

“We are family, that’s what keeps is together.” he said with a smile.

Orion smiled back and leaned back in his chair, letting out another deep sigh.

“Get some sleep everyone, you’ll need it.” he said.

“But you still need aid, Chief!” Alexandra said.

“That’s an order!” he replied.

“Y-Yes, Chief…” she said scared.

Loco and Damien laughed. They all went to their rooms and Orion rested in his chair. He took out a picture. It’s from him and his son. He sighed and put it back, as he eyes slowly closed.

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