We Are Iris

This is a story about a rebellion called "Iris". They strive towards equality. They live in a cybercity world, controlled by the government and they will try to take them down. Although that might be easier said than done. Follow Link and his friends on his mission to take down the corrputed government.
Enjoy! ^^


1. The Iris

“Steph, do you copy?”

“I can hear you, loud and clear.”

“Are you ready?”

“Target spotted, driving towards the Stix tunnel.”

“Got it, I’m on my way. Over and out”

There is a girl on top of a high skyscraper. That girl, is Stephanie Turner. She has black hair with purple fading on the end and violet eyes. She wears slim black pants and black boots with high, but thick, heels. She has a white shirt with a symbol on it, revealing her underbelly. She also wears a black leather jacket with a short waist. And that guy who’s running towards the driving truck, that’s Apollo Strife, better known as “Link”. He has semi long silver hair and eucalyptus green eyes. He wears small black pants and black and white shoes with small eucalyptus green neon lines. He wears a dirty white hoodie, zipped half open. He wears a black shirt with the same symbol as Stephanie. He wears a black ring with a eucalyptus green neon line on his right hand ring finger & thumb and one on his left hand middle finger. The boy jumps on the street and grabs hold on one of the bars at the back of the truck. The girl looks through her scope. She takes a deep breath. She sees the boy sabotaging the backdoor from the truck, then holding up his thumb, as the truck gets closer towards the tunnel. He’s holding the bar tight with both hands now, as the girl fires a shot. A direct hit on the tire. The truck is going too fast to be under control. The boy smashes against the backdoor with the side of his fist and the doors open. A couple of containers fall out, as the truck rolls over. The boy maneuvers over the truck and lands perfectly with both feet on the street. The truck lands on his side and the boy grabs as much containers as he can carry. He gives a look at the cameras and winks. The cameras are set up by The Watchers. They are the “police” of this world, controlled by the government. But all they do is abuse their power for their own good. His face is unrecognizable because he was wearing a sleeve around his lower face and had his hood on. Only his iconic eyes were visible. Lighting up in the shimmers of the pale moonlight. The girl quickly dissembles her gun and put the parts in her suitcase. She attaches her suitcase on her back and jumps down. She reveals a grapple gun, attached to her wrist and shoots. She makes her way out of the high levels. They meet in an alley.

“And?” she asks.

“I was able to retrieve about five containers.” Link answered and dropped the containers.

“That’s not bad.” she said relieving and smiled.

“All right, we should get out of here.” he said.

“Good thinking.” she replied.

They both take off. They arrive around the outskirts of the city. There are people here who live in small, uncomfortable houses. They mostly work hard for a minimum wage. Link and Stephanie both look around, then jump down some sort of sewer. They reached the underground level. They walk towards a door, both carrying some containers. They open the door. It’s populated. There are small stands everywhere, all trying to sell whatever they have, in order to survive. The people here are poor, they have little to work with. If you look up, you can see the top of the skyscrapers from the big city. This is called, The Slums. A place where the poor live. They have no house and no education. The worst thing is, no one is helping them.

Link looks around and frowns. Stephanie noticed.

“It’s okay, Link. We are here to help them.” she tries to comfort him.

“I know, I know…” he replies.

As they walk they stop at some sort of hideout. They knock in a pattern on the door. Another pattern answers and again they knock in another pattern. The door slowly opens. Both Link and Stephanie sneak in. There are several people in the room. In the back is a big figure. Only its legs and a light blue dot are visible.

“How’d it go?” he asks and steps forward revealing himself.

That’s Orion Fleed. He has short white hair, almost bald you can say. He’s tall and buff. He’s oldest as well. He has a brown tint and his right eye is mechanized. Its covered with metal and the eye has been replaced with a that of a robot. It glows light blue. He wears a dirty white tank top with a symbol, but when he goes outside, he usually wears a long dark blue winter coat and leaves it open. He wears torn blue jeans and black military boots. He likes great firepower. He’s reliable and a warm person, but he is extremely violent against The Watchers. He is the one who took us in and cared for us, saw potential in us. He is, “The Chief”.

“Five.” Link replied.

“Hm, not bad.” Orion said and smiled.

He looks around the room and speaks.

“Time to carry these around, everyone!” he said. The containers contain lunchboxes. They are meant for cafeterias from schools.

There are 7 members in total. Orion, Link, Stephanie, Damien, Alexandra, Loco and Evelynn.

Orion Fleed, the chief. He is the big leader of the group. He started this all and wants this to be done correctly. He gives orders and is the main supervisor for every mission. He doesn’t fight much, but when he’s needed, it means the enemy can already surrender.
He is 27 years old.

Apollo “Link” Strife, the connector. He’s the main person of action. He takes care of sabotaging the enemy unseen and interrupting transmissions. Without him, they can’t even start a mission. He is 19 years old.

Stephanie Turner, the observer. Her ability to perfectly analyze her surroundings makes her our perfect observer. Her aim is precise, which makes her a perfect sniper. She takes care of incoming attacks and intruders. Without her, no mission will be undetected.
She is 19 years old

Damien Kell, the driver. Damien is an excellent driver and is the reason we can escape quickly. He waits in the flee car, constantly checking his surroundings. When the team is done they will get in the car and Damien will get them home safe. He knows the streets like no one else knows them. He has small blue eyes and black hair. He wears a black leather jacket with blue stripes in the sleeves. It’s always zipped up. It has a logo on the back in neon. He wears black jeans and fine black leather shoes, the ones with the small heel and the pointy tip. He shows almost no emotion and can control stress very well. He doesn’t speak that much either. For some reason, he likes to bite on a toothpick all the time… He is 22 years old.

Alexandra Briat, the engineer. She might not look like it, but Alexandra is one the top engineers. She is responsible for repairing weapons and other stuff. She also makes all of the devices we use, made from scrap and junk she finds in the junkyard. She is very talented, although she doesn’t go that often on a mission. She stays most of the time in her workplace. She has long garnet red hair with two pigtailed braids. She wears one of those brown protection goggles. You know what I mean. She has honey yellow eyes. She wears a white shirt with rolled up sleeves. On her right sleeve is a logo. It’s stained with oil. She wears short jeans a big brown utility belt. There’s a lot of random engineering stuff attached to it. She wears dark brown work boots. She always wears light brown work gloves. They are extremely dirty. Alexandra is a very happy and enthusiastic girl, but a bit clumsy. She is 16 years old.

Pablo “Loco” Locker, the gunslinger. He is a nice guy, but looks somewhat intimidating. His origin is unknown, what we do know is that he is a master with guns. He uses dual guns. He is also known for his triple gun style. His aim is just as good as Stephanie, but he is better at short ranged shots. Also how quick he can draw and shoot is not from this world. He is the main executioner for the team, taking out enemies in just a couple of seconds. He wears a brown cowboy hat and wears a white mask. Stripes at his mouth and holes for his eyes. His voice is distorted by a voice changer. He wears a long brown coat and a black shirt with a logo on it. He wears dark blue jeans and brown cowboy shoes. His age is unknown.

Evelynn Rake, the assassin. She’s a mistress of blades and takes out her foes in silence. Despite that, she is a nice girl, but a bit cold. Nobody knows what or from where others get hit. She is the second executioner, but she takes on the backline. She strikes from the shadows. She has black hair with a red line, covering one eye. Her eyes are blood red. She wears a black vest with a red line on both sleeves. There is a logo on the right side of her chest. She also wears black pants and comfortable black shoes. Also black gloves and a sleeve for her mouth. Basically, she’s completely black, but her clothes make it easy to move around.
She is 20 years old.

They are Iris. A rebelling group against the government. Their logo is an Iris flower, symbol of hope. They want a world where everyone is treated equal.

Orion hands out the containers. Loco refuses.

“I’ll probably just scare everyone off like this, give it to Alex over there” he points at Alex who is working on… something.

“Alex, mind handing these lunchboxes out?” Orion asked.

“Sure thing, Chief!” she replied and takes a container.

Everyone, except Loco and Evelynn, goes outside to hand out the small lunchboxes.

“Here, it’s not much, but it’s something.” Link said giving a lunchbox to a mother and her child.

“T-Thank you very much, Mister!” she replied and accepted the lunchbox.

Everyone is handing out lunchboxes. At the end they hold a bit for themselves as well. They all come back to the hideout. They all have a good meal. Days like this are normal here in The Slums.  It’s been years like this, but now, it’s time for change…

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