We Are Iris

This is a story about a rebellion called "Iris". They strive towards equality. They live in a cybercity world, controlled by the government and they will try to take them down. Although that might be easier said than done. Follow Link and his friends on his mission to take down the corrputed government.
Enjoy! ^^


2. Let them hear

The team had gathered once again in their hideout, discussing their new plan.

“Boys! Oh, and girls… Today we will reveal ourselves. We will mark this world with our name. We will stand up for those who are afraid to! We will reveal the truth! We will let them hear! Orion shouted.

The whole team cheered.

“We’ll let them see what we’re made off!” Alexandra shouted.

“Time for our great entrance.” Link said with grin.

“So, what’s the plan, Chief?” Loco asked.

“We will be marking the city to begin with. We are gonna need lots of graffiti. Alex?”

“On it, Chief!” she replied enthusiastically, as she runs over to her workplace.

“The rest of you, find a way to spread our symbol over the city. And don’t get in trouble…”

“You underestimate us, Chief.” Link said.

The team takes all their necessary stuff and gets ready for the mission. Alexandra finished gathering all the graffiti and is handing it out to everyone. Time for the team to get going. They take off, as Orion gives one more look at them.

“The time has come…” he said to himself.

Stephanie grapples her way up to the high levels and checks the surroundings.

“Squad, we’ve got Watchers at the center of Sector 7, a small patrol around Stix and a whole group guarding Watch Tower. I think we should avoid that one.” she said.

“Check Sypher for me, please.” Loco said.

“Sure thing.” she said and observed Syphers main area.

“It looks clear… watch your surroundings, it’s strange that there’re no Watchers around that area.” she said.

“Will do, I’ll be on my way. Over and out.” Loco said and dashed towards Sypher. He started spraying the Iris logo on the walls.

“I will go through Sector 7, they won’t see me, don’t worry.” Evelynn said and took off. She sprayed the Iris logo’s on one of the Watchers cars and ran away.

“Whooo! I’m already at Stix!” Alexandra said enthusiastically.

“I can see you Alex. A patrol of four is heading your way, to your left. You can take the small alley to your right and then head forward.” Stephanie said.

“Thanks for the heads up! Over aaand out!” she replied and took a right turn as she sprayed the Iris logo on the walls.

“I’ll be waiting at the end of the main street at Sector 7.” Damien said.

“Good choice, I see no activity around there.” Stephanie replied.

The city is made out of one center and several districts around it. In the middle you have Watch Tower. Not too big, but it’s where the government is. It’s the highest secured place in the city. Sector 7 is the biggest district, situated just under Watch Tower. Then you have Stix, Sypher, Sentry, Soldre and Silver, located around Watch Tower and Sector 7.

“I’m going to Watch Tower.” Link said.

“Are you nuts!?” Stephanie said angry.

“I agree with Steph on this one.” Loco said.

“Trust me, I know what I’m doing.” Link replied.

He was already advancing towards Watch Tower. Alexandra smiled.

“You’re gonna get yourself killed, Link!” Stephanie said worried.

“He got this Steph. Trust him.” Alexandra said with a smile.

He came closer towards the tower. He stood still for a second and looked around. He put on his hood and mouth sleeve.

“Two cameras at 2 o’clock. One at 9 and another… right in front of me.” he thought to himself as he looked straight in the camera.

He took something out of his pocket. Some sort of ball. He threw it towards the camera. The ball exploded and the lens was covered in paint. He took a rope from his belt and threw that towards the camera to his left, and pulled it down. He found some scrap on the ground and threw it towards a large group of Watchers. The sound of the metal hitting the ground, took their attention. One of them went to check out. Link ran towards the two remaining camera and climbed up the pole. He sprayed the lens with graffiti. He then advanced towards to two cars of the watchers and sprayed the Iris logo on it. He quickly ran towards the tower itself. A Watchers spotted him.

“Hey you! Wait!” he shouted.

Link ignored them and sprayed the Iris logo on the wall.

“Guys over here!” the Watcher commanded.

Four Watchers ran towards Link.

“Hands up!” one of them shouted.

Link put his hands up, in his right hand he held the graffiti can.

“Drop it!” the Watcher ordered.

Link smiled from under his sleeve and looked the Watcher straight in the eyes.

“I said dr-“ he couldn’t finish his sentence.

Link smashed the can against the ground and it exploded. A whole cloud of purple and green formed in front of the Watchers.

“W-What’s this!?” one of the Watchers said.

“I can’t see a thing!” another one said.

Link took his chance to escape and ran off.

As the smoke cleared out, Link had escaped.

“Tschk! Stupid kid…” one Watcher said, as he looked at the logo’s sprayed on the wall.

“Don’t just stand there! After him!” their captain said.

The Watchers nodded and started searching. Meanwhile, Stephanie was spraying the Iris logo on a huge billboard.

“That should do it.” she said, as she hears sirens.

She looked down and saw two Watcher cars driving around. She speaks through hear earpiece.

“Link, what did you do?” she asked furious.

“Nothing! Just sprayed some on the tower.” he said and laughs.

Stephanie facepalmed herself and shook her head.

“Squad, we’re gonna get out of here!” Everyone to the car!”

“Roger!” Loco responded.

“On my way!~” Alexandra responded.

“Copy that.” Evelynn responded.

“Already?!” Link responded.

The team all ran towards the car. Damien was carefully looking around, to see if his escape route is still safe. Alexandra and Loco arrived somewhat together and a little later, Evelynn jumped out of an ally and entered the car. Stephanie carefully walked towards the car. She noticed Link hadn’t showed up yet.

“Looks like we’re waiting for the same guy again.” she said.

Damien turned on the telecom of the car.

“Link, where are you?” he said.

“Start driving, I’m on my way.” he replied.

“But you won’t be able to catch up!” Damien said.

“Damien, trust me.” Link replied and smiled.

Damien sighed and started the engine.

“Wait, you are really going?” Stephanie asked.

“It’s not my concern. He said to start, so I did.” he answered cold.

Damien looked really cool, but inside he was a little unsure about Link’s decision. He drive perfectly through the streets, while carefully observing the area around him.

“Hey! Can you see me?” Link spoke through the telecom.

Damien looked up and saw Link on a random balcony.

“Yeah.” Damien responded.

“I’m gonna jump, open the roof.” Link said.

“Roger that.” Damien responded, as he opens the roof.

The cold breeze of the night blew through everyone’s hair. Link timed his jump and Damien adjusted his speed. Link fell straight into the car… on the squad in the back.

“Hey guys.” he said and smiled.

“Get… off!” Stephanie shouted.

Alexandra giggled.

Link took a seat, while Damien closed the roof again. He then accelerated. He looked in his rear mirror. He saw two Watcher cars chasing him. He cracked his head, spit out his toothpick and took a new one. He drove fast, the team didn’t seem to be bothered. They were already used to this driving style and trusted Damien. The Watchers didn’t give up on their pursuit and started to go faster. Both cars drove next to each other. Damien saw a parked car in front of him and positioned him after it. One of the Watcher cars followed his movement. Damien let the car come closer and on the right moment he turned left, away from the car. The Watcher car drove straight into the parked car. The other one anticipated and continued the chase. Damien the drove right in an alley. He turned perfectly, while the Watcher car slipped. Their distance increased. Damien maneuvered through the small alleys and got to the outskirts.

“Looks like we’ve lost them.” he said.

“Good work, man.” Loco said.

They now drove calmly through the street. It was dark. And so they made it back to The Slums. They entered their hideout. Only to find a paper on the Chiefs desk. Link picked up the paper. It was a letter. He reads out loud.


Dear “Iris”

I would like to have a word with you. It’s time to stop your nonsense. Stop thinking you can change something, because it is NOT gonna happen.

I’ve captured your leader. He’s safe don’t worry. But the longer you take to get here, the more he will suffer.

I expect every member at the Watchers HQ, in Sentry.


               - The Watchers


Everyone was in shock.

“H-How did they even manage to take him away?” Alexandra said with tears in her eyes.

“Shh, We’re gonna free him. We have to.” Steph said, comforting her.

Link’s eyes were full of hatred. He crushed the letter and looked at the team. They all looked straight in his eyes and they already knew what this meant.

“Our night isn’t over yet.” he said and walked outside, as the team followed him.

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