a man by the name of Prometheus awakens on a ship to find that he can't remeber anything, he that he is wanted by both the republic and the caliphate empire.


6. chapter 6

Heedret rushes to the cockpit to find the battle ship sending more ship out there ship and they begin firing at them, “I need you guys at the turrents.”

Prometheus heads for the middle of the ship and begins shooting the gunners. Horblin holds his hands out and begins feeling the energy around him and begins feeling for the enemy ships. He is able to destroy the first of the four ships. Adams takes out the second ship. The third ship takes out Prometheus's turrent.

“Shit my turrent has been blown up,” Prometheus shouts up to Heedret.

“Fine just get up here, and fire my proton missiles,” Heedret yells from his seat.

Prometheus finds his way up to the front of the ship and begin fireing the nearest ship. The third ship shoots them and Cherra begins shaking backwards and forwards as they get hit. The third ship makes an arch above their ship begins firing at them. The ship hits the engine but doesn't blow it up. Prometheus aims his guns toward the third ship and hits it square in the window, sucking the pilot out of the cockpit and explode. The last two ship turn their guns on the cockpit and begin firing on the ship, but the shields deflects the missiles. Harold pulls his turrents up above them and begins fireing them at the ships above them. A fleet of ten more ships come storming out of the battleship and go straight for their ship.

“Get us out of here,” Horblin shouts up to Heedret.

Heedret puts the cordinates for the Astrona planet in his computer and they go back in to warp speed. The battleship follows them tight on their ass. The battleship can't send out ships but still has fire power from their turrents. Harold and Adam aim for the ships warp engines but too no avail. The battleship forces them out of warp speed. They leave warp speed to find neutral police scouting ships patroling the area.

“What the blazing hell is going on here,” the police ship demands from its blow horn.

The battleship leaves back in to warp speed as Horblin brings up a screen that shows a red and black officer, “Everything is fine just a little misunderstanding.”

The officer leaves and Heedret decides to make a run for Astrona before the Keena comes back. They put the ship in warp speed and tail butt to the planet. The planet is full of lushes forest and jungles. They land their ship on a landing port over looking the sea on one side and a giant forest on the other side.

“Now who the fuck are you,” Adam hisses as the whole group gathers in to the kitchen.

“My name is Horblin,” Horblin says as he takes his glasses of and begins to wipe them, and I am from the Republic, I was sent here to protect and guide Prometheus on his path.” Horblin puts his glasses back on and heads for the end of the kitchen, “you'll have to pick a side to fight for we all do.”
“We can ditch him here,” Ripumchim hisses.

No he'll just find us again, anyways I want to see what he can offer here,” Prometheus says as he leaves the ship.

They all head for the ships hanger doors and walk out on to the docking port to find Horblin paying the docking fees. The jungles are full of the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves in the cool breeze. The docking port is full of aliens coming and going with their day to day activities. Some of them are merchants and fishermen.


“Where do we go from here,” Prometheus asks as they enter the main entrance of the lobby.

“Don't know, but I've got a client not far from here,” Heedret says as they leave the building and head out doors.

The streets are full of aliens walking on the streets and flying their cars. The buildings in this city are all skyscrappers. They walk down the street and come to the end of the city, which is where the forest begins. The forest is giant and full of all diferent forms and colored trees. The birds are chirping and Prometheus and his group walk through the jungle.

“Lets see now, I know if we follow this road we'll eventually hit the next city so lets go this way,” Heedret says as he leaves the road and heads for the woods, “Michael is living in the tree village not far from here.”

They walk off the beaten path and finds themselves being stalked by two lions. The lions roar as they launch at them, their claws razor sharp and teeth dark yellow. They snarl at them and strikes at Adam, but misses him. The second lion lunges at Horblin, Horblin raises a hand and with his ability chokes him. The lion falls dead to the ground. The first lion lunges at Adam again but Adam dodges the lion as Harold pulls out his gun and fires at the lion. The lions lets out a roar as he falls backwards on his back, the lion gets up and rushes back in to the forest.

The group walks on toward the tree village, the tree village is a village built in to the trees themselves with wooden bridges that connect the fifty houses. The houses are high up in the trees. There are large buildings on the ground, which makes up as busineses and a pub. Heedret goes in to the pub as the other looks around at the village.

“Lets see around the village,” Horblin whispers to Prometheus.

“Why,” Prometheus asks.

“Because this village is impacted like all other planets,” Horblin says as he walks up to the nearest house.

There are weird citizens upon this planet, some of the inhabitants have small mini trees growing from their heads, while others of them have flowers growing from their heads. They all are doing different things such as watering plants and trees, the younglings are off playing ball at the end of the village.

“Come on in to the pub,” Heedret yells over to them.

“Prometheus and I have things to talk about,” Horblin says as he ushers Prometheus off towards the woods.

“Who are you and why do both the Republic and socialist empires want me,” Prometheus demands.

“It's kind of complicated,” Horblin says while stepping over a log, “I can only tell you what I know.”

“What do you know about why the two empires want me,” Prometheus demands as he sits down on a log right outside the village.

“I don't know much of what's going on, what I do know is that your a weapon of sorts and your dreams are a key to solving this mystery,” Horblin says as he studies Prometheus, “tell me about your dream.”

“In my first dream I was inside a tube full of water, then the last dream I just had was on a planet with blue and green trees and it had two-headed monkies,” Prometheus informs him remembering the dream.

“You're on the right planet then, we'll go see the woods while your friends are conducting their 'activities',” Horblin says as the two of them get up and head off in to the woods, “what else can you tell me about this dream.”

“That's all I can remember right now,” Prometheus says as a two headed monkey swings above their heads.


It takes them about half an hour to reach a grove of blue and green trees. There are a family of monkies that live in these trees. The trees are giant, at least two stories high, and have red and orange leaves.

“Do these woods look familiar to you,” Horblin asks as he reaches the middle of the grove.

Prometheus looks around, “sort of, except I was being chased by the Keenas so I didn't look around that much.”

“There has to be evidence somewhere around here we'll look around for evidence.” Horblin tells him as he starts looking around.

Horblin looks on the left side of the forest as Prometheus looks on the right side of the forest. It doesn't take them long when Prometheus finds a torn jacket, he picks it up and has a flash back, the flash black is of him running through the woods and two Keenas chasing after him they shoot at him but miss the first time. Prometheus runs until he trips and falls down the Keenas grab at him and tear his jacket, Prometheus is able to get free and stumbles in to the grove. A family of monkies come out of the woods and jump on top of the Keenas, this gives Prometheus the chance to run, he rips the jacket off his body and continue to run on the other side of the grove, then there is a bright light and then he blacks out, then he finds himself on a planet with giant skyscrappers two post sign that says Red street and first street, Prometheus then snaps out of his vision. Promethues informs Horblin about his vision and Horblin rubs his chin as he thinks this over.

“You don't know how you ended on this unknown planet,” Horblin asks in wonder.

“It's all a blur,” Promethues says.

“Well we'll figure everything out as we go,” Horblin says as he put a sigurate in his mouth.

The two of them head back to the village and find the others waiting for them. Prometheus informs them about everything as they head back for the ship. Heedret informs them that they have to deliver a package to Klattoonist which is on the border of the socialist empire.

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