a man by the name of Prometheus awakens on a ship to find that he can't remeber anything, he that he is wanted by both the republic and the caliphate empire.


5. chapter 5

Prometheus walks at a normal pace trying not to attract an attention to himself. He finds a computer on a wall near the entrance of the hall. It takes sometime to access it, but he can't find where the others are being held. He walks down the hall as more Keenas come around a corner dragging Heedret by his neck and growling at him. Prometheus decides to go down the hall that the Keenas and Heedret had just come down from.

Prometheus finds that there are about a hundred doors in this hallway, and anyone of them could be holding his friends. He starts looking through the doors, but most of them are empty, but all of them are set up as prison detentions. He gets down through halfway down the hallway when he comes to Harold, Adam and Ripumchim, they are chained to a wall and all bloodied up. He rushes in to the room and starts looking for the keys but doesn't find any.

“What do you think your doing in here,” A Wolfsapian demands as he enters the room.

“Just looking around,” Prometheus growls.

Prometheus waves his hand in front of him, “You want to sleep now.”

“Who are you,” Ripumchim croaks.

Prometheus walks up to the Wolfsapian and feels around for the keys which were on his waist. Prometheus walks up to the prison cell and unlocks it, “Its me Prometheus.”

“What are you doing on this ship you should have stayed on the Cherra,” Adam hisses.

“Couldn't do that we'll get off this ship,” Prometheus says as he hears a voice in his head.

“There are more Wolfsapians and Keenas coming your way.” the voice is that of Horblin.

“We have to get out of here now,” Prometheus says as he tells them about the voices in his head.

They almost get to the door when two Wolfsapians and three Keenas appear at the door. They growl at Prometheus and the group of them. The nearest Wolfsapian pulls Prometheus's helmet and then snarles at him.

“We've finally got Prometheus with us,” one of the Keenas snorts as they round on them.

“Get out of here,” Horblin says as he chops down the three Keenas. The Wolfsapians charge at Horblin.

Horblin lights his fists up with lightening and plunges it in to the nearest Wolfsapians chest electricfing him from the inside out. The other Wolfsapian growls at him and activates his electric whip, he's about to slash his whip when Horblin unleashes his own sword and slices the Wolfsapians arm cut off.

“I suggest that you four find your friend Heedret and then leave this place,” Horblin says as he pushes his shades back on to his nose.



The four of them leave the room and finds themselves outnumbered by Keenas and Wolfsapians. The four of them slink back in to the room as the Keenas and Wolfsapians launch at them. They pull out their guns and are about to fire when Horblin pulls out his sword and slices one of the Wolfsapians arms off. The others flinch but charge in to the room and starts firing laser guns. Horblin deflects them back at them taking the Wolfsapians out in one try. Horblin rounds on the remaining Keenas and they try to leave the room but Horblin uses his mental ability to keep the door closed. He raises his hand and says shoot each other, and before anyone knows what happened the Keenas all fall dead from shooting each other.

“That is that I guess,” Horblin says as he drags the bodies in to the jail cell, “there will be more of them best to get out of here now.”

“Who are you,” Heedret demands, “and why are you stalking us?”

“We don't have the time for millions of questions, just leave while you still can.” Horblin says as he opens the door, “keep your helmet on and lead them out as prisoners.”

Prometheus places his helmet back on and locks Harold and the others up and leads them out in to the hall. The hall is empty and so they walk down the hallway carefully.

“We need to find Heedret,” Harold says.

“We will find him but first I'll get you back to the ship first,” Prometheus says to them as they reach the hanger bay door.

They enter an empty docking bay, Prometheus looks up to the docking bay control room to find Horblin fighting the Wolfsapians and the Keenas. Prometheus unshackles them and tells them to head for the ship. Prometheus heads back in to the hall and down the left side of the hall where Heedret was taken. He looks through some doors to find them empty or Wolfsapians and Keenas lounging around. He steps away from the doors and continues down the hall till he hears loud moaning and wailing. He rushes to the door where he hears the wailing and finds Heedret being tortured on a giant metal table. It sneaks up to the Wolfsapian and starts to choke the Wolfsapian until he falls down dead.

“Lets get out of here,” Prometheus says as he helps him off of the table.

Prometheus helps Heedret out of the room and on to the ship where the other three are awaiting them. They are about to close the door when Horblin jumps on to the ship.

“It's about time we get out of here.” Horblin says as the ship door closes behind him.

“Who the fuck are you?” Heedret moans from his tortured body.

“The names Horblin and I thought that I'd follow you around until I've figured out who this one really is,” Horblin said pointing his gloved finger at Prometheus.

“Why should we allow you to come with us,” Harold demands

“We don't have time for a million questions lets get out of here before the soldiers finds us and tries to stop us.”

It was too late for about a dozen soldiers come out of nowhere and begin firing at the ship. Heedret and Harold make their way up to the front of the ship and ignite the ships engine. The ship takes off as the soldiers fire openly at the ship. Their ship leaves the docking bay and out in to space. They are followed by six single manned ships that fire proton beams at them. The beams miss them as Harold and Adam head for the middle of the ship where the turrents are and begin firing at the ships. They take out two of the six ships. The last four ships make a circle and began firing at the ship. Horblin holds out his hands while being in the kitchen and his body started glowing.

“I state that the four ships crush in to its self,” the ships crush in to its self no sooner then when he said it.

“That was amazing,” Heedret yells to Horblin from the front of the ship, “we need to find a neutral planet to get to.”

“I know a great planet called Astrona,” Horblin yells to the front as he makes his way up to it.

The ship is in warp speed as Horblin puts in the cordinates for the planet. Harold and Adam gets up from their seats and heads for the kitchen. The rest of the party is already there.

“So who the fuck are you,” Heedret demands as he pours himself some coffee.

“I am a mutant sent to guide Prometheus to his destiny.” Horblin says as he looks at Prometheus, “you've been having disturbing dreams haven't you?”

“Yes I have, and how do you know that,” Prometheus demands as he jumps up from his seat.

“I am only here to guide you and train you,” Horblin says as the ship exits warp speed, “we must be near the planet already.”

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