a man by the name of Prometheus awakens on a ship to find that he can't remeber anything, he that he is wanted by both the republic and the caliphate empire.


4. chapter 4

"It's time to head for another planet," Heedret says as he loads the ship with food and other supplies.

They head back on the ship and sets off for deep space. Prometheus buckles up and they head off for deep space. He heads off for the kitchen where the twins and Harold are sitting and eating and he takes a cup and gets water and sits down with them as the two of them try to decide what both empires would want him for. They come up with things like experiments, cloning, and other things but not much help as to what it could be in real life. They get real heated about it when Heedret comes on a loud speaker and informs them that they must go in to the communist territory for a smuggling job.

Prometheus runs up to the front of the ship, "what do you mean the communist territory?"

"It'll be okay, you'll be staying on the ship and we'll go, we'll be back before you know that we left," Heedret says seeing the worriedness in his face.


They land on a planet that is full of factories and corperations this planet is called Klattoon, everyone but Prometheus got out and headed for the city. Prometheus looks out one of the back windows and can see a very small portion of the city. He watches as the flying vehicles pass him by until he notices Horblin is watching him from the shadows of the very hanger he is in. He rushes out to find Horblin gone and the hanger bay door has just closed. He rushes out of the hanger to find him in an empty corridore and Horblin is at the far end just walking around the corner.

He runs to catch up with him but leaves the corridore and disappears into a crowded hallway with many aliens going about their day. He runs out of the spaceport and into an even busier street and finds him just staring at him and then walks onwards. Prometheus realizes that Horblin is guiding him somewhere so he continues to follow through the crowded dirty streets. There are many different kinds of aliens here some are citizens but most are off worlders, a lot of them look shady and gangsta like. The major jobs are factories but there are a lot of other forms of jobs such as stores and banks.

He looks up at the darkened night skies to see the bottom of many different kinds of flying vehicles. He tries to stay up with Horblin but misses him a lot and has to run around the town to find him again, he always finds him right away. They eventually find their way to the outskirts of the town and to a kind of slum filled with poor lower class aliens with very little to no food and housing.

"This is what the communists and dictators fight for in this war, to keep the poor and uneducated poor and uneducated. We in the republic fight for the rights for all. We do not allow religions to dictate us but this empire is split up in to two factions each of these factions has their own god they believe to be the correct one to follow." Horblin says pointing at all of the aliens.

"Why are you showing me this," Prometheus asks as he looks at where Horblin was standing a second ago.

He looks around to see him missing now and realizes that he is lost. He looks around not knowing what to do till he hears a child cough, he runs up to the child a places a hand upon her head and heals her of her ailment. It does come at a cost though for it takes a lot of his energy from his body. He sits down for nearly two hours catching his breath when he hears a familiar voice call out his name, he looks around to see Harold running up to him.

"Where the hell have you been," Harold asks not knowing whats been happening.

Prometheus tells him about Horblin and him being led here and how he healed a little girl and lost a lot of his energy. Harold just sits still not knowing what to do so he leads Prometheus back to the ship. Prometheus recounts his tale and they decide it would be best to leave now and for Prometheus to be kept in the company of at least one of them at all times.

Prometheus goes in to the back of the ship and lays down and sleeps not knowing where he is or who he is, and on top of all of this two empires want him alive. He sleeps and dreams of him being inside a liquid container full of different forms of aliens gathered around him speaking in slushy voices then he wakes up in a cold sweat. He looks around to find the room still empty and there are stars out the window which means they have stoped, he walks over to the window to find them on an astroid, he figures they are back near the planet Korolon.

He finds them on the astroid belt run by the Sorda corperation, but only Ripumchim is left on the ship with him. He walks up to him and He informs Prometheus that they are getting new orders for a smuggling operation. Prometheus sits down in a chair and closes his eyes trying to remember anything that might be helpful.

He then starts seeing himself inside a tank again with liquid in it and aliens all around him talking in that slushy way again. They point at him in agreement and begin whispering when they notice that he is awake. He looks around to see that this must be lab of sorts which consists


"Yo Prometheus are you okay there," Ripumchim asks alarmed.

"Ya just a bad dream is all," Prometheus says looking at himself in a mirror seeing and feeling himself sweating all over the place.

He gives an uncomfortable smile and walks back into the sleeping quarters. He tries to go to sleep but he can't. He doesn't know what to think about these dreams, for he knows that some kind of experiments were done on him but this is all he knows about the dreams and who are these aliens around him and where is this place. He can't answer any of these questions only that he must find out more. He eventually does drift off to sleep only to dream of nothing at all this time. He wakes up a few hours later to find himself on a bed in an empty room,

He gets up from the bed and looks around the room to find that the bed is the only furniture in the room and the room its self is bare and empty. He heads for the door to find himself in an empty corridore. He figures that he is inside a building of sorts. He passes a mirror on the wall to find himself staring at a reflection of another person and not himself. His reflection is taller then him and it has grey hair and red glaring eyes. He stands in shock when he realizes that he isn't himself not even his clothes are his. He wears a full black suit with black shoes a black hat that covers his face. He just stands there staring at his reflection till a Wolfsapian walks up to him and says in a foreign language that he is needed for the next step in the plan...

“Good, so you know where he has escaped to then,” it asks in a human voice.

“Yes I do, they are in our empire, not that far from here.”

“Then, make it so.” the guy says as Prometheus finds himself back in his own body.

Prometheus jumps up from his bed and rushes to the front of the ship to find everyone in the kitchen. He tells them about the dream, they look at each other, then Heedret jumps up and starts the ships engine and take off for space. They get to space to late for there are two battle ships above them. Twenty single manned ships leave the battle ships and begin to fire at their ship.

“I need you all to get to the turrents as in now,” Heedret yells from his pilot seat

Prometheus finds his way to the center of the ship where there are five seats which have computer screens and joy sticks and steering wheels to fire from. Prometheus sits in the first seat and looks around at the other guys and sees that they are aiming the stearing wheels at the ships and machine turrents the joysticks are used for the torpedeos. Prometheus looks in to the screen and aims his turrents at the nearest, he fires at the nearest ship and misses by just a nose hair he aims his radar at the second ship, and shoots his turrent. It hits the ships window and sends the alien to fly out of his ship and he then explodes.

The big mother ships attacks them as Heedret puts in some coordinates and the ship goes into warp speed. The two battle ships follows them as they shoot their torpedeos at them, but to no avail, the battle ships have force fields up and they aren't. The battle ships fire at Cherra and the ships shields lose power. Heedret leaves warp speed and runs to the middle of the ship.

“I need you to get in to the smuggling compartment again,” Heedret says as he leads Prometheus back to the compartment.

They don't have much time to do much else because their ship gets pulled by a tracter beam. Two Wolfsapians walk into the ship and begin trashing the ship

“Where is the prisoner,” it growls at them as they throw some cups out of the cabinets.

“You know what prisoner I'm talking about.” the Wolfsapians round on them with electric whips, “just tells us where he is hiding and we'll let you go.”

“There aren't any pris,”

“We were told it was this ship,” the Wolfsapian cuts him off as he swings his whip in a threatening way

“Look around if you want you'll find no one here that is wanted,” Adams hisses.

“Lock them up until we've torn this ship apart,” one of the Wolfsapians says as he leaves to look in another room.

They try to resist but to no avail, they get handcuffed and dragged from the ship.


“Don't be afraid, I'm on the battle ship,” a voice in Prometheus's head says

Prometheus ignores the voice to afraid, but at the same time he is excited about getting caught. Prometheus decides to leave the compartment and makes his way to the back of the ship where he looks around and notices that the Wolfsapians's back is turned to him. These Wolfsapians are wearing full body suits and are near Prometheus's size, so he decides to lure them in to the ship.

He growles as he calls the Wolfsapians in to the ship and slams them with a led pipe. He takes their suits and hides the dead bodies in the kitchen. He leaves the ship in the suit of armor and heads for the door.

“Halt where are you going,” a Wolfsapian growls as he notices that Prometheus is leaving his “post”.

“I was just going to use the restroom,” Prometheus growls.

The Wolfsapian hesitates then leaves him to himself, the door opens as Prometheus exits the hanger bay. The hall is full of robot maintenance, and Keenas.

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