a man by the name of Prometheus awakens on a ship to find that he can't remeber anything, he that he is wanted by both the republic and the caliphate empire.


3. chapter 3

They all head back to the ship and set off for the neutral zone, Prometheus watches the lights pass them and tries to think of what to do next but he doesn't even know what has happened before he woke up. Prometheus finds himself walking towards the sleeping quarters where he falls asleep and dreams disturbing dreams. He finds himself walking in a forest that seems familiar and yet doesn't even know if he's ever been there before. There are giant blue and green trees everywhere he looks and Two-headed monkeys jumping around everywhich way. Then all of a sudden he is attacked from something in the shadows, but he awakens before he can see who or what it was. He wakes up in a puddle of his own sweat. Harold comes rushing in to see why he was screaming in his sleep, but Prometheus says he's fine and it isn't anything to worry about. He gets up and they head for the kitchen where he eats meats and cheese with a sweet wine. Prometheus sits back in his seat and closes his eyes but can only replay the same dream in his head over and over. Prometheus listens to Charles and Adam talking in their reptilican voice and laughing. Prometheus keeps his eyes closed till they get to a planet called Sanova, it is a giant planet with massive seas and forests. The planet doesn't fuck around with the republican and socialist wars, they expect you to be respectful on both sides. Prometheus is the last to get out of the ship since he was given a disguise to look more Sutopic. He finds this place to be well organized and not that jammed pack, there are all sorts of aliens here from both empires. Prometheus follows Harold and his brother out in to the city. The metropilis is giant and it would take two days to walk from one end to the other. The building are skyscrappers and the factories are planet safty, they don't pollute the planets atmosphere. The sky is clear and a dark blue color with a red sun, the days are forty-eight hours long. The arenas are giant and are open forty-eight hours, all day every day. The arenas differs from each other, some are for energetic users, some for slaves, and others for true gladiators. Some are friendly arenas and others to the death. Prometheus looks around at all of this and can barely take it all in. Heedret and Harold walk into a diner with a sign in an alien language, Prometheus can't make out what it says. A group of teenage aliens walks out of it laughing and joking around. The inside is small with five round tables, ten booth tables and six stools at the counter, there are Sutopic and Klattoonians employees working here. Klattoonians are small grayish humanoid creatures who have a planet in the socialist empire. These creatures are good at bardering. The three of them sits down in a booth near the back of the diner and they wait to be waited on before talking about what to do next. They order meats and drinks and begin talking about the war, they tell Prometheus all about it. They tell him that the two empires have been at war for over a thousand years. The socialist empire is run by monotheists and the republic is controled by secularists. The socialist empire only allows their god to be worshiped as the republic allows all dieties to be worshiped but not in the government, and this enrages the socialists. The socialists believe that there should be the worship of a single god and that it should be enforced in the government, This government also worships this gods son and believes that we should all worship as well. Harold and Heedret tells him all of this but can't figure out why they would both want him. They eat their meals as Prometheus tries to remember what has come to happen, but he can't figure out what happened before he woke up. He only knows his name and that he is a human and also that both empires want him. "The socialists might think you to be their demi-gods second coming," Harold laughs as they finally get up and leave the diner. Heedret leads them down the street where they come across a building called astroid racing. They enter it to find all sorts of aliens looking at screens or placing bets on racers. Heedret walks up to a screen and they watch as the races begins. Heedret tells Prometheus that there are two forms of races regular ones where you can not hurt or kill other racers and the second ones where it is to the death if it has to be. The races have ended and the racer Angelica has won the race. Which means Heedret has won ten thousand credits, they get the money and head off for the ship where Adam and Ralph are waiting for them. They get back on to the ship and head back in to space where they stop their ship above the atmosphere and come up with a plan to do next. They start to talk when their ship gets attacked by a mother ship from the communist military fleet. The crew takes to their turrents and starts shooting at the mother ship till Heedret was able to get them into warp speed. They are able to leave the ships radar and head back into the republic space where they don't follow them. They stop their ship in Korolon once again and get out, with Prometheus in a disguise. They head for the exit of the spaceport to find themselves in a vast and giant metropilis. There are all sorts of citizens here but mainly those who are associated with the republic empire. The buildings are giant and almost reach the clouds some twenty-five thousand miles above them. They head for a bus that hovers just above the ground, they get on to find themselves sitting between two families with crying babies. which doesn't give them much silence to talk about their next plans. Two hours later they find themselves getting off in a rather low profile sort of neighborhood with very little to no police force at all. They order rooms in a low budget appartment complex and Heedret leaves them for nearly an hour and a half. He returns to tell them that Ralph will look in to how the communist empire was able to find them so quickly. They sit around not knowing what to do next. They decide to leave a few hours later and explore the underside of the city, but not much to see here but poverty and gang violence. Prometheus gets seperated from the group when he stops to explore a shop with strange markings and weird weapons. "Welcome to my shop all of these goods are unique and one of a kind," a husky looking sutopic laughs a little as he sees Prometheus who looks to be rich to him. The guy is husky and has a rough voice, he eyes Promethues up and down as he shows him a set of swords and and guns. The swords and guns look to be worn down and already past their good days. Promethues informs him that he has no money and the guy throws him out on his ass and tells him to return when he does. He looks around for the rest of his group but finds himself instead in a street of shady looking people instead. He walks forwards hoping that he will come across his group but doesn't get far when a group of Keena come thundering up to him, "Well what do we have here," one of them asks eyeing him up and down, "There is a toll fee for the use of this here street." "I don't have any money just the clothes on my back is all," Prometheus says clenching his fist under his robes readying himself for a fight. The Keenas snort and swings their fists towards him but he is able to dodge their blows as he swings but hardly does any damage to it. A second Keena is able to land a blow to him which knocks the wind out of him momentarily. He gets back on his feet and electricfies his hands so that all can see that he is a mutant. The Keenas back away slowly at first but then decide to return to the fight as they pull out phasers from their own vest pockets. They aim their guns at him and fire as he runs for cover and shoots his own balls of electricity at them. He hits one of them and it falls to the ground with a loud clunck noise. He is about to attack a second time when a tall muscular man with a blue cloak which has the image of a bald headed eagle and a phoenix. He holds an electricfied blade on one of his shoulders so that the smooth part of the blade is against it. He stands in the middle of them with electricity coming from his eyes behind black shades. "I demand by the republic that you leave now before you find yourself in a shit load of trouble," the man says with a rough voice as he holds his blade in front of him. The Keenas stare at him and then laugh, "you think we don't know who this one is, Emperor Jakem has placed a bounty on this ones head, for him to be brought back alive and we intend to collect on the bounty." The Keenas begin shooting at the man as he lights a cigarette and throws his blade in front of him and rushes towards the Keenas. He swipes his blade once and slices down three of the four Keenas. The last Keena sets his fist on fire with his mutation and throws his fist in to the man who only laughs and swings down his own sword down upon the Keenas flaming hand. He screeches in pain as he jumps backwards and falls to the ground. The man decides to let the Keena live and walks over to Prometheus. "The name is Horblin," Horblin says as he helps him up from the ground. He flicks his cigarette and places his sword away and walks onwards expecting Prometheus to follow. "My name is Prometheus and thank you but I don't know why anyone wants me," Prometheus says trying to keep up with him. "I know, You'll be safe with your little friends over in the next street," Horblin says as he leads him in to view of Heedret and Harold. Prometheus is about to ask how he knows about him and his friends but Horblin was gone to his amazment. He returns to his friends and tells them what had happened and Heedret decides it would be best to leave the planet now. They leave for the ship when Prometheus notices that Horblin is standing in the shadows just watching them.

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