a man by the name of Prometheus awakens on a ship to find that he can't remeber anything, he that he is wanted by both the republic and the caliphate empire.


2. chapter 2

He looks down at his sword and decides it would be best to join him until he can figure out what to do next. He runs up to Harold as he enters a building with ships coming in and out of the top and the sides of it. These are strange looking ships some of them have no actual shape instead they've got many antennas and satelite. Some of them are so giant they can hardly fit inside the building. There are what looks to be soldiers everywhere patroling the building. They wear heavy armor and carry heavy weaponary. Harold informs him that this is a neutral planet to both empires that are at war. They walk onwards, Prometheus not knowing where they're going or why their even in here.

"My brother is a ship captain of a moderate sized ship," Harold informs him. He then whispers, "he's a smuggler most of the time."

They continue down corridores till they come across an arched doorway, there isn't anything special about it just a normal door. They walk into it to find it empty not even any soldiers or employees around. Harold walks up to a wierd phone and presses buttons on it and an image of a pale blue horned figure appears before them as a holographic picture. The picture is quiet with his mouth open.

"Hello big brother, its been what five years now since we last saw each other on Jorenel," Harold says with a grin on his face and moist eyes.

"Where the fuck have you been, why are you just now calling me..." his brother asks frantically.

Harold stops him and tells him to just pick them up and he'll explain everything. A few hours later a moderately sized ship with giant bold white colors reads Cherra appears above them and lands in the docking bay. Harolds' brother comes out of the ship with three reptilicans (reptilicans are humanoid reptiles). Harold and his brother walk up to each other fast and embrace each other. Harold introduces his brother Heedret and the four reptilicans, Ripumchim, Adam, and Charles to Prometheus and informs them that he saved him from the Keenas. Harold asks about their parents and Heedret leads them into the ship and leads him down long corridore where he tells him that they died from a socialist raid on the planet Astrona.

Prometheus explores the ship as Harold and Heedret catch up on whats been happening. The ship has a lot of windows to look out of, the color is a solid grey with murals of beautiful nude alien ladies and planets of the republic. The kitchen is big and has a good size table for sitting at with a computer that has holographic projections. Prometheus makes his way to the back of the ship where he finds a medical room and sleeping quarters. There is also turrents on top of the ship where you can fight if you have too.

One of the reptilicans walks up to him and tells him to buckle up in a seat at the front of the ship. This reptilican is called Ripumchim, and he is dwarvish with one of his ears pierced and he has blue eyes. Adam and Charles are twins with identical looks and yellow eyes and shifty playful looks in thier eyes.

Prometheus makes his way to the front of the ship where he finds a chamber where there are a lot of chairs for them to sit in. He doesn't find Harold in the room he looks around for him but instead his brother walks up to him and thanks him for saveing his brother and inform him that he went to the sleeping quarters and he'll buckle himself up there. He shows Prometheus how to buckle himself up and then leaves for the pilots chair. Prometheus feels the ship rise into the air, and a few minutes later he can even feel the vibration from it. Then he feels pressure as if something heavy being pressed against his entire body. They finally make it off the planet and in to space where they can unbuckle themselves. Prometheus gets up from his seat and walks to a window and looks out it. The planet is a rather giant planet with giant landmasses but they're all massive metropilises, even cities on the ocean surfaces. The planet is the third planet from the suns and has five moons orbiting it. The moons themselves have life on them as well. There are ten planets in this solar system each one can only have life on them if they have a glass dome under them. Promethues doesn't get to examine much more of the surroundings because they jump into warp and everything blurred together and turned into light that goes past them faster then it can be seen. He leaves the window to explore the ship further more.

"I was told that you woke up with complete amnesia on a socialist ship," Charles says as he walks up to him, "well we'll soon be in the republic empire."

He explains that the republic is a safe place to be and he'll find the help he'll need from a school called Kebo which is an academy and main H.Q. of the energetic users of the republic. The academy is supposed to be giant and it is where everyone in the republic will learn to build on their mutation and where most trading occures as well. The two of them talk together for the remainder of the time till they jumped out of warp speed. They arrive in front of a planet heavy with traffic, there are many ships coming in and out of the planets surface from all sides of it. Some of them belongs to the republics Kebo academy and HQ, some are just merchants and tourist ships. There are a whole array of ships everywhere some could be just for personal use.

They land in a metropilis with massive buildings and over crowded docking bays. A sutopic walks up to them demanding to see their docking permit, which Heedret shows him and they exit the docking bay and into the lobby. The lobby is full of all sorts of different aliens just waiting to get on with their lives but can't because their are soldiers looking for a mutant that escaped them, but here is the kicker it is a picture of Prometheus. Heedret leads them all back to his ship the second he sees the picture of Prometheus.


"I don't know what's going on but I'll make sure your kept safe from what ever is going on here, but first you'll have to hide in this compartment," Heedret opens a secret compartment in the wall in the sleeping quarters and has Prometheus hide inside.

The compartment is big enough to fit five grown adults inside of it. He can fit inside of it perfectly well, but he has to crawl around all the "inventory".

Heedret leaves the ship and returns a few minutes later telling them, "they wouldn't tell me why they want you but we can safely assume that they are the ones who attacked that socialist ship and we'll need to keep you safe untill we can find out why both sides want you."

Heedret tells them to buckle back up and they head back to deep space where they land on top of an astroid where there is a little building situated inside it and miners are minning the walls for the iron. Heedret heads for the "inventory" and takes a few crates off of it and they all head for the office. Heedret and Harold unloads the items and goes into the back of the building and returns telling them their pay was good and that Ralph will help figure out whats going on. Harold returns an hour later as they get ready to leave. They all return to the ship Cherra and boarded it and Heedret tells them that they're heading for the neutral zone and they'll stay in the neutral planets till they get the information that they need. 

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