a man by the name of Prometheus awakens on a ship to find that he can't remeber anything, he that he is wanted by both the republic and the caliphate empire.


1. chapter 1

He is about “6'1” and twenty-five and he awakens inside a chamber chained to the wall. He is drenched in his own blood and sweat, he has no idea where he is or even where he comes from. His vision is so blurry that he can't see where he is, which doesn't matter since the room he is in is shrouded in complete darkness, except for the dim light that barely comes into the room by a window above him. He tries to yell but only a raspy voice comes out as a whisper. He's got a massive migrane and blood trickling down from his head.

Then finally a sound could be heard as if a door being opened up and hard clumping footsteps comes near him. The guy can sort of see the creature. It has tusks and is kind of brownish color but the guy is still blind and can't see very well. This creature is called a Keena.

“I see you've finally woken up after a long journey of pain and suffering Prometheus,” the creature grunts with a hallowed voice. He holds what looks like a whip but it is electricfied. He whips Prometheus, “I don't know what crime you commited to be worth such a fortune that you're worth but it must have been something mighty evil.”

Prometheus tries to talk but the pain from his body and from the whip is too overwhelming and he collapses again. He awakens on the ground a few hours later with banging and all sorts of noises that sounds like people fighting each other. He looks around and notices his chains broke off the wall. He can now see better and notices that he can see space, stars and also ships fighting each other. The bars in front of him are also broken. He tries to get up but can't, his legs are too weak to hold him and he stumbles back to the ground as the room jolts around from a ships missile. He jumps from it and grabs hold of the broken bars on the ground and pulls himself up and drags himself to the front of the room the best he can.

He gets to the door just as a giant missile hits the wall he was just chained to. He escapes the room as the wall comes off, the door closes off behind him and is unable to open it again. He stops dead in his tracks and looks in front of him to see a space battle going on. There are many ships fighting each other a lot of them are being blown up and bodies freeze and combusting. He can only stand frozen in pain at what he is seeing. He has no idea who he is only that his name is Prometheus, and he is twenty-five years old. The ships don't stop shooting at each other as he finally moves on through the corridore. The floor is solid tile and the walls are pure black. Prometheus can hear noises ahead of him so he ducks into an unlocked room and closes the door as the enemies move down the corridore.

He reopens the door and continues down the corridore till he reaches an elevator that has the same boar like creatures leaving it. They notice Prometheus and charge after him. Prometheus backs away as fast as he can and falls into the wall with a sword hanging on it. He pulls it off and swings it in front of him but he falls on his face, this makes the Keenas laugh out loud. He gets up blushing a little and swings his sword and with a single lucky blow cuts the head off of one of the Keenas. The second Keena charges at Prometheus as he swings his sword a second time but the Keena tackles him to the ground. The Keena starts to pummel Promethues but too both of their surprise Prometheus is able to push him off with his telekinesis powers, the Keena goes flying up and crashes into the ceiling.

Prometheus rushes off to the elevator as fast as he can and takes it down, he waits for it to stop. He gets off to find that the ship has been invaded by another set of aliens. He rushes around, ducking under and over the fighters. Trying to find his way to any kind of ship to get out of here, but he gets knocked out from behind him again, but he is put in to an escape pod before the doors close.

He wakes up on an unknown planet in the rubble of a downed escape pod. He can barely get up and he is now in even more pain. He looks around to see that he is in a thick forest of trees the downed escape pod is still on fire and he is all alone so he gets up slowly and navigates through the fires and finds his way into the woods.


He has one hand on his chest, to put pressure against a gash he has across his chest. The other arm falls to his side to find its way to the sword he had earlier. He can't even raise it because he is in to much pain and out of energy. He moves slowly trying not to attract unwanted attention, but he senses creatures around stalking him. He can hear them in the shadows of the trees around him, they're breathing heavely. He can also see their beaty eyes on him then one of them jumps out at him. He knows that he is too weak to fight back so he climbs a tree, the best he can, till he is up enough from the ground that he can feel safe from them.

He looks down to see a giant two headed lion with eight legs trying to climb the tree to get to him. It growls loudly at him and claws at the tree but it can't get to him and eventually it gives up in a rage. It runs off in a rage leaving Prometheus sitting in the tree. He is scared shitless not knowing what he's doing or why he has amnesia or where he is going, and further more he has no idea who he even is.

He sits in the tree not knowing what to do next so he looks around for any idea by some kind of chance, he sees nothing to help him so he painfully climbs down from the tree and continues through the forest trying his best to get somewhere safe. He can hear the creatures in the shadows just waiting for him to collapse, but too Prometheus's surprise his body starts to heal as he walks onwards and his strength starts to come back, not by a lot but a good amount of it. He is still too sore to fight back so he is still very cautious about his surroundings as he looks around. He finds his way to a clearing where there are more Keenas waiting for him.

“We've been looking all over for you Prometheus so how about you come with us quietly with out making any trouble,” one of the Keenas says to him as they round on him.

Prometheus pulls out his sword the best as he can and holds it at a ready stance. The two boar creatures charge at him with electricfied whips. They swing their whips at him but he is able to evade their whips with his sword. He swings the sword and slaps the whips down then uses his mental ability to throw them backwards. He puts his sword away and starts to run away but they use their whip and trip him. He doesn't know what to do all he knows is that he has too get away from all of this as soon as possible. He gets up as fast as he can and rushes off deeper and deeper into the forest till he is sure that they didn't follow.

He has no idea where he is now or even if their could be intellegent life somewhere near by, so he climbs a tree and finds a flying car off in the distance and what could be an outline of a city as well. He climbs down from the tree and continues to walk forward till he hears someone cry out for help, he rushes over to find some kind humanoid creature with horns coming from its head and pure blue eyes trying to escape the grasp of three Keenas who are trying to pull him towards the direction of the city.

Prometheus pulls out his sword and rushes the three Keenas, the three of them barely have enough time to react before Prometheus swings his sword down upon one of them cutting off its arm and releasing the strange horned creature. The other two Keenas that charge at him as the horned creature grabs up the whip from the fallen arm, whips the other two, the severed Keena runs off in pain leaving the other two to fend for themselves. The two of them charge while they pull out their whips and start to lash them at them, Prometheus and the horned creature are able to jump out of the way. The horned creature lashes his own at them as he jumps out of the way, electricfing one of them till it dies. This makes the last Keena run away back towards the city swearing vengance at them.

“Thank you, the names Harold,” he says shaking Prometheus's hand, “shit I'd be dead or a slave still If it wasn't for you.”

“The names Prometheus and don't worry about it, but do you mind telling me where we're at,” Prometheus looks around rubbing the back of his neck.

“What do you mean where are we, we're on Elericon,” Harold says astounded.

Prometheus then tells him everything that has happened and that he has no knowledge of anything before waking up, Harold promises to help him as much as possible. They are about to leave when they get attacked by the three Keenas that came after Prometheus earlier. Prometheus by this time is almost to his full health and can now fight back.

Prometheus pulls out his sword and charges at them, not knowing what else to do. Harold lashes his whip at them as the three Keenas pulls out energy based guns. The three Keenas shoot at them and hits Prometheus and he falls down in anguishing pain. Harold lashes his whip out at them with such power that it made them jump backwards as bolts of electricity goes flying every which way. The three of them are a little startled which gives Harold the opportunity to lash out again at them this time it makes them flee in panic but they swore that they would get Prometheus back for their boss.

Prometheus awakens hours later inside a hospital room with a healed leg where he was shot at. Harold is sitting in a chair that is next to a giant arched window, and these walls seems to be made of some kind of blue bark that seems to be squishy.

Harold notices that he's awake and runs over to him, “shit that was a close one thought we had to cut your leg off, but luckily you can heal yourself.” Harold looks down at his leg in amazement, “I mean the energy blast went right through your leg and seared the inside pretty badly.”

A nurse enters the room asking for Prometheus to hand over the fifty gold pieces and is then kicked out when he says he has none. They end back on the streets not knowing what to do next so they head for a place to sit down. This planet is strange there are many different kinds of creatures here, from the rich to the poor and young to the old. Their are some with hornes like Harold some that look kind of like fish, a few horse people are walking around as well.

“How much of your memory has been taken from you,” Harold asks looking at the surprise in his face. “I am called a Sutopic we come from a planet called Korolon,” he then points over at a horse person, “they are called Centaurs also Centaurisipians they are from a planet called Centauric,”

Prometheus is also told that the grayish muscled humanoid creatures are called Klattoonians and they are from a planet called Klattoonist. There are also creatures called Elerics and so many others. Prometheus notices that all the buildings are giant skyscrappers and the two suns reflect off them by their sunbeams jumping from one buildings glass to the next. He watches the citizens and tourists as they walk onwards with their lives or stoping and admiring the skyscrappers. Some of them speak the galactic language and others speak languages he can't understand.

“We need to leave soon before I'm noticed by someone, I actually escaped from the arena. I was a slave combantat we might be able to get in touch with my brother and his smuggling ship. I haven't seen him in about five years, since I was about fifteen,” Harold says as he gets up and heads on ahead of Prometheus.

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