Murderous Love

“You’re a killer,” Harry whisper as her stares at me with his glossy, bright green eyes.
“No! You don’t get to speak after what you did!” He screams as a tear runs down his face, “ I truly trusted you! leave before I- i kill you.”
“I had to,” I say as I run towards the window hearing the police sirens.
It wasn’t like I planned him to see, I just had to get the job done.


1. Assignments

I was sitting down at the bar, looking for a familiar face, as the waiter approached me with a drink. I looked up at him confused, for I hadn’t ordered anything. He pointed at the man with a black suit and a blue tie, addressing that he had bought me the drink. I smiled at him longer than 5 seconds, then I looked away, as I realized that he was starting to approach. He leaned down towards my ear and whispered, “follow me.”

“Mary Anne,” I whispered back.


I stood up and began to follow him into a private room. I closed the door behind me, knowing that this was my moment. He turned around and began getting closer to me, I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. He placed his hand on my leg slowly moving it up, raising my red dress. I had him, I just needed one small thing. I pushed him away, feeling his eyes get red with anger. I slowly began to move away showing fear in my eyes. He grabbed my arm with a firm grip and pulled me closer.

“Do you think you can play with me like that?” He asked, as our bodies were touching.

“N-no,” I stuttered, “how can I ask for forgiveness?”

He moved his hands up to my waist and led me to another room. He pushed me in there and locked it. I quickly began looking for a switch, once I turned it on, I began to hear cries. When I looked back I saw the other girls. I smiled and began to approach a girl that looked like she was 14.

“Are you okay?” I asked helping her up.

“He- he touched me,” she whispered as tears fell down her cheek.

“Shh-shh, you’re gonna be okay,” I whispered back, pulling her into a hug.

I leaned down towards my heel and pulled out the key. As I unlocked the window, I helped the girls out safely. I remained in the room, I quietly locked the window and knocked on the door.

“What do you want?” He yelled.

“You,” I said seductively.

I heard his footsteps approaching me. He opened the door pulling me out. He closed the door and began to kiss my neck. I pulled him shirt off and he pulled me on top of a table, he began to pull my dress up. I slowly reached towards my bag, as I saw he was distracted kissing my neck. Instantly, I stab his leg, making him jump off of me. His eyes filled with anger again, I pulled out my gun and pointed it towards him, he looked at me confused. I pulled the trigger and ran towards the room opening the window and sneaking out. I heard the police getting closer knowing I got the job done.


“Good job,” Uncle Michael said handing me a file.

“Another one? I just killed a man that sold women as sex toys!” I yelled not even hearing a thank you.

“You’re special, you’re smart, perfect for this job,” he states, “and young and a female.”

“Of course! Why couldn’t you be a female,” I told my brother Sebastian.

“Who would defend you?” He asked laughing.

I opened the file and saw the picture of a good looking man for his age: his name was Desmond; he was 43; 5’11; and owner of the biggest drug company. As I turned the pages, I saw his wife, her name was Anne; she was 5’6; 41; and stay at home wife. I turned the page and saw him; Harry Styles, he was 17, and there was something about his eyes. As I continued to look at the black and white picture, my brother snapped me into reality.

“Wow, you’re gonna be a high school student,” he said with a smile.

“Wait what? Why?” I asked.

“His wife and him are in love, they have been together since they were 17, always there for each other. And he would never cheat on her sooo you can’t act older. You’re gonna take those contacts off and dye you’re hair you’re original color, brownish red, and you’re gonna be 17 as you actually are. And you can fake your name,” Michael stated, “Are you ready for this Debbie?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“We’ll fly you out tomorrow to California, you can start your shopping or whatever, school starts Monday, so you have 3 days?” Michael said, “oh and Sebastian is going with you since he actually has gone to school and you were homeschooled.”

I looked over at Sebastian, who has a huge smile on his face, I smile too, since I don’t really get any time with him after our assignments.

“Ready sister?” He asks.

“Ready,” I answer looking at Harry’s picture one last time.

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