My first publication. It's just a replication of my thoughts, and I didn't really know what genre to put it under. I'm new to writing, so feedback is appreciated.


1. Identity

My soul is blank. Deep inside of it the not-knowing is festered, like a black hole it expands and consumes more and more of my body, sucking in the thoughts and emotions of others. Everyday it grows, but I never get any closer to the real me. Thousands of different characteristics are inside of me, but none of them are me, they’re just copies of other beings. Sometimes I find myself thinking I’ve found myself, soon discovering it’s just a new personality belonging to a stranger. Or perhaps someone close. The black hole attracts the personalities of other people like a magnet, drowning my own in thousands of ideas of how I could be. And even though I’m drowning in impressions, the black hole doesn’t hesitate to find new targets. So many interesting identities. Always better than my own. But what is my own identity? I must’ve forgotten along the way.

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