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Awesome book covers made by my bestie. Zireee

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8. A Mother for the Princess


This is my cover....but I'm planning on getting Zireee to fix it...


Annalise is a pretty princess who lives in a beautiful castle and her daddy spoils her rotten...but she doesn't have a mother. When the King, realizes his daughter needs a mother...he decides to host a royal competition. Each competitor will be given a certain amount of time to know Annalise. 


In the end, Annalise will choose...which mother she wants to mother her for the rest of her life...

Who will she choose?  Princess Regina, Princess Olivia, Princess Elizabeth or Princess Charlotte. 


Will Princess Annalise choose a suitable mother for herself and a suitable father to for King Edward...or will the pain of Queen Adelaide's death be too much to bear? 

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