Summer Paradise

"I never meant to fall in love with him! It just happened!" I screamed as tears ran down my cheeks. "He was there! When everything was falling apart! He was there! You don't get to come running back trying to be the hero! Not anymore!"


8. Skip A Beat

~Mandy's POV:

The smell of the fresh air was definitely relaxing compared to the stuffy hospital room. I know not waiting on someone to pick me up was probably not the best idea, but I couldn't take sitting there any longer. So here I am now sitting on the pier staring at the waves crash against the shore.
"If I remember correctly this was the same pier I met you the night of the town festival." I turned my head to see James smiling at me.
"I believe you are correct." I smiled.
"I heard you were in the hospital, is everything alright?" He took a seat next to me.
"Yeah I was just in a coma for 3 days." I laughed.
"What?!" He looked at me panicked.
"No need to worry, it was nothing." I reassured him.
"What happened?"
"Oh the mansion caught fire."
"What? How?"
"That's a question even I don't have the answer to." I sighed.
"So where are you gonna stay the rest of the time here?"
"I haven't thought about it to be honest, I am sure the girls have thought of something though."
"You're always welcomed to crash at my place." He reassured me.
"Thanks." I laughed nervously.
"Would you like to go grab something to eat?" He asked standing up.
"Actually I'm waiting on Kelsey and then we're heading to a cookout, maybe another time." I smiled softly at him.
"I'll hold you to that." He grinned before walking away.
Why did that conversation just seem so awkward and forced? I sighed as I looked back at the waves crashing against the sand. It never feels like that when I am talking to Welsey, or any of them.
"There you are!" I turned my head to see Kelsey waving at me with a soft smile on her face, next to her was Harry, his attention was strictly on her though.
"Sorry got tired of being stuck in that stuffy hospital room." I apologized as I walked up to them.
"That's completely understandable." Harry smiled at me softly.
"So I guess this cook out is huge." Kelsey said as we started walking towards the jeep.
"Oh jeez." I sighed.
"Music, Alcohol, Food, and friends, nothing better." Harry laughed.
"This should be an interesting night then, remember the last night a bunch of us were together and there was booze?" I teased.
"Oh yeah the night that we dared Wesley to kiss you!" Kelsey giggled causing me to blush a bit thinking back to that night. Before I knew it we were at Wesley's and they weren't kidding when they said there was gonna be a lot of people. I took a deep breath as I stepped out of the jeep.
"Mandy! Kelsey!" I looked up to see Julie running over to us with a drink in her hand, no she wasn't drunk at least not yet. She pulled me through the people that were crowded out front through the crowd in the house to the backyard. I looked around the yard, and sure enough Shania was sitting on Drew's lap in the corner chatting up some people I didn't know. I turned my head when I felt a hand resting on my shoulder. Wesley smirked at me before he wrapped his whole arm around me and pulled me over to a table. There was only one chair open so at first I was confused until he sat down and pulled me down on top of his lap. I felt my face warm up a lot but tried to hide it from everyone else.
"Would you like a drink Mandy?" I looked up from my hands to see Keaton giving me a warm soft smile.
"Yes please." I smiled back at him.
"So Wes why is this cook out so big?" Paige asked.
"Go big or go home is his motto." I turned my head to see Drew walking up to us with a soft smile on his face.
"Which I will always use till my dying breath." Wesley smirked as I felt his hand rest against the middle of my back causing shivers to travel up my spine.
"Mandy!" I turned my head to see Louis obnoxiously smiling and waving at me by the pool. I smiled and waved back at him, then he motioned with his hands for me to come over. I hesitated at first but got up and made my way over to him.
"Hi Louis." I smiled softly.
"I'm glad you're alright." He smiled brightly at me.
"Thanks I am too." I laughed nervously.
"Are you and Wesley a thing now?" His smile faded as a seriousness took over his face.
"W-what?!" I felt myself start blushing. "N-no! He doesn't- I mean I don't-" It seemed like all the words I wanted to say were coming out in a word vomit, nothing was making sense not even in my head. I was becoming dizzy, things were starting to spin around me, and before I knew it my legs had given out. I felt the water embrace me, everything was a blur but I could hear people screaming and yelling.
When I opened my eyes again I was no longer engulfed in water, instead I was embraced in arms. I tilted my head up see Wesley with such a serious look on his face, its an expression I have never seen on him before. People were staring as we walked past them down the hall I vaguely remember from the last party here. At the end of this hall was a giant bedroom, with a California king size bed in the middle. He turned towards the bathroom in the room, which was also huge, and set me down on the counter.
"You do realize you just got out of the hospital for being in a coma right?" He said as he pressed a warm cloth against my forehead, a stinging sensation took over.
"I hit my head?" I turned quickly to look in the mirror, sure enough there was a cut on my forehead. "How?"
"When you fell your big head hit the side of the pool as you went in." He said pulling my face back towards him. Something about this expression on his face, the seriousness of it just caused my heart to pound, and made it really hard to look him in the eye.
"Here's some dry clothes Mandy." I turned my head to see Spencer. "They're Julie's but I doubt she'll mind you wearing them."
"Thanks." I smiled softly at him.
"People are starting to leave Wes." We all turned to see Keaton walking in.
"Let them, I don't care." Wesley sighed.
Spencer and Keaton looked at him with shock before nodding and leaving the room. Once it was just us I heard him let out a long sigh.
"I'll be sitting out there." He said before shutting the bathroom door leaving me alone and slightly confused. I slowly got down from the counter and changed into the dry clothes. After I was dressed I turned back towards the mirror and stared at my reflection, I looked like I had all the life drained from me. I sighed and walked out into the bedroom to see Wesley laying on the bed staring up at the ceiling.
"So what did I miss while I was knocked out?" I asked breaking the silence.
"Paige told Shania off." He laughed sitting up. "Spencer and Julie went on a date, and I am pretty sure they ended up doing it."
"Who says doing it anymore?" I laughed sitting down next to him.
"It's a great description!" He smiled at me.
"If you say so." I laughed and shook my head.
"Wesley!" I turned my head to see Drew running into the room. At first he was taken back by the fact that I was sitting there with him, but quickly recovered. "Some of the girls are causing issues about leaving."
"What why?" Wesley growled as he stood up.
"Saying something along the lines of you being brainwashed by some tourist."
"Tourist?" I laughed. "That's a first."
"I'll take care of this." Wesley's face was once again engulfed in a seriousness as he walked out of the room. Drew smiled softly at me before following him. I sighed as I fell back on the bed, I was not expecting it to be as comfortable as it was though. The heaviness on my eyes took over and before I knew it, I was asleep on that California King bed.

Julie's POV:

Any slight buzz I had going on quickly went away when those chicks started making a big scene because they heard Keaton state that Wesley no longer cared if people were leaving. I tried to just ignore their rants, but the moment they called Mandy a tourist I guess the alcohol took over.
"You're just mad because his attention is on a real woman, not you petty little girls." I said as I took another sip of my drink.
"Excuse you?!" The tall blonde growled.
"I'll have you know that Wesley's attention has always been on us, we are his girls." A brunette snickered.
"Yeah then how come you weren't the one on his lap earlier?" I looked up shocked at the sound of Shania's voice.
"Because that whore-" The third one, who had a mix of brown and blonde hair started.
"That whore?" Shania laughed. "So she's a whore because she's getting the attention that you crave?"
"It's clear she has to be a whore, why else would he even look at her." The blonde snorted.
"Probably because she actually has some brains, where as it's clear you guys don't." I laughed.
"Excuse us?!" They all growled.
"You guys need to leave." I turned my head to see Wesley walking out of the house with a serious look glued to his face.
"But-" The blonde whined.
"Wesley-" The brunette gasped.
"All for that tourist?!" The other growled.
"She's not some tourist, in my eyes that's all you guys will ever be. That girl is something else." He growled. "PARTY IS OVER GET THE FUCK OUT!"
The people that were still here went silent as they all looked around shocked as hell. Slowly but surely everyone started making their way off the property, leaving us girls and the guys. Wesley disappeared once he made sure everyone he wanted gone, was gone.
I made my way inside to see the other girls sitting in the living room watching some chick flick, so I decided to join them.
"That was very unexpected." I looked up to see Spencer and Keaton walking over to us.
"Love does weird things." I teased.
"That's an understatement." Spencer laughed.
"Wasn't this whole get together suppose to be an announcement?" Hailey asked as she cuddled up against Michael.
"Oh yeah!" Keaton jumped up excitedly.
"Shouldn't we wait until Wesley comes back?" Spencer asked.
"Nah they're gonna be awhile." Paige teased.
"Why do you think that?" I questioned.
"She is totally falling for him." Paige smiled softly.
"What?!" We all gasped.
"What makes you say that?"
"When she was in the coma she called out his name." Hailey gushed.
"Sadly she says she doesn't remember anything while she was out." Paige pouted.
"She has been acting strangely though." I mumbled.
"What?" They all looked at me strangely.
"I don't know exactly, she's just been different."
"So anyway!" Kelsey yelled changing the subject. "What's the announcement?"
"Oh yeah!" Keaton laughed.
"We planned on taking a bunch of people on a cruise with us, but because the party was such a bust I don't think that's gonna happen anymore." Spencer explained.
"Why take a bunch of random people when you have us?" I joked.
He didn't say anything just smiled at me which caused me to blush a bit.

Mandy's POV:

I flickered my eyes open at the sound of water running. I sat up and looked around the room, that's when I realized that I had fallen asleep. I stumbled to my feet as I looked around the room for Wesley.
"Wes?" I quietly called out.
No answer, but that's when I realized that the running water I heard was coming from the bathroom. As soon as I got to the door the water had stopped, and the door swung open. I just stood there staring at a half naked Wes, who was just wrapped in a towel.
"Enjoying the show?" He teased as a smirk lined his lips.
"A-as if.." I blushed as I turned away and started walking back over to the bed.
"You don't need to lie you know that right?" He laughed.
"Why would I be lying?" I sassed.
"Good question."
"How long have I been asleep?" I asked changing the subject as I stared at the sheets that were now messed up because of me.
"I'd say about an hour, maybe an hour and a half." He answered, I peeked my head over my shoulder to see that he had already gotten some boxers on so it was safe to turn around.
"Why'd you let me sleep?" I sighed turning around to look at him.
"Because you're cute when you're asleep." He smirked at me causing me to blush.
"I was just asleep for three days straight though."
"But my bed is much more comfortable than those stuffy old hospital beds." He laughed.
"That's true." I agreed and smiled at him.
"Wes?" We turned our attention to the door as Drew walked in. He looked at me then back at Wesley who was just putting his pants on.
"Yes?" Wesley smirked at him.
"Did I interrupt?" He questioned, more or so asking me not Wesley.
"No he just got out of the shower, I just woke up." I laughed.
"Oh okay." He smiled.
"I am sure that's not why you came back here Drew, what's up?" He asked throwing a shirt over his very muscular chest.
"I came back here to talk to you about the cruise idea." He stated.
"Oh yeah the party was a fail wasn't it." He laughed.
"Yeah something like that."
"We'll just bring the girls, and allow them to bring whoever they want with." Wesley said as he turned back towards me with a devious smirk glued to his lips.
"Does this mean all the girls?" Drew pouted.
"Yes it means your girlfriend can come along as well." Wesley sighed as Drew smiled.
After that conversation ended Drew hurried back out of the room with a bright happy smile glued to his lips. Wesley made his way back over to his bed and sat down next to me before letting out a long huge sigh.
"What cruise?" I questioned.
"Just something we planned months ago." He smiled at me.
"So you're really gonna let us girls bring whoever we want with?"
"Depends." He frowned.
"Who do you plan on bringing?" He had such a serious look on his face, like this subject really bothered him. For some odd reason, I actually enjoyed seeing him look like this, so jealous.
"I dunno." I smirked.
"Mandy!" I turned my head to see Julie running into the bedroom.
"Doesn't anyone know how to knock?" Wesley teased.
"Nope." Julie and I both laughed. He rolled his eyes and walked into the bathroom leaving us alone in his big room.
"Sooooo!" Julie smiled breaking my thoughts.
"Yes?" I looked at her confused.
"Is it true?"
"Is what true?" I rolled my eyes.
"Did you really call out Wesley's name while you were in a coma?"
"W-what?!" My whole face went bright red. "W-when? What?! No!"
"Hey calm down!" Julie tried to calm me down.
"Is that why they kept asking me if I remembered what happened when I was knocked out?!"
"Yeah that would be the reason." She giggled softly.
"Who all knows?!" I looked at her anxiously.
"Well…" She looked at me nervously.
"Everyone…" I muttered and she nodded.

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