soul worth saving

just a topic i wanted to delve into a little based off a poem i am currently studying
the theme is easy to guess thou and let me know what you think in the coomments


1. soul worth saving

I'm sitting here, at this concert i love 

seeing the artist i love and singing and dancing

"one last one" she shouts and i know its one ill enjoy 

She starts, middles and ends and the crowds cheer, scream and scream some more 

This was a night worth fighting for


But something feels weird here

some things not right 

people are shouting

but not with delight 

What going on here 

whats gone wrong

are two people having a bash and a tong

no its something more serious. its.. its a bomb


leave run stay back to your seats

leave your seats head for the exits

the fire will kill us not that way this way 

thats not a way out

cry no dont look strong in what your doing

call the police no there here no do it anyway

just dont die.


do it anyway no there here call the police

dont cry look strong no cry 

go that way no this way

back to your seats stay run leave 



Suddenly im on the floor

and looking at the ceiling

its weird, its back and getting closer, that not the ceiling 

its a pole.


Im trying, im waving, please god save me 

see me  help me anything will do

people are screaming, crying, letting go

is that my only option

give up or so ?


these are important, possible my last

i need to make them count if im to not just be past

its no use, it not working, they cant see the help im craving

because im just a victim, not a soul worth saving 











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