Chance Encounter

A fangirl's worst nightmare and greatest dream...

Cover made by Zireee

She's awesome at cover making...


1. One


 “I shall destroy your happiness if it’s the last thing I do.”


This is the line…the line it all started with. I began watching. When I felt sad or depressed or suicidal I would watch videos of Lana Parrilla. This started in 2014…I watched for two years. In 2016, I joined twitter to talk to Lana but Lana didn’t reply. I grew sad and cold and I gave up.


“This too shall pass”


My love for Rebecca started with this quote. She liked my tweet one night and I couldn’t bear end my life without meeting her…this beautiful lady.


I love them so much I can’t remember what life was like before I met them. When you love someone, you don’t need a reason to love them. You just love them and that’s the end.


I can’t explain it.



If I could find one word to describe how it felt seeing Lana on my screen that first time or how it felt when Bex liked that first tweet. It was a miracle.


A miracle is what God gave me. Two miracles who gave me hope. They gave me hope and they gave me a reason to live. Wanting to meet them…the first time I saw Lana on my screen I said “I want to meet you.”

The first time Bex liked my tweet I said “In sixteen likes, I’m going to realize that I’m going to meet you.”


After January 18, 2017 I prayed daily for their salvation and for the chance to meet them. 

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