I love my robot

Robots are know in, a universe known as the U button of things a 2067year> except one, thing an animation studio finds a new character to bring the new show back to a science instead a family finds the true robot that needs someone and things get better


4. The new teddybot

Space town had a new year Christmas was great yet the town started to have graet cartoons and somehow teddybot seemed to fit the part. It made many families, happy.

The way a space robot came back, mr dexter was able to come up with so much more of a tedbot, that the very way his family was asking to build an amazing universal robot big enough to help the town, so great it's imagination could bring the, work and cartoons that need something, howevr to build such a thing mr dexter needed a scientist, dr busters 

Was willing, to help if teddybot was to come  with him of course mr dexter knew more then just a teddybot he wanted, it was more like a robot wanted his name on, mr dexter, gave some commotion helping after all he use to won own teddybot in past, however what his design did show an animation studios, that looked fantastic and awesom it brought a new land of mytery and science behind evry toy in robot, yet it knew th true nature, of abriliant toy, it took days perhaps months before dexter and buster could come into agreement.

The palms never were the same though somehow buster seemed want more from just a creation perhaps he awaited for some kind way make new Beter tedybot, one at mr dexter coudnt come up with or design, and perhaps, that wasn't eas, why coudnt mr buster keep from dexter, it becoming more then just a science thing a scientist needed his way, for mr buster, Teddy seemed more then just a robot he felt more or something about just teddybot.

Mr dexter had no ideal the new teddybot was, comeinn something different as, mr buster saw new way destroy spacetown in abriliant yet, chaotic way and keep his brothers studio full, magic yet evil the dexters were not, aware of teddybot new animation, yet the twin was as shiny as star it needed teddybot to come back new, toys were being challenged 

The only way busters had to wait was to see if teddybot beat, its competitors the Toyboy company a new science that runs a convention of toys teddybot was going to be famous.

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