I love my robot

Robots are know in, a universe known as the U button of things a 2067year> except one, thing an animation studio finds a new character to bring the new show back to a science instead a family finds the true robot that needs someone and things get better


6. Teddybot animations

the science that created teddy it was teed tight in the unit tons upon the space towns y, the new animation studio offered tours in this great big space the company started get succes until the evil scientist dexter knew how just to get back his robot works by that toyboy company started to get the real scoop on teed tight the original robot, then they got to meet this robot scientist, the next name dexter could come up with was teedtight

took the original name to get his own company, teddy bot animations was going close down until the animations Studio came up with at, better ideal of spacetown robots and built car robots, his brother was faster then dexter could think, and his new company was, not just teed tight but, carbot and Teddybot came back with new buttons on the, cars evryone in soace town was using this car it came to succes and dexter got, back by stealing the cars in a ight but, it didn't work as teed tight, he found the cars were especially designed to find the, buttons the self, what a true car for spacetown evryone was excited with new town vehicles in a way it served, a great number of goood and was priced affordable, yet the animation studio found that these cars are not, just designed to help but rather, find a new way to technology.

His brother perhaps knew teddybot was the only animation behind teed tight, and this year in space of 2020 was coming and in the, time evry space found the new teed tight, but teddybot somehow was, a robot that needed a family that could help, the way it would understand a robot of its kind.

Dexter found the teddybot and convinced to tell him waht robots are really like, and the next way was to pay agreat mound, of money and perhaps find a way to use the chip that controlled teddybot, and that was a disc diamond that had, all controls on the Ubutton, so dexter was designing perhaps a Beter way to use teddybot, unwillingly teddybot set out in the space to found a betetr family that would love him, until the year 2020 came teddybot needed a new way to GTE out of, the town untill he got a job at the animation studio.

Teddy bit was happy and found, a new kind of family in this spacetown delight.


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