I love my robot

Robots are know in, a universe known as the U button of things a 2067year> except one, thing an animation studio finds a new character to bring the new show back to a science instead a family finds the true robot that needs someone and things get better


5. animation teddybot

The  redesigned teddybot was the animation it had, among space it had the U bottom feature and had more then just evrykind robot any person would want, had graet wonder, and featured a animated wish for everone, yet teddybot had one flaw it was the new teed tight robot within where did the original teddybot go? Somehow, the real teddybot needed to be found tee tight was the old one brought back yet evryone stred to buy the new teddybot when all found, that teed tight was a animated, one they still satrted to get the robot that evryone in town, wanted howevr, the original owner kept the the real teddybot, somehow it had more better wisdom yet, could also find, the true treasure inside the robot in the spacetown howevr the animation shop opened and challenged, new and better ideals for technology, families enjoyed the new and only, version of teed tight and its show that ran the series but, next the only thing among the spacetown and the new toys was more robot toy coming and toyboy company found more then just, animation it elead a new way,to find science within space the new, studio shop the U bottoms were spectacular the way they could work teed tight the robot was starting to do creative a ns more amazing tasks Poeple started, to want more advantages of this robot, science was becoming more and, more ethused and space town wanted to, learn more about robots and the super teed tight so, dexter the scientist started to find a way to get his only new company and compete with tedybot animations, to be continued...

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