dream boy...

an outcast girl that moves to america in hope to have a fresh start in life, to get away from all of her mistakes, but what will happen when they come back to haunt her, and her worst nightmare comes true again...falling in love.


1. moving.

Rebecca POV:

So, today is my first day at my new school, my family recently moved to America when my dad got a promotion by his boss which meant we had to relocate here. I mean i'm happy and all but i miss home soo much, England was where my life was... I miss my friends, school, but most of all, my older brother Jackson. He decided he wanted to stay over there for collage. It was so hard to move away from him. Im so glad hes coming to visit soon.


But yeah...my head is filled with doubts like what do i wear?...how do i act?… where do i go?...what if i dont make any friends and im eating lunch by myself,..in the toilet? Oh no!! What am i going to do! I try to shake the thoughts from my brain and climb out of bed… sluggishly walking towards my huge closet. Im going to play safe today and go with the usual black ripped jeans and a nirvana tee with my brown hair slung in a pony, black vans and applied a tiny amount of makeup.


I ran downstairs as quickly as i could, entered the kitchen and grabbed a glass of orange juice and an apple. I waited patiently at the island in the centre of the kitchen for the others to get their lazy backsides out of bed. After a few minutes, i hear my mum coming down the stairs with my dad. My dad was dressed in a suit, ready to go to work later. I can feel the house growing warmer and warmer with the heat coming in from outside. Sweat beads are beginning to form on my forehead. Im starting to think this wasn't the best idea to wear all black. As quick as i can i bolt upstairs, once i reach my room, i change into my white shorts and a white crop top that reveals a bit of cleavage, but im not too bothered. As i slide on my white Converse i decide to put on a thin cardigan that is long enough to cover half of my thighs. I quickly rush down the stairs and hop into mum and dads car, finally embarking on my new adventure….high school!


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