Not All Bad Girls Go To Hell


2. Justin's Party Pt.2

Once I finished getting ready I walk out the front, now this was easy considering that my mom was asleep. I get in my car and drive my way to Maria's house to pick her up. "Hey I'm outside of your house" "Alright i'll be out in 5" "Okay" I hang up, and scroll through Instagram to past by time. 

"Hey girly" she says as she closes the car door. "Hey! you ready?" i ask putting on my seat belt. "What made you want to come to the party all of a sudden?" "I got into a fight with my mom" i said gripping the steering wheel of my car. "It's going to be okay" she says rubbing my knuckles softly. "Thanks" i say still focusing on the road, never taking my eyes off of it. 

When i pull into the house i immediately notice red plastic cups scattered everywhere along with drunk people kissing and dancing, and Justin talking to his friends by the front door of his house that may i add was HUGE. I step out of the car, tugging down my dress making sure it wasn't rolled up.

"Hey, im going to go talk to Rachael are you going to be okay?" "Ummm yea" i say looking around trying to find some of my other friends which gave me no luck, "Okay call me if you need me" "Okay i will" i say walking towards the house front door where Justin and his Amigos were standing by. I try to make it past them but of course he catches me " Hey Sarai, so glad you were able to make it" "Damn it!" i thought i turned around and gave him a small smile. "yea me too"i say trying to brush off the conversation. "How about we go up to my room" he said leaning in to a whisper. And at this moment i felt very bold so with that being said  i point finger as if i am telling him to lead the way.

I sit on his bed and take  in the dirty room; piles of clothes on the floor, books scatter everywhere, and not to mention his room smelled like cigars. He sits beside me and starts to creates a conversation. "So how are you?" "Not so good" i said looking at him to see his reaction; he was shocked,exactly what i wanted from him. "Oh umm why?" "Well for starters  im supposed to be moving soon" i say trying to hold back my tears "Hey dont cry" he says lifting ym chin lightly, and for the first time in forever i feel comforted for the first time in a very long time. I immediately fall into his arms sleeping away the rest of the night.

I woke up the next morning with Justin's arms wrapped around me like a blanket. I check my phone to see 48 text messages 26 missed calls from my mom, I text her letting her know that i am okay. leaving out the part about where i am at.

I try to quietly remove from Justin's grasp only to fail. He flutters his eyes open "Hey you okay?" "Yea" i say and give him a small smile. "Ugghhh i really don't want to go home" I say looking around the room. "Well don't stay with me for a while and get your head right." "wait would you really do that for me?" "Yea of course" he says and smiles. "Thank you so much" i say texting my mom about what is going on, i head to the kitchen. I know what you are thinking; "This is way too soon" and i know that but i need space and time from my mom and everything and everyone.


Author's Note

Hey guys so i usually don't update throughout the week but today i missed the bus and i decided to stay home but i will usually update on the weekends, and this week is my last week of the semester and i will have 2 WHOLE WEEKS OFF for Christmas break so i most likely be updating throughout the week for you guys. Oh and also i am sorry that this chapter was kind of suckish but i wanted to try to get to the "Plot" of the story. But for now byeeee -T

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