Harry Potter Truth Or Dare

Okeeehhhhh..... so maybe I have kidnapped all my favourite Harry Potter characters for a game of truth or dare...

OKEY, I HAVE!! Happy now???
Right, Right, so follow the Harry Potter characters for a game of truth or dare!!!! Moahahhaohahhahhah!!!!!!!


1. Claudia Clearwater

'Okay' i said to myself. 'There's nothing to be nervous about, I'm just going to go in there, NOW' and with that I throw open the door to my basement with a BANG.

Every head in the room snaps to look in my direction.

My eyes widen a bit when I really understand how many people there are in there and who they are. Every noise in the room quickly dies down until it is dead quiet.

Now, before I continue I have to give you an explanation.

Sooo..... maybe I have kidnapped all of my favourite Harry Potter characters.

OKAY I have, happy now????

Ok, back to the explanation, in my basement I have Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville, Padfoot, Moony, Draco, Tonks, Nacissa, Lucius, Lavender, Cedric, Ginny, Miss and Mr Weasley, Dumbledore, Dean, Seamus, the Partil twins, the Weasley twins, Bill Weasley and Charlie Weasley trapped in my basement for a game of ...... TRUTH OR DARE HAHAHAHAHAH. Sooo you readers will have to write truth or dares in the comments to witch character you want. See you next time with a game of truth or dare. Moahahahohaha!!!!!!!!

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