Zachariah and Malaki

There was once a King who could control the emotions and feelings of his people, he could even control his own son. There was once a girl, only seventeen at the time, who could not be controlled by the King. Unfortunately, as Fate would have it the prince fell hopelessly in love with the young girl. They tried to hide her secret, they managed to for a while, until she met with the King and he could not control her. In a fit of rage, he controlled his own son, forcing him to murder his true love. The prince was able to break his father’s control but it was too late, she was gone. He took the sword he had used to kill his love and sheathed it in his father’s heart for eternity.


2. Zachariah's POV

As King Malaki’s personal servant Zachariah was in charge of looking after his private suite. After his father King Draegan had been killed by that girl, Zachariah had expected him to change suites and servants to those of his father, instead his father’s servants had been demoted and the King’s suite closed off. Malaki had remained in his old rooms with his old servant. Zachariah began to prepare Malaki’s room for when he grew tired of the ball and retreated to his quarters. While he tidied the room of the messy King, Zachariah thought about said King. He was classically handsome, with chocolate brown hair that was once shaved due to his father’s wishes but was now grown out stylishly. His eyes were an amber colour, warm and kind with a hint of something like loneliness…

… he shook himself out of his day dream. He was a servant and Malaki was the King. If only he wasn’t the King.


Zachariah had finished tidying and preparing the Kings rooms for the evening when the large oak door to his chambers opened revealing Malaki.

“I will never go to another Ball again, it’s a sorry excuse for people to try and manipulate themselves into a marriage alliance with me.” Malaki exclaimed as he threw himself onto the bed in a very unkingly manner. “All I want is to marry the person of my choosing, marry for love! And yet everyone treats me as though I’m some prize to be won! You are the only person I truly wish to be friends with.”

“I do believe that you are the only King to ever make proclamations with hair that looks like a bird’s nest,” Zachariah stated sarcastically while looking pointedly at his majesty’s mussed hair.

“Perhaps I proclaimed you my friend to soon!” Malaki remarked while stifling his laughter. “I can’t have a friend who would dare to call my hair a bird’s nest!”

“Ah, but that’s what friends do, they ensure you only look like a jester when in private, however with you I suppose it can’t be helped!” Zachariah and Malaki both launched into a fit of laughter. Soon Malaki quieted and his breathing evened out. Zachariah left the Kings suite and entered into his own rooms for the night.


Zachariah woke at dawn, he walked down to the groundskeepers ‘shed’ which was closer to the size of a house. The logs for the fire were in the ‘foyer’ of the shed and Zachariah loaded them into a basket to carry into his majesty’s suite, most of the other servants were having breakfast before they began their work for the day but Zachariah dined with his majesty for most meals. Zachariah began to build a fire in his majesty’s hearth so the rooms would be warm when Malaki awoke. Zachariah then entered the kitchen which was the oldest room in the estate and drew water from the old pipes, it would take about three trips to fill his majesty’s bath for the morning. He would then light another fire under the ceramic tub to warm the water. His last task before breakfast was to head, once again, into the kitchen and collect two trays of breakfast, one for Malaki and one for himself. Malaki usually ate an array of pancakes and bacon and pastries for breakfast, while Zachariah preferred to eat something simple like French toast with porridge. Just as he was entering the suite Malaki awoke mumbling sleepily to himself, he looked up and saw Zachariah.

“Good morning Zach.” Malaki said as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and ran his fingers through his sleep mussed hair.

“Good morning Ki.” Zach said as he placed the trays onto the bed before sitting down himself. “What meetings do we have in store for today?”

“Nothing. I cleared my schedule for today, it’s about time I started teaching you History,” Malaki said with a look of genuine excitement on his face. Ever since Zach had dropped out of school to be his servant, Ki had vowed to personally oversee the continuation of Zach’s education. Zach always found it strange that even though they were the same age Ki knew more than him due to his rigorous palace education.

“I already know the general gist of it, ever since our first monarch, Queen Drasille we have managed to maintain a pure line of monarchs due to the rule of the heir, these monarchs and their advisors have always led a peaceful rule of prosperity.” Zach knew all about the monarch system, they told the story at Ki’s coronation and Zach had paid close attention. One of the many reasons that there had never been a major war was due to the even distribution of money, even the servants were paid a fair wage. Most of the palace servants were adults but Zach had abandoned his studies seven years ago just after his 10th birthday when he had been offered a position as a royal servant to Ki, who had wanted a servant his age.

“Don’t you want to spend a day of reading with me? Would you rather work all day while I’m in a boring council meeting?”



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