Sucker Punch : movie novelization

Baby doll is 20 years old and somehow considered mad by her evil widowed step father and is taken to a mental institution were she starts her fight for survival . To escape the institution Baby needs a key , fire , knife and the last one is a mystery,But will the other girls and her new friend Rocket want to help her?


6. Steps to friendship

 Steps to friendship

"Wow that was amazing , you've got to teach me how to dance like that!" Blondie applauded with a smile on her face.

"That was crazy. That was so amazing. I'm, like, shaking. I've never seen Madame Gorski clap like that before." Rocket said skipping over to Baby and clapping , then Sweet pea gave her a stern dirty look of anger similar to the one she gave blondie.
"Well, get over it. It's nearly lights out." Sweet pea said to rocket rudely

"Hay ,she was impressed!" rocket answered back at her

"She was not impressed okay, that dance was nothing just titillation. Mine's personal. It says who I am. What the heck does yours say?"

Baby looked at Sweet pea with her eyes big and blue with courage and then opened her soft lipped mouth to speak.....
"It says I'm going to be free ,we all are" she said
"Ha send me a postcard from paradise bitch!"

​"Sweet pea language! Are you really going to try to escape?" Amber asked

"Yeah, before the high roller comes I don't want to end up with a needle through my brain" Baby answered

Rocket got up and walked over to her and held baby's soft palmed hands and smiled at her with joy , she could tell Rocket wanted to help her escape and herself ,Amber stood up and so did Blondie with a look of worry on  their faces.

"Can I come?" Amber queried

"Me to." blondie pleaded

Then finally rocket asked in a kind tone

"I want to come to."

"Of course ,you all can!" Baby told them

"Rocket you're not going anywhere, and as for you little miss Baby doll your crazy" Sweet pea wailed

"I'm gonna do what I want to do ,I'm going Sweet pea you should come to and you know it!" said Rocket

" NO your most certainly are not Rocket, no one's ever escaped from here. You know that. Yeah. You know, the last three girls that tried died." Sweet pea told Rocket

"I know but.."

"No buts , you know it will happen to you if you try sis."

"Listen to my plan will you honestly no wonder your considered mad you boss everyone around!" Baby yelled at Sweet pea.

Sweet pea simply rolled her eyes and walked over to her focusing her falcon eyes on Baby, she stopped nose to nose with her sternly giving her the look she gave blondie at dance practise.

"I don't wan to listen to your plan and do not EVER call me Bossy!" Sweet pea instructed

"ill call you what I want now step away from me ..Now." Baby said back

Baby pushed sweet pea by the shoulders and walked over to a chalk board by a dressing room table and flipped it around to the other side, she began to write in large striking writing





"why should I help you?" sweet pea demanded

​" she, she saved me from the Cook the other day.  I was working in the kitchen and he comes in behind me. And he pushes me down and he gets on top of me... ...and I can't even move. And there she was, just like that. She had a knife to his throat. She saved me." Rocket said aloud

"I'm listening" Sweet pea said looking at Baby arms folded

"The High Roller comes for me in three days. But I'm getting out of here before he does. So if you guys wanna come with me, this is how I plan to do it, we collect these were free yes."
"yeah I'm still waiting for the plan to get the stuff, continue" sweet pea said

"Well, whoever has the item we need, we get them to watch me dance." Baby finally explained
"While we pick their pockets , yeah real smart did it not occur to you I dunno WHAT IF WE GET CUAGHT!" Sweet pea yelled

" we wont Pea , its a great plan we can do it!" Blondie said smiling

"thank you Blondie ,as long as I'm dancing, they won't even know you're there Okay, so the first thing we need is a map... figure out where all the exits are, where the guards are located. Blue has that in his office. It's behind his desk." Baby said
"Smart girl someone pays attention." Rocket said sweetly

​"I'm in" Blondie said

"me to" Rocket agreed

​"And me!" Amber said excitedly

All the girls looked at Sweet pea who looked a bit annoyed finally Sweet pea stood up straight and gave the girls and Baby an answer.
"well ok fine , but if anything bad happens or anyone gets suspicious we stop kay!"

​"Ok , its agreed , lets do this ladies!" Baby agreed proudly

​"When the time is right ill get the map Baby" sweet pea said

Baby gave her a friendly answer, maybe her and Sweet pea would be good friends after all

"Thank you"




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