Sucker Punch : movie novelization

Baby doll is 20 years old and somehow considered mad by her evil widowed step father and is taken to a mental institution were she starts her fight for survival . To escape the institution Baby needs a key , fire , knife and the last one is a mystery,But will the other girls and her new friend Rocket want to help her?


8. No mans land

 No mans land

The girls were nervous but not completely seeing as Amber had got something ....very special, Amber had been gifted for the moment a giant suit of mechanized armour ship that she would probably do some serious damage in.

Rocket looked at Baby as they began to climb up the trench landers into the horrific no mans land. She knew that Rocket was afraid for sweet pea , she knew ,but Baby also knew that Sweet pea was afraid for Rocket. They finally reached the top of the trench and baby hurled herself upward.

Amber climbed up the ladder to her gift and then got inside it , as she sat down there was a mechanical whirring and then the machine came to life, Amber's eyes widened in excitement she knew this was going to be fun!

The girls all ran at the German troops trying to get into their bunker firing their guns screaming like maniacs to tell them to just die! They shot the line out thanks to crazy killer Sweet pea going mad with her military rifle and shooting about twenty of the German troops in the front line. They hid behind the remains of a stone wall and reloaded then began shooting again angrier than ever, Sweet pea , Rocket and Blondie almost got shot in the head but ducked behind the wall.

​Amber came up onto no mans land firing her assault rifles from her huge mechanized armour ship shooting down about eleven German troops , Amber smiled as she saw the bombs she had also shot into the Germans territory go off. Then a attack piolet came in to shoot her armour to smithereens!

​Baby locked eyes with the piolet of the ship that was about to try and attack them and used her gun to shoot the piolet, right between the eyes she got the piolet and his fighter plane went down smoking. 

One plane went past Amber and tried to knock her down but failed , amber was angry now , no fuming!

"Son of a ..that's it!"

​Amber turned her jets on and flew upward into the ash filled sky smashing through a fighter plane on impact! She stopped mid air and began shooting the planes , she felt better now less annoyed , revenge is sweet!


The girls had reached the enemy trench , the Germans trench seemed deserted seeing as they had sent so many out to the front line in a pathetic attempt to kill them.

Baby smiled at the girls and hopped in landing in a crouch position

"lets go girls!"



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