Illegal Religion

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  • Published: 13 Dec 2017
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A sneak peek at my manuscript possibly getting published next December.

Read the first two chapters for free and review please.

One quote sums up this story. "Feel the fear and do it anyway."


3. Chapter Two

 In a word of chaos. In a world of wickedness and evil ways. In a world of destruction… Dr. Elizabeth Corday looks out her window and shakes her head in disapproval. Her beautiful England, has at last fallen, it’s fallen into the hands of evil and there isn’t anything she can do about it. She could try, but why risk the life of her daughter? Why should another innocent soul die just to cure this world of destruction?

            Rebecca Mills gathers her things and walks into the living room. She puts her keys in her purse and looks up to see her two children playing with their toys. She smiles at Samuel sitting in his chair reading his bible. A small luxury that means death if caught. Rebecca takes a step back and just stares at her family all peaceful and quiet. A small piece of happiness in a cruel world. Aren’t they wonderful? Look at how little Emily carefully plays with her brother Edward. Her soft red curls and her big brown eyes. His soft brown curls and big blue eyes. The perfect pair, my perfect little girls. Rebecca glances down at her phone and stares at the time. I’m running late. I have a meeting with Dr. Corday. Regina’s going to kill me if I’m late again. Elizabeth Corday is our only hope. She has close ties with the King. The wicked and evil king.

            Rebecca wordlessly scoops Edward up into her arms. She takes Emily’s hand and kisses her husband’s cheek. He doesn’t even ask where she’s going.

“Sam, I’m going with Regina to ask an old friend for help. She’s a friend, we can trust her.” Samuel nods and Rebecca still talks his ear off.

“Samuel…are you listening?”

“I heard you. Sean and I might go hack the FBI’s computers.” Rebecca frowns. Her husband knows that Raven and Simon died hacking computers. Samuel and Sean both know that hacking leads to death. She can’t do anything about it.

“Be safe” He’s an idiot, he’s going to get caught. If he gets hurt, it’ll be the end of us all. The end of the last five years of hard work. Weaving our ways into the government. I mean for heaven’s sake Sean and Samuel both just were elected as councilmen to the king. If they get caught, England will punish them and the world will mock. We should’ve moved to America when we had the chance.

            Regina Mills drums her fingers on the steering wheel. She looks up at her sister’s house and is tempted to honk the horn. Come on Bex, don’t want to be late. Raven’s been working on this conference with Dr. Corday for the last decade. It’s a shame that five years after Raven’s death, the conference has finally been scheduled. Come on Bex, don’t want to be late. Regina honks the horn and then checks her children in the back seat. Baby Elliot’s sleeping soundly and Ellie’s entertained with her restricted bible books that Regina’s saved from childhood. One good thing to knock out all that evolution they’re teaching her in primary school. I’m so glad Elliot and Edward aren’t even a year old.

            Regina sighs when Rebecca finally comes out of the house with Edward in her arms and Emily preoccupied with her tablet. What’s she doing on her tablet? Playing wicked games? No, Rebecca wouldn’t allow it. Probably reading a good story about Moses and Noah, maybe a story about Jesus. Regina gets out and helps Rebecca buckle in the two children. They both get into their respective sides at the same time and Regina starts the car. Rebecca opens her bible and starts reading. Regina shakes her head.

“Rebecca, put that away. What if we get pulled over?”
“Your daughter’s reading a book about Moses.”

“Yours is too.” Rebecca rolls her eyes and tucks her bible into her purse. She pulls out her phone and reads her daily devotion. Regina turns on some gospel music and proceeds to drive through the muck and fog into London’s busy center. They pass the royal palace and Rebecca shakes her head in shame. It’s gone downhill, the king and the royal family don’t seem to care. They’re probably in their doing their wicked ways.

“Bex, did you hear about the new laws?” Regina’s voice brings Rebecca out of the deep abyss of her thoughts.

“No, I didn’t hear. What laws?” Regina shakes her head. Rebecca’s always into her books, she’s so naïve. There always has to be a naïve one in the family. Raven was courageous, I’m independent and Rebecca…she’s naïve.

“King Henry’s talking about rewriting all our laws.” Rebecca rolls her eyes and Regina sighs. She knows…King Henry’s always changing laws.

“No, I don’t think it’s King Henry…it’s his wife Jezebel. Even her name is evil.”

“Jezebel was an evil queen in the bible.” Rebecca nods in agreement. She returns to her daily devotion reading.

            Dr. Corday continues to stare out her window. She glances at her watch and taps her foot. She ties her hair back in a ponytail and tries to get the wild curls out of her face. I only agreed to this conference because Raven Mills…used to talk constantly about how she trusted her younger twin sisters. I don’t trust them, they’re late. You never trust a late person. They need to hurry, I need to go see my daughter Alex…my beautiful baby Alex. Hardly a baby anymore.  Elizabeth sits down at her desk and feels herself nodding off. She only snaps awake when she hears a loud knock at her door.

“Come in” Two women enter, along with four young children. Elizabeth smiles as she sees the young children. Their mothers hustle them into a corner and keep them entertained. The one with the wild red hair speaks softly to a girl with wild red hair and points to a baby sleeping quietly. The brunette comes over to Elizabeth and extends her hand.

“Hello I’m Regina Mills and that’s my sister Rebecca over there.”

“What are the children’s names?”

“Edward, Emily, Elliot and Ellie. Edward and Emily are my niece and nephew. The other two are my children.”

            Elizabeth waits for the two-young mothers to take their seats and then smiles.

“What would you two like to discuss? I’m rushed for time. Must go see my daughter in her state. I have to see both my daughter’s actually.”

“Oh, how old are your daughters Doctor Corday?” Regina asks with a grin.

“Alex and River are both adults…they’re both in custody.” Rebecca grimaces.

“I’m sorry Doctor Corday…” Rebecca replies.

“Elizabeth…please call me Elizabeth.” Regina and Rebecca nod in reply. Regina begins speaking first.

“Dr. Corday, Elizabeth I mean. Back when the world was good you were a firm bible believer and you are a renowned witness in the Christian community…you are also an active member of the government. We need your help.” Oh, dear children. I wish I could help you but I can’t. I should help you but…

“I can’t help.” Rebecca and Regina exchange worried looks and a thought races through Regina’s mind. Well, our last chance to get into the government is gone.

“Please Elizabeth, help us. You helped Raven!”

“No, my daughters did. Now Raven and Simon are dead. Now Alex and River are on death row. My husband died helping the Radcliffe family. I can’t help.”

“Dr. Corday.” Rebecca argues but Elizabeth stands up and proceeds to open the door. She motions for them to leave.

“Please leave.” Leave before you and I get caught. Leave before you die. Leave before…I’m found out. “Your husbands are in the council. Ask them for help?” Regina replies sternly.

“You’re our only hope.”

“Things are hopeless. I suggest you both give up. There is no hope for England.”

            Regina walks over to her children and proceeds to walk out of the door. Rebecca does the same thing. Just before Regina leaves she turns to Elizabeth and says.

“Things can seem hopeless and then somebody gives the rest of us inspiration. The first step to a new beginning is imagining one is even possible. Dr. Corday, you have so much authority. Can you at least tell us where to find help?”

“Regina…go see my daughter River…she knows some folks.”

“Thank you, Elizabeth.” As Regina walks to the car, thoughts race in her mind. What is Corday afraid of? What did she say about Mother and Father? What happened to Alex and River? I guess Corday’s husband worked with Mother and Father and died. Alex and River worked with Raven and Simon. That’s why she scared…she doesn’t want to lose anything else.

            Dr. Corday relaxes in her chair and looks up at the camera. They’re watching her…they know that she had visitors. Too bad the faces of the visitors are blurred. Good ole Alex, she did it before she was taken. Dr. Corday reaches under her desk and pulls out her bible. She writes down a scripture verse and slips it into her coat pocket. She slides her bible back into its hiding place and waits for them. She waits for her captures to take her away. General Victoriano will come for her soon. You ask what I’ve done to deserve to be taken? I had visitors and when they ask who the visitors were I’m going to refuse. They can hear us…they just can’t see us. They can’t see or they couldn’t see the Mills family. That’s a good thing. I hope and pray they reach River in time.

            A group of soldiers clad in white storm into Corday’s office. She sits without fear on her face. She waits for Victoriano to come barreling in. He gets up into her face…his breath smells of bourbon and Cuban cigars. He’s drunk and he has his hand on his gun. I’m not telling.

“Who were your visitors?” He demands. She shakes her head.

“I’m not telling. Enough blood has been spilt because of me.” Victoriano slaps her and commands a soldier to arrest her. She fights. He gets into her face and asks again.

“Who was here?”

“I’m not telling.” Victoriano slaps her and commands his soldier to bring a blade to Elizabeth Corday’s throat. I’m not telling…not now not ever. Raven was caught because of me. My husband died because of me. When my daughters were captured…I snitched on Raven and Simon. Because of me…innocent blood has been shed. Victoriano realizes he’s not getting anything out of Corday. He sees a slip of paper in her hand and looks up at her camera. It’s the only one the building. He snatches the paper out of her hand and commands his soldier to slit her throat. His soldier does just that.

            Victoriano turns his head and unfolds Corday’s bit of paper. He stares at the words and spits in disgust. He throws the paper into the waste bin and commands his soldiers.

“Leave the body, make it look like suicide.” His soldiers do just that. One of his soldiers pick up the abandoned piece of paper and whispers the words.

“Philippians 1:21 For to me to live is Christ but to die is gain”








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