Soul Eater: Black-Wood

OC is Red Stein, adopted daughter of Dr. Franken Stein and ex-member of Black-Wood. Black-Wood's goal was to destroy every human. Black-Wood was destroyed by many high level meisters a year before the story starts. Red survived because she knew Black-Wood was wrong, so when a war started she fought against them. Afterwards she pretended that she was normal like everyone else. And a year later, in a certain laboratory is where our story begins...


1. No-Witch

As her father whooped the asses of the one star meisters, Red sat in her room, reading a book. Her hair was short, with her bangs the left side of her face. She had on a red tank top and a black leather jacket. Her shorts were baggy, black, and ripped, and she had ripped fishnet leggings underneath, going down to a pair of black knee boots. A black ring hung around her neck by a chain, and above it, a black choker. On her right arm was a tattoo of a sun with rays spreading out from it. Her eyes were blood red like her hair. The right eye had six black dots around it, three underneath and three on the side.


After a while, she grew annoyed at the noise of their tested fight. Setting down the book, she went to a window, watching the fight. After it was over, she went back to her room to finish her book. She would be starting DWMA the next day. Red went to bed, ready for what was to come. Unfortunately, that also meant waking up late.

"Shit shit shit shit!" Red chanted, rushing to get ready.

Because her father, Doctor Stein was going to start teaching at the DWMA, he would be taking her. He was an impatient person, so he was very glad that she got ready in a few minutes. They stopped at another house so they could pick up Red's weapon. She was a meister, a teenage boy named Rocket being her weapon. His main form was a spear, but he did have multiple forms like Tsubaki. Soon they were at the academy, Stein failing at a grand entrance. Red followed behind him, mentally face palming.

"As of today, students, I will be your new teacher. You are also getting two new students, a weapon and meister pair. This is Rocket, a weapon, and Red, a meister and my daughter,"

The partners sat down in a pair of empty seats, and class began. Afterwards, Maka, Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki came up to them, introducing themselves.

"Hi! I'm Maka, and this is my weapon Soul," Maka said, pointing at Soul.

"Hey," he said.

"I'm Tsubaki. It's very nice to meet you two," Tsubaki said politely.

"Yahoo! I'm Black Star! How strong are you? I mean, you aren't as strong as me, but still," Black Star said confidently.

"Um, okay? Well, like my dad said, I'm Red Stein," she said.

"And I'm Rocket Fitzroy!" he cheered.

"So, what weapon are you, Rocket?" Maka asked.

"I'm mainly a spear, but I do have multiple forms. For instance, I have a sniper form, a guardian form, and others,"

"That's pretty cool," said Soul.

Later that day, Death The Kid joined the DWMA. Kid, Patty and Liz, Maka and Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki, and Red and Rocket were eating lunch together in Maka's house. As they ate and chatted, Kid looked concerned about something.

"Alright, that's it. I can't take it anymore," he said suddenly.

Everyone turned their heads.

"What's wrong?" asked Tsubaki.

"Red, what's wrong with you? Not only is your hairstyle not symmetrical, but the moles on your eye are only on one side! I can't take it!" He yelled.

"Oh my god," Liz groaned.

Suddenly, Kid stood up to fix her hair, causing in the cup of tea he was holding spilling all over Red.

"Crap, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" He asked worriedly.

"Nah, it's fine. It's just on my jacket, so I'll go clean it up," Red said, getting up to go to the bathroom.

As she left, Tsubaki got up. "I'll go and help her,"

She walked into the bathroom, gasping as she saw the tattoo on her right arm. Red turned her head, eyes widening when she saw Tsubaki.

"Shit," she muttered.

That tattoo was the marking of the Black-Wood Clan, an organization that every meister in the world knew of. They were a witch clan separate from the other witches. They specialized in evil, their goal to destroy all of humanity, including other witches. They didn't want to kill off everyone at once, they wanted humanity to suffer. In the beginning, Black-Wood thought that humanity didn't deserve to exist, so they wanted to destroy them. But later on the reason changed to the path humanity was taking. They believed that humanity had taken on the wrong path. But soon the other witches were a target because they weren't trying to destroy humanity. If you weren't with Black-Wood, you were against it.

Red was adopted by Dr. Stein, her true origin being the Black-Wood Clan. She was a part of Black-Wood, but only because she was born into it. Red never truly wanted to destroy humanity. Witches had a very powerful urge to follow the path of evil, and Red had been following it her entire life. But in the beginning of the Black-Wood War, her true self, her self that had been covered up by the urge of witches finally spoke. She listened to the voice, so she ran away from Black-Wood, away from her crimes, and away from her former family.

 Black-Wood was destroyed by the meisters of the world in a war a year before then, resulting in every Black-Wood except for Red to be killed. She only survived because during the war, she decided that what she had been doing as a Black-Wood was wrong, so she worked with the meisters to destroy Black-Wood. The world never knew of the Black-Wood traitor, and Red wanted to keep it that way. Because of this, she pretended that she was normal like everyone else.

 It was an awful battle, resulting in supposedly all of the Black-Wood Clan dead and many meisters killed too. After hundreds of thousands of years, the Black-Wood Clan was finished. Tsubaki started to shake, and in a few moments, she ran out of the bathroom.

"Tsubaki, wait!" Red called to her friend.

She ran after Tsubaki without thinking, and everyone saw her tattoo. Everyone scowled.

"Soul!" Maka called.

"Right," he said, transforming into a scythe.

Liz, Patty and Tsubaki all transformed too, and they got into position to attack who they thought was their enemy. Rocket jumped over to Red, standing with her.

"Don't transform, Rocket. I'm not going to hurt anyone," Red told her partner.

"You need to defend yourself somehow!" He exclaimed.

"No, I don't. I don't blame them for wanting to attack after seeing the mark on my arm,"

Rocket sighed. "Goddamn it, Red. Fine, but if you get hurt-"

"You'll sit there and do nothing. Listen, before you attempt to kill me, can I at least call my dad? I'm guessing you aren't going to believe anything I say, but maybe you'll believe Stein. If not, we can talk to Kid's dad instead,"

"What the hell are you talking about? Why would they know anything about this?"

"Yes, because the high level meister she's been living with and a Reaper, probably the most powerful person in the world have no idea that Red was a Black-Wood. Yeah, I can totally see how that works," said Rocket, rolling his eyes.

"I guess you're right. But why would they let a witch be a part of the academy? It doesn't make sense," asked Soul.

"If we go and talk to Death, you can find out. But that's not going to be easy if you kill someone you don't know the full story on,"

The meisters lowered their weapon.

"Fine," they said.

Walking over to the nearest mirror, Red used her breath to fog up the glass. She wrote his number and spoke the magic phrase, causing an image of Lord Death to appear through the glass.

"Hi, how are you doing... Red, why is your jacket off?" He said, confused.

"Death, they found out. And currently, the only thing that's stopping them from killing me on the spot is what your about to say," she said, sitting down with Rocket, across the room from the others.

"I see," said Death. "Well, it is true. Red used to be a member of Black-Wood. But we have forgotten her past crimes because of the Black-Wood War. You all know that a year ago, all of the meisters of the world joined together to defeat Black-Wood. But what you don't know is that one Black-Wood left her clan, joining us and being the majority of the reason we won. Without Red, the chances of success would have been much worse. She never liked being a part of Black-Wood, she was born into it. Red always felt what she was doing was wrong, and when the war started she took it as a chance to leave,"

"But why was she left alive, or at least arrested for how dangerous she is?" Asked Liz.

"The main reason I was set free at the end of the war was because I was no longer a witch. I was barely a threat because of a magic spell caused by a pact all Black-Wood witches make. The magic spell was this:

Any Black-Wood that betrays their Clan is no longer a witch, but a No-Witch,"

"And what exactly is a No-Witch?" Kid asked.

"A No-Witch is a species created by a magical pact every Black-Wood makes. In which pact, the traitorous Black-Wood witch in question suffers many consequences. For instance, their magical powers are depleted severely,"

"Why not swallow your soul to become a Death Scythe?" Maka asked fiercely.

"Because I have little witch abilities, my soul is no longer strong enough to turn into a Death Scythe. I'm just a meister with a small amount of magical abilities,"

"Wait. If you only have a small amount of magical abilities, how were you able to help so much in the war?" Tsubaki asked.

"Because the magic has to be activated by a Black-Wood witch, otherwise it never goes into affect. A Black-Wood activated it near the end of the war,"

At all of this information, everyone was silent. Only Patty was the one to break it.

"So, what you're saying is that Red let herself be put under a curse just so she could do what she felt was right and help humanity, even though we hate what she was?"

Death looked at Red. She was curled into a ball, looking at her knees. "Yes,

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