STAY ~sequel~

sequel to 'Would You Run Away?'


5. Chapter 4


        "Hyung, please, put the glass down. You're already at your limit. How are you going to get home?" Dae-Hee demanded me. I slammed the glass on the table and growled at him. Dae-Hee gulped and looked around. Everybody was staring at me. I sighed got up, almost losing balance. But Dae-Hee wrapped my arm around his neck and helped me out the bar. 

       "I'm sorry, Dae-Hee." I mumbled. Dae-Hee shook his head and kneeled in front of me.

       "It's an honor to be your disciple. You have taught me many great things, despite your absence these past two years." he said and kept his head down. I smiled and rubbed his head. He laughed and we kept walking. 

        I think I kept dozing out because when my eyes opened, Dae-Hee was walking alongside me. But I wasn't moving. Someone was carrying me on their back. I heard a soft laugh and recognized it immediately. 

        "H-Hoseok?" I whispered. The person stopped, allowing me to get off their back. I stumbled around a little, still a little dizzy. The person turned around to present exactly who I thought.

         "You never could hold much alcohol." he said. I grinned and Hoseok ran up to me, embracing me. I closed my arms around him and started to cry. 

          "T-this only means one thing." I said. Hoseok nodded his head and kissed me. 

          "I t-thought about it for a while. About everything. From these past two years. I didn't want all that to go to waste." Hoseok said. "I also thought about the w-war with the v-vampires... was it?"

           Dae-Hee nodded his head. He bowed respectfully and put his arm out.

          "We met in a... awkward.... situation. I sincerely apologize for that. I got really excited and I couldn't control myself. I hope I didn't scare you." he begged. 

         Hoseok shook his head and grabbed Dae-hee's hand.

         "It's fine. I hope we make good acquaintances!" he said. Dae-hee glanced at me and back at Hoseok. He bowed one more time and moved to the side and made room for me. I stepped in front of him with a big smile stitched to my face.

          "I'm really glad that you decided to stay, Hoseok. I-I thought you were going to l-leave me..." I said. Hoseok kissed me on the cheek and held my hand. 

         "I would never. You know how much I love you. And I will never stop." he whispered in my ear. My heart started to race and I looked at him with soft eyes. I might've stared too long to cause Dae-hee to cough.

         Coughs. "Hyung, we have to go." Coughs.

         I look at Dae-hee with a small smile and we head back to the house. Or at least Hoseok and I did. Dae-hee had go back to the pack.

         "Your mother's been dying to see you again. I'll come back tomorrow morning and take you to her. This would be the perfect time to bring Hos- young master." he said and bowed once more before running off into the deep depths of the dark forest. I watched him until I couldn't any more and focused my attention to Hoseok. He looked like he was lost in his thoughts. 

          "Hoseok? What's wrong?" I asked him. Hoseok sighed and looked me in the eye.

          "Fill me in, on everything. I need to know what's going on with the... vampires." he said. I nod my head and lead him inside of the house. I sit down on the couch and Hoseok takes his place next to me.

          "The werewolves and vampires have always been foes of each other. But nobody decided to make a move because of the strong alphas. Especially my great grandfather." I said. "He passed away after falling in love..."

           "I'm sorry to hear that. But why would they strike now? Don't they have an alpha?" Hoseok asked me, moving a little closer. I slowly shook my head. 

           "I killed him. He was the one that kidnapped you." I said blunty. Hoseok sighed at the memory. I didn't dare to look into his eyes. I didn't want to see the pain in his eyes.  

           "I'm sure you still remember getting bitten. The symptoms have already begun to show." I said. Hoseok licked his lips and sighed. 

           "So, I'm... turning?" Hoseok said. I slowly nodded my head.

           "But you're not turning into a werewolf. At least not a full one. To become a full werewolf, you need the blood of the werewolf who bit you. They to nurture the newborn until the pack as accepted them." I assured him. "Although the pack as long since accepted you as one of them, you haven't been showered in the blood of the alpha. So, you may feel pain the next few days, but I'll be there for you. Don't worry."

          Hoseok stayed silent for a few minutes. I could tell that he was scared. His shoulders were shaking and his face was pale. I carefully moved forward and grabbed him face. I leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Hoseok's lips. Hoseok didn't reject me and wrapped his arms around my waist. 

          "Is there anything else?" Hoseok mumbled. I thought for a minute.

           "We have an advantage. They say... that... an alpha who mates with one of their kind is not a strong as an alpha who mates with a human. That bond is the strongest and can never be broken." I whispered. 

          Hoseok and I smiled at each other until we suddenly started laughing. I rolled on the floor and Hoseok on top of me. 

         "I love you, Yoongi." Hoseok whispered in my ear. He kissed me and helped me back up. I hugged Hoseok and didn't let go for a few minutes.

          "I love you too, Hoseok."

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