STAY ~sequel~

sequel to 'Would You Run Away?'


3. Chapter 2


      After a long day at work, I was finally home. I slumped onto the couch and sighed. I had a huge headache from the chaos at school.

      "Ah, those kids!" I murmured. But no matter how much they annoyed me, I still loved them. I took a deep breath and took out my phone. There still wasn't any message from Yoongi. I looked at the time and back at my phone.

      "The interview has to be over by now." I said and dialed Yoongi's number. I waited silently as the bell ringed.

      "Hello? Hoseok?" a voice said. I smiled and licked my lips.

       "Hey babe! Is it over?" I asked Yoongi. He sighed through the phone.

       "Yeah. God, I'm tired. I can't wait to come home." he said. 

       "Come fast. I'm waiting." I say and hang up. I set my phone down and close my eyes.

       "Two years. It's been two years." I whisper and ran my hand through my hair. I smile and think about the past years. 

       "Hoseok? I'm home." Yoongi said. I was pulled back from my trance and got up. I grinned at Yoongi and hugged him. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me closer.

        "Is something wrong? Did you get the job?" I asked Yoongi. He sighed and sat on the couch. I followed him and sat on his lap. He looked me in the eye before leaning in and kissing me.

        "I did. I got the job." he said. My eyes went wide and my heart started to race.

        "That's great! This is good news! Why the long face then?" I said and held his face in my hands.

        "But I have to work longer hours. In the beginning, I'll be coming home around eleven. But when my training's over, I might not be able to come back and forth. I'll have to stay there." he mumbled. I looked down and bit my lip.

        "Which means... you can't spend time with me..." I said. Yoongi nodded his head and pulled me into a hug. I held him for a few minutes.

        "My training starts tomorrow. So... I thought I'll take you out to dinner. And maybe go watch a movie together. It's up to you. If you want to stay here and eat ice cream together, that's fine by me." Yoongi said. I look at him and hold his hand.

        "Ice cream sounds good." I said and tried to hold back my tears. Yoongi smiled and kissed me again. I got up and Yoongi followed. He went into the restroom while I changed into some comfortable pajamas. I jumped onto the bed and closed my eyes. 

        "Hoseok! We're out of ice cream! I'll run to the convenience store and grab some!" I heard Yoongi shout and then the door closing. I sat upright and leaned against the headboard. 

        "But closest store around here is thirty minutes away..." I mumbled. I rub my face with my hands, trying to keep myself up. I was about to lay back down when I heard the door open. Was Yoongi home already?

        "Yoongi?" I said. No response. I heard a soft laughing and footsteps. My eyes went wide when I saw who stood in front of me.

        "W-who are you?" I murmured. The person looked at me before walking closer. I backed up a little but remembered that I was still on the bed. 

        "Stay away!" I yelled. The stranger smirked and grabbed my wrist. I tried to pull back but his grip was to strong. My heart was racing and I couldn't think straight. He pulled me towards him and ripped my shirt, revealing my neck. I stared at him as he gaped at it. He looked hungry. I put my hands on his chest and try to push him away, but he wouldn't budge.

        "Just a few more days! Hahaha! Just a little more! Ha, you'll be one of us!" he laughed. My head was spinning and I started to cry. 

        "Shh. Don't worry... hyung's going to take good care of you! You're his mate after all!" he yelled and let go of my wrist. He started jumping around the middle of the room. I slid down the wall and hid my face. The noise stopped when a voice shot through the room.

        "Dae-hee!" Yoongi shouted. I jumped up and ran behind Yoongi as soon as I saw him. He put an arm in front of me, indicating me to stay back. 

        "Ah! Hyung! You're here! I was ju-.." he said before Yoongi punched him in the face. The so called "Dae-Hee" fell to the floor and laughed.

        "What are you doing here?!" Yoongi yelled. Dae-Hee looked up and pointed to himself.

        "We're starving, hyung. We have nothing! Mother's too weak to find food for us! And you know that father's dead! Plus, we're at war with those filthy bloodsuckers! The vampires! Who do we turn to?" Dae-Hee said. "The alpha. But he's dead! I had no choice but to come to you!"

         "I left a long time ago! It's been two years! Why come back now!?" Yoongi exclaimed. Dae-Hee smiled and looked at me. I moved closer to Yoongi.

         "Him. Because of him. All it takes is one bite, hyung. Just one bite and he's yours! He will bring us victory!" Dae-Hee said. I furrowed my eyebrows. I tried to keep myself back, but I couldn't.

         "What do you mean!? What are you talking about? Vampires? Mate? You're crazy!" I screamed. I let my emotion take over. Yoongi held me back when Dae-Hee started walking closer.

          "Hyung didn't tell you? Oh...? Hehe." Dae-Hee said and came closer. I glared at him and then at Yoongi. He had a stern look in his eyes. 

          "He's not ready to know yet. When the time is right." Yoongi said. I gave him a questioning look. Dae-Hee laughed and shook his head.

          "I don't care when you tell him. But it better be soon. The vampire alpha already found a mate. But she's a vampire. An alpha mating with another vampire don't make a strong team. But an alpha mating with a human, they're legendary." Dae-Hee said. I rolled my eyes at this crazy talk. I can't believe what they're saying. 

         "Only if he's willing. I don't care if you guys lose or win. It has nothing to do with me. Or at least Hoseok. But if he is willing to still love me after I tell him, then I'll help." Yoongi said. I gulp at his tone and move back. 

         "Then don't you think it's about time you ask him?" Dae-Hee said. Yoongi sighed and slowly turned to face me. I look at him with sweat dripping from my forehead.

         "Hoseok...? There's something I need to tell you." he began. "But promise me something."

         I nod my head softly and wait. My body was heating up. I felt dizzy. All this drama going on was making me light headed.

        "When I tell you, first, don't freak out. And second, tell me if you still love me..." Yoongi finally said. I nodded my head again. I wanted to run away from this atmosphere. It was choking me.

        "I-I'm a... w-were...wolf..." 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Well I haven't uploaded in like forever! Is this chapter long enough??? I'm not planning on making this story that long.Maybe only 6-7 chapters or a little shorter. But enjoy this chapter for now!!!

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