Gummy bears one shot

Just a vloton one shot


1. GummyBear’s one shot~ Kallura❤️

Yes I changed Allura’s and Keith’s eyes Color became its okay to be different and That’s okay In my book.

Btw this one shot maybe crapie and short my cellphone was about to die. Also the poem is at the end enjoy this terrible one shot.


Allura’s eyes color:

I couldn’t find the source picture for Keith’s eyes color it keep on takeing me back to We Heart it but here is the link for what the eyes color looks like

No one’s pov

It was winter the candy shop was still open I just walked inside as a little bit of cold air was wrapped.

Around me but it was soon warm inside this place.

The jukebox played Van Morrison Gloria.

Then I remember The Outsiders.

“Come on Shiro we are not that” old” I said but this song is still good.

She makes me feel so good she makes feel all right G-l-o-r-i-a I singing along.

“So what do you want today?” Shiro Said.

“Just red gummy bear’s” I said

I looked to right to thee others kids with gummy bears blue, green yellow those all tastes funny to me as I saw their there colorful bags.

I then saw a girl with headphones on and reading a book.

I sat a down on the opposite end of the tablet across from her.

💕~Keith’s pov~💕

She was really pretty though her blue hair was flowing and soft like spaghetti but calm like the sea.

My eyes just looked down at my red gummy bears.

She then continued to read her book called The NohereBoys.

[B]I just got up and change the music I know l love Sleeping With The Sirens and If you can’t hang (the name of the song)

But I don’t feel like listening to it right now.

I just turned off the jukebox.

And walking back to the table.

The girl took off her headphones.

And order a drink. “Hey Keith do” “you want anything to drink?” Shiro Said

“A coke would be nice” I said back to him.

“Okay two Cokes” shiro said.

I will be right back with your order he said back to us.

This girl had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.

Her right eye was purple and her left eye was sky blue.

“You’re really pretty” I said back to her.

“Thank you” she said back.

💕~Allura pov~💕

I just continued reading until the waiter got our drinks.

I just took off my headphones.

“Hey Keith “did you turn off the” “jukebox again”? Shiro said

“I couldn’t find a song to play” he said back.

I looked at him from across the table then our eyes meet.

His eyes are special he had one blue on the left and a brown eye on the right.

fake eyes or not they where really pretty and put me in a trans.

I then looked away from him and looked at my watch crap it’s 9:00PM.

“I got to now Keith” I said back to him.

He then grabbed my hand and turned around to face him.

A moment of silence passed all we could hear is the clock on the wall.

My big headphones where around my neck.

Like a pink scarf kept me warm.

“Can I take you home Allura?”

he said.

“And do you want a red gummy” bear”? He said back.

“Sure” I said back.

Keith just give me a benevolent smile.

And we both walked out the door.

He then give me a red gummy bear.

I just took it and then hold his hand.

“It’s a long walk so you better” hurry up.

As I trow a snow ball at him.

He puts the gummy bear bag in his pocket.

And picked up some snow then made a snow ball and trow it at me.

But it missed I just giggled he’s terrible at aiming for the target.

His eyes had a look saying you better run for I’m coming for you.

I just ran as fast as my legs could carry me.

He was coming up behind me holding a snow ball.

I then stopped out of breath to a house with lights on and person in a mustache read the newspaper.

Keith trow the snowball at me.

I looked at him and laughed my blue hair was in my face.

“So this is I where I live thanks for” “being me home”.

Allura he said back

“Yes Keith” I said back.

He then kissed me I kissed back.

We broke the kiss

“You dropped your book when” “you were running”. He said back.

I took it from him.

“Just from out of the blue can”

I “please have your phone number” he said

“Sure” I said back I give him my number.

And then walked inside the house.

💕Keith pov~💕

I just ran back to my house as a shooting star flew across the night time sky.

❤️~End of one shot~❤️


Gummy Bear Poem

I don’t like the Green ones

Or the yellow ones

I picked out the Orange ones

Trow Away the purple ones

I don’t want a colorful rainbow bag

I just wanted the red ones

Happy ears cherry red gummy bears

Their something about them maybe the flavor? of raspberry and Cherry.

Nah that can’t be it

Maybe because it’s the color it’s stands out from all the others

It’s different in away a soft cute adorable way

That’s why I love them so much

Red is my favorite color.

Not any of the others for it’s different then all rest

And being different is unique.

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