<dream with me>

...just a bunch of imagines for us loners out in the world who have no chance of any of these coming true...


1. Yoongi x Reader


You go to a BTS concert. You and other ARMY’s are hyped up to see them. When the members come onto stage, you start yelling along with many others. You spot Yoongi, who is smiling widely. You continue to cheer for BTS as they begin performing. After they’re done, everyone starts screaming again. The members are panting and they wave at everyone. Since you are in one of the front seats, the members come closer and make finger hearts. Yoongi comes closer and looks at you. He smiles and gives you a heart. Your heart starts racing and you are about to faint. But you keep yourself strong and start screaming. Yoongi smiles, winks, and moves on.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HEY EVERYBODY! It's me again! I decided to create this little book! I'm going to updating this when I don't feel like writing full chapters to my other story, //drown//. Or if I have a writers block, I'll try to overcome it by writing in this! But here's a lil imagine for you all! I know it's not the best of the best, but it's all I can do at the moment! YOONGI x Y/N! More to come!

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