<dream with me>

...just a bunch of imagines for us loners out in the world who have no chance of any of these coming true...


2. Jungkook x Reader



     Today is your 3rd year anniversary. You and Jungkook have been dating for 3 years now! Jungkook has his arm around your waist. You blush as you two walk around the amusement park. There are a lot of people over there. You feel a little claustrophobic but deal with it for Jungkook.

     "Y/N! Look over there! Cotton candy! Come one, I want some!" Jungkook yelled with excitement and pulls your arm. You try to keep up with him, but he's gone. You search the area and look for him. But he's nowhere to be seen. Your heart feels heavy and you panic. You wait for a few people to pass by and then run towards the 'Cotton Candy' stand. You're on the verge of crying when you don't see him. You back away from the crowd and sit down on a bench. You take out your phone and call him.

     "Hello? Jungkook! Where are you? I've been searching everywhere!" you say loudly enough for Jungkook to hear you when he picks up.

      "Ah! I'm sorry! I got excited when I saw the cotton candy and... sorry." Jungkook whispers. You chuckle and shake it off.

     "It doesn't matter! Just come back!" you say and hang up the phone. After a few minutes, you hear someone yell your name.

     "Y/N! Over here!" Jungkook yelled. You look over in the direction of his voice. Your eyes go wide when you see him. He is surrounded with balloons and is waving at you. You laugh and run up to him. Jungkook pulls you into a hug.

     "Happy 3rd anniversary, Y/N." he whispers into your ear. You smile and kiss him.

     "Happy 3rd anniversary, Jungkook." you whisper back. Jungkook takes your hand and you continue with your day.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ this can't get any more cringe worthy... oml

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