<dream with me>

...just a bunch of imagines for us loners out in the world who have no chance of any of these coming true...


3. Jimin X Reader



     You've been living with your brother for almost your whole life. Ever since your parents split up when you were younger, you had your brother. Yesterday, he had to leave for a trip across the world for work. You said your goodbyes and now you're sitting in your bedroom with nothing to do. After a few hours of binge watching 'Strong Girl Do Bong-Soon,' you hear your phone vibrate.

      "Uhg! Who's bothering me at this time?" you ask yourself. You pick up your phone to check who it was. You gasp at the name.

     "JIMIN?!" you yell. When you log into your phone, you check the message.

      my one and only husband- Jiminie

'hey babe, you free tonight?'  

'i was wondering if you wanted to .. idk.. go out for dinner.'

'i know your brothers out of the country and i haven't been able to spend much time with you either, which i'm sorry for btw...'

'i bet you're watching..whats it called? Strong Girl Bong-Soon..'

You smile as you read the text. You rethink if you had any plans for the night. Than something clicked in your mind.

jiminies wife- Y/N

'i would love to have dinner with you tonight'

'but i have something planned for the night..'

'you remember Eun-Byeol, right?'

'well, she was planning on having a sleepover today and wanted me to come'

'i know we havent spend much time together either, but Eun-Byeol REALLY wanted me over'

'i'm sorry...'


After you send the last text, you take a deep breath. You feel guilty for not spending time with Jimin. But you would also feel guilty for not spending time with Eun-Byeol too. 

      "Why is life so harsh to me?" you whisper and lay on your side. Your heart is pounding really hard and you can't get this feeling off of your chest. You pick up the phone and call Eun-Byeol.

      "Hello?" you hear a voice say at the end of the line.

      "Hey, Eun-Byeol! Umm, I know I agreed to coming to the sleepover, but Jimin just texted saying that he wanted to take me to dinner..." you say to your friend. There's a short pause.

       "It's okay. But now, you have to pay me back with buying me lunch on Friday!" Eun-Byeol says. You sigh in relief.

       "Thank you so much, Eun-Byeol! I'll be sure to pay you back!" you say and hang up. After washing up a little, you throw on a black and red laced dress, slip on some heels and call Jimin.

       "...Y/N?" you hear him say.

      "Jimin! I know I said that I had plans tonight, but I made some room! I'm available!" you shout into the phone.

      "Really? Great! I'm on my way!" Jimin states and hangs up. You wait for a little bit before you hear a car pull into the drive way

     "Jimin!" you yell when your boyfriend get out the car. You walk over and kiss him.

      "Y/N? Y-you look... beautiful!" Jimin says and his cheeks turn pink. You smile and grab his hand.

      "Thank you, Jimin. You look handsome as always!" you say. Jimin laughs and opens the door for you.

      "Well, let's get going. I'm starving!" he says and you get into the car.

      "It's nice to spend time like this after a while." you say on the way to the restaurant. Jimin nods his head.

       "I would do anything for you, Y/N. I love you." Jimin says. You blush a little.

       "I love you too." you say.

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